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  • tomorrow....
  • And The Princess Holds the Crown!! heehee, not on purpose.. but happy to have it Still!!
  • Someone explain this crown business please. Thanks!
  • I susbcribe DesesperateDan request
  • Years ago (sorry, can’t remember how many) it was noticed the Kathy was very frequently the first commenter on new pages. I believe it was e-star who gave her an avatar with a crown and declared her Princess. So, whoever starts a new page is now in charge of keeping the crown in good repair until Kathy reclaims it (which she just did!).
  • Thanks. That's a whole lotta crowns.
  • @catsnbirds Thanks for explaining the History of the Crown :D it Was many years ago lol
    and @DesperateDan officially it's or it was @PrincessPageChanger heehee, and if I could ,Id post the original Avatar that Estar created for me, but can't post pictures yet!
    I think it's in my album I think if you want to look , if you can..Idk ..
    Just looked is Not in there, I'll put it on later..
  • And I almost officially Lost the title to @Angryboy But EStar actually did the calculationsv and all the math and i came out the Official Crown Holder.
    Btw the Avatar I'm currently wearing is an Official Estar creation too! Much nicer than the original but I love them both:D *ahhh memories* mostly it just signifies that i talked a lot Lol!
  • Ok DesperateDan you asked, i found it, Not sure it's the actual 'original' i think the original was a different color background, but it's the Avatar Estar first made for me.
    It'll take a bit to refresh
  • ???? Where Did the Page 1 introduction go???
    @Sweetp @Birdleader ?? I keep telling people to ' read page 1, so they can see the origin of the Bloated Pig, and the rules and such.
    Im very sad to see it gone :(
  • My feelings about things going on, even Page 1 narrative gone..:(
  • Guess my Avatar is kinda fuzzy, hard to see.. I'll try to find a clear pic and post it once the pic posting works again, I fear the BP is not important anymore, and i understand totally!!
    If you don't Do business, you don't stay in business, just the way the Economy works..
    someone play a happy song!!
  • Welcome to the "Gone with the Wind posts" club, @Kathy.
  • Lol Thanks @Tienshenlong , unfortunately I don't have the Powah to restore @rdnzlrips82 Original description of How the BP started, why it was created or anything , He must've deleted his description, probably for fear of copyright reasons Idfk, it's a virtual creation of a simple pub.
    It makes me very sad to see it doesn't exist now, so no longer can i refer to page 1, to have visitors understand why this forum was created, very disheartening . thanks to you my friend for understanding, if you do, but it wasn't My post that disappeared, the BP was Joint effort, my idea but his creation (, literally) and whatever, I'm happy to know we have a Plain old chat room within the Nest where we can communicate with those whom we 'Fling' and share . otherwise we'd be unable to chat and get to know each other on a personal basis, we'd just be able to share on a limited basis in walkthroughs
    I don't know Why @Ripsy took down the description, and honestly i don't care anymore
  • Fortunately we have you, who know that and who remember that so it´s up to you to give your version on that to keep the record of TBP available to newcomers. Of course will be different. And that is a blessing as well. Anyway you are more than the page-turning-princess here, are the heart too and I´ll enjoy to read that report. So don´t let the flow of things be enough to abandon things... it is possible to read the situation as you are the one to keep the TBP heart bumping NOW, and that became relevant so much than the original idea behind that render it someway lesser if compared. I consider that lecture valid as any other, so please consider it before abandon us @Kathy
  • and be sure you have me as wingman. For better or worse and even you... lol.
  • @kathy Don’t know when page 1 info disappeared, doesn’t seem like that long ago that I looked at it. Ripsy’s profile says he hasn’t been active for 2 years +, doesn’t seem like he removed it all. :-(
  • aww thanks @TienShenlong That really means a lot to me, in my heart. I will try to remember the description, is gonna take some time to try and recreate that, and I appreciate your faith in me that i can Do such a thing,, But where to post it so it doesn't get lost in the pages? I can't recreate the beginning..
  • And I'm happy to call you my Wingman :D
  • Hmm @Catsnbirds good observation, Page 1 definitely hasn't been missing for 2 years!!
    maybe it's just a Nest glitch as are the picture posting?
    I'll use @Ripsys Batphone to contact Birdleader, or maybe @Sweetp can figure it out,
    I understand the BP isn't top priority at this time, but I'll do my best
    As my little Niece (now 25) once said when she was about 4 years old, I taught her, Patience is a Virtue, I almost Died laughing when a couple months later she gave me that advice!
  • Not a common thing to have a dragon as wing-drak, but to be guardians of treasures... and hearts could be the crown jewel of any treasure... so...

  • Yeah @TienShenLong
    Time for the Wing-drak to protect the treasure..
    BeWare The Princess and Her Guardian Wing-Drak !!
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp??
    I see u ;)
  • @kathy, I referred to the introduction only a few days ago - that's where the drinks menu was.
  • @DesperateDan :D Thanks!! that's very helpful!! so i it seemed @catsnbirds is correct, Ripsy didn't remove it ;) Hopefully is still retrievable @Sweetp ??
  • @kathy, sorry I've been busy painting the kitchen, so haven't been online lately. I will look into retrieving the first page later this morning. Time to go to the market...

    Edit: I can't edit this forum, like I could everything else. I'll have to get in touch with @birdleader to see if it can be retrieved.

    Thanks for your patience!
  • Are you lurking @catsnbirds? This is for you:
  • @TomPuss Most tolerant cat. Ever! Super high in cuteness points, thank-you :-)
  • LURKING is my 23th title
  • LURKER its the 22th
  • @kathy, @catsnbirds, @desperatedan: as explained to me by @birdleader, the domain in which the original first page was hosted doesn't work anymore. He's going to try and restore whatever wasn't being hosted, so hopefully we'll get back some of it. Otherwise, we'll have to re-create the menus, etc.
  • As for the blank "Direct Link" for our pictures, @birdleader is looking into it also.
  • For those frustrating moments during this quarantine:
  • Not only pigs fly as we know by playing AB Space (long live The Rat) but also UFOs, as stated by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) by the release of some "Historical Videos" this April 27 2020. OFICIAL release. What a Trump for them those who acknowledged this before.

    Now what? Spock on UN headquarters?

  • Thanks @Sweetp , Much appreciated :D
  • Maybe time for a new updated menu with special lockdown items. Er...I can't actually think what they might be though. I'll just have one of those pinky ones please, OB.
  • @TienShenLong I guess your robot choir is on lockdown. Awaiting their return, I propose the Requiem from Salzburg - with HORSES!

    Part 1

    Part 2

  • @SweetP Beautiful song, thank you!
    Yup, Nest sure has its knickers in a twist! Sort it out please, techies!
  • will check in tomorrow
    been a busy couple days...OB anything that will knock me on my arse to Dreamland..
  • OB! Beers all round!

    "Beer is a gift from heaven": drinking song from "The Bartered Bride":
  • Another busy day,
    thanks for the sleeping music @Tompuss Definitely need it tonight :D
    zzzzzz Sweet Dreams ( insert heart emoji here)
  • @kathy And another for sleeping:

  • Suspect request from one Nancy Adams, asking for contact by email. Anyone else get this?
  • @Tompuss After quick check, seems proper to answer if someone DIDN´T received that message, and all them send at same time. Not a nice move.
    The robots are alreaady done their job... the video edition its a pain in the flinging finger... and decided to change the premiere for Ethel´s Bday instead of the opposite one as its about a fully-fulfilled live to say thanks for share with her mood spirit than a mourning blue depresive circunstance. Meaning September 21. But under global circunstances maybe will be released before. We shall see. Big hug, byte n kiss and don´t forget Guenon´s book I´ve sended.

    Over n out
  • Yes, @Tompuss, the mysterious Nancy Adams has approached me too. I will ignore her wily advances, much like a sneaky green pig.
  • @kathy sorry for not answering the bat phone on April 2, 2020. Got called in March 17, 2020 to help with the pandemic. Working lots of hours and days. I hope everyone in the nest is staying safe and healthy!!!! I love ALL of you from the bottom of my heart!!! You all are very close and true friends!!!! I am so happy we all have become forever friends!!!! Hugs to each and everyone of you!!!!!
  • @Sunshine ((((((Hugs))))) thank you for stepping up and helping to protect us all from this pandemic! @Captrec is also on the Front line!
    Deepest gratitude for All who are putting themselves on the line to save and protect the rest of us!
    (p.s) maybe you could send me a link to headquarters, I lost my key:/
    and page 1 was there just a month or so ago when @DesperateDan joined us,, It was restored after Estar left! I think @Birdleader had a copy or some technical hoodoo voodoo heehee!
    Speaking of Estar.....
    *heads down to the cellar, to rummage through storage*
    If I'm not up within the hour , send help..
  • @kathy I sent you an email about that last night. Check you gmail
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