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  • Hola @TienShengLong Great to hear from you!

    @kathy, @all Soon the BP will ben the ONLY pub open anywhere.
    And it has toilet-paper!

    OB, Rusty Nails all round!
  • Got your crown @kathy!
  • Confined to the nest! Only allowed out to chase pigs once a day. With the (real) puppy. She just chases leaves.
  • @Desperate_Dan Hang on to those leaves, you may be needing them for er. . . other purposes -:)
  • Ahh, Sweet Caroline! Thanks @kathy

    Here's one song I heard on the radio recently that I've always loved.
    Reminds me of my mom.
  • a tribute to a country great:
  • Or Not!
    No Fatal Error message, just No Picture! weird Music Links work, but not pictures!
    Maybe it's because of the 'Embedded link'? @Sweetp @BirdLeader
    I'll try the text link.. hold on...
  • Nope!
    Anyway is a picture of 2 drinks, to raise a toast to Kenny Rogers *clink*
    Thanks @sweetp for the Music..
  • Thank you for those two wonderful songs, @SweetP

    @kathy, crown safe with me, I have plenty of spare time to polish it!
  • @Tompuss *Heart* I trust you with my Crown, I know you will take good care of it :D
    Here's a song from one of my Sunday shows,, I'm having 'Sunday on Wednesday' :D

    Not sick, just under the weather a bit, back to work tomorrow, i just needed a day..
    @Tompuss just don't use the TP to polish the crown LOL
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp????
  • Thanks for Oasis @kathy

    Here’s a favourite of mine, apt for these times:

    Gerry & the Pacemakers:

    Lol @gumby, old underpants are the best dusters, better not tell our Princess, tho’ :-)
  • Hee Hee @Tompuss as long as the underwear is clean is fine with me, Old socks Work well too:D
    Hope All are hanging in there!
    "This Too Shall Pass"
  • Snug in the nest with the puppy looking out at the wobbly wind. Life is a strange mixture of the catastrophic and ordinary. It does put what is important into perspective. Music helps a lot in the circumstances. And chasing pigs of course.
  • What sort of music do you like @Desperate_Dan?
  • @DesperateDan 'Surreal' is how it feels
    I'm sure it'll get better, summer is coming! I think we'll just skip Spring lol!
  • @CatsnBirds Are you still lurkin' over there in your booth?
    Hope things are well in your world outside our Cozy little pub?
  • Well @Tompuss, the answer of course is good music. That's not a lot of help so I could share a list of 8 albums that I compiled recently ŕfor a friend based on Desert Island Discs. In no particular order, REM (Fables of the Reconstuction), Steely Dan (The Royal Scam), Little Feat (Feats Don't Fail me Now), Let's Eat Grandma (I'm All Ears), The House of Love (The House of Love), The Boo Radleys (Kingsize), Blondie (Parallel Lines), Dexys Midnight Runners (Searching for the Young Soul Rebels).

    Does that help! I really struggle with most mainstream stuff since 2000.
  • All Good Albums @DesperateDan! I never listen to the Whole Album of most of them, but i recognise the artists (most of them)
    Feel free to play some tunes! If you don't know how, Annie and I will give lessons! and of course @Hunnybunny will be playing half of your list anyway! she's a good teacher to, actually she's better at explaining things than I!
    I'll pick one shortly, we gotta get these pages moving! Ain't No virus gonna Stop this Pubs Jukebox!!
  • Ok This wasn't on your list but ... it'll get @Hunnybunny attention.. oldie but goodie ;)
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp????
  • @kathy Still quietly hanging out in my booth at the only pub still open. Been at home for the last three weeks, part time job done until the state can reopen. Glad our governor took such quick action! Stay well all.
  • @catsnbirds Happy to hear your safe and healthy
    Most states are closed i Guess, at least our Governor here (@BirdLeader) hasn't shut us down yet heehee, The only Pub in the world that is still Open!
  • OB Make sure the Neon lights in the 'Open' sign are still working and bright!! :D
  • And make them flash, and add a Big Arrow >>>>
  • Just a quick pop in hoping all my birdie friends are staying safe and well - week 2 of lockdown in UK but it seems to be working to prevent the health service from being overwhelmed
    "I think that when the dust settles, we will realise how little we need, how much we actually have and the value of human connection."
    look after yourselves x
  • @Mumsie ((((((Hugs)))))
    good to hear from you, happy you are safe :D and healthy!
    I fully agree with you "When the dust settles, the world will have a new Outlook on things :D
  • What if our Birds could do this? that would surely scare those pigs
    A must watch , especially with all this time on our hands!
  • @Gumby Wasssuuupppp?? get your butt in here and say hi to Everyone!
    Mumsie was here!
    It would be nice to hear from @Ripsy @Sunshine @Jlz-666 @Estar @KimmieCV @LesleyG @TheWhole gang I can't @ everyone lol!
    I can try lol!
  • Good to hear from you @mumsie! Hubz and I on lock-down here in France, we can do essential shopping. Looking forward to the day when we can get out those pretty dusters and wipe all the horror away!

    @Desperate_Dan All good music! But as I’m possibly the oldest one here (well, no one has confessed to being older), I was a teenager in the ‘50s, so more into rock’n’roll! Best memory: going to Buddy Holly concert!
  • Loved the birds @kathy. That whole series was one of the best-ever TV documentaries!
    ❤️Sir David!
  • Hey @Tompuss I haven't watched the whole series yet, I'm planning a binge watch on Sunday after my Sunday Shows! ¿Sir David ¿? I don't get the reference?
  • Ok No one requested this one but it is kinda fitting and cute!
  • @kathy Sir David Attenborough, famous naturalist. Brother of Richard, famous actor.

    Loved Muppets!

  • @tompuss, I am in awe about the Buddy Holly concert. I can't come close on that one. Does talking to the Queen Mother for five minutes even register? Watching George Best play football?
  • Oh yes @Desperate-Dan, both ranking with Buddy! Loved the Queen Mum and Georgie Best!

    That concert was in the Odeon cinema, Nottingham.

    Also loved Chris Barber, at the Empire theatre.

    What did Queen Mum say to you?

    Buddy clip:

  • Ah, Monty Sunshine’s divine clarinet:

  • Ahhh @Tompuss Sir David!! Awesome , I've added to my list!
    Buddy Holly , One of the greatest! I'm jealous you saw him in concert! must've been awesome!!
    Hope all are doing well.. going to watch videos now
  • Aww Monty Video 'Not available in this country' How the Heck Does YouTube Know what country I'm in?
    Like if I bring my tablet to the UK will it Know???
  • I don't even have my location on!
  • Hello! Been a looong time. Need some wine, maybe a nice Chardonnay from South Africa?
  • Aww @Tompuss Monty video 'not available in this country'
    How the heck does YouTube know what country I'm in??
    and if i bring my tablet to the UK will it know?
  • @Zebung :D Welcome Yeah definitely long time no see!!
    I'm sure OB will bring you a nice Chardonnay , in fact a bottle on ice!
    Good to hear from you! How's things in South Africa
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber plays for us :

    Trying another Monty here, @kathy, same tune:

    Yes it would know if you were in a different country, spooky huh?

    Other Attenborough series - there are many - The secret life of plants, Blue Planet. .

    Hi @Zebung, your name’s sorta sounds like a cork popping out! Chardonnay coming up!
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