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  • Hey Everybody!! @gumby Wassssuuuppp????
    That's the spirit @ Pa and @ hunnybunny!! But I'm a nervous Nellie and worry about my friends:(
    OB I'll have what @gumby and the bunny are having please!!
  • Hey @hunnybunny they found some stolen paintings over there huh? Cool!! Van Gough??? Sweet!!
  • @gumby "hic" I'm on three, thanks OB
  • @kathy can't find the stolen paintings!!!
  • I just saw it on the News @hunnybunny They are in Amsterdam , days they were stolen 45 years ago i think, i didn't see the whole thing!
  • 14 years ago sorry
  • Lol @kathy you get better European news than us in Europe do!
  • Anyone seen @pellystar ?
    He stood me up on my visit to London, went to Barbados instead! I'd have done the same, though...
  • @kathy pick yourself off the floor, you'll be sick any moment...
  • Seems like it was a story from Sept. 2016, but just in the news today ,
  • Haven't seen Pellystar @hunnybunny.. That's to bad you didn't get to hook up, i missed him when he was in Boston also: (
  • Nighty night birdy friends xx
    Ah, the Rodent in London next spring, might have to book the train up!
  • Nighty night @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams ..
  • Oops, missed the convo. If I remember correctly, which isn't very often, the two Van Gogh paintings were just rehung in the museum Monday. That's the reason they were on the News @Ma. I'll see them 29 April. Without all the hub-bub I doubt I'd have given them a second look but now I'll be looking for the damaged corner where they were dropped. Strange what gets our attention. ha ha I also won't be able to cross the Westminster Bridge without thinking about that idiot, but I'll still cross it. I have to agree with Mrs. Bunny on this. The only idiot that will rule my life is me.*

    Edit: and Mrs. Rat.
  • We're still in the planning stages for the England trip Mrs. Bunny. Mrs. Rat wants to hit some of the old stomping ground and then head North. Maybe you could pick us up at the airport and drive us around England for a few weeks. Have you ever done that? Drive England that is?
  • Lol @Pa yep you probably wouldn't have given those paintings any notice if not for the need 5, i think that they restored the damaged areas , but you might be able to tell?
    Anyhow i can't type atm., getting sleepy
    Nighty night @Pa ♡♡
  • I didn't hear they had repaired the damage yet. Maybe they have. ????
    Nighty night @Ma
  • Does anyone know.....???

    Why am I suddenly seeing big pop-up ads in Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars every time I switch levels while playing the games. I can't get out of them so it's "sit and wait". I am on an iPhone 6s Plus if that means anything. It may be in other Rovio games. I am somewhat new to the games and I have tried looking for what has caused it, but no luck. There must be a simple fix!

    This is so infuriating I am temped QUIT the Rovio games. That, I do not really want to do. I will have to search around, but I can probably find a new Game/s that are as enjoyable!!!


  • Hey @Patz I haven't played Space or SW for a while, I'll check it out .
    I know in between levels in Seasons on the pause screen is a big Ad, but you can still hit play.
    @Sweetp ? Hmm who plays Space on IOS ? Hmmm
    Also Patz try leaving a note for wingmanjuan , there's a forum , he's the Rovio representative here in the Nest. I'll try to get the link, although I'm not good at that, @hunnybunny might be able to
    I miss @mvnla2 :( she was very helpful with these things..
  • Yep @Patz that's it!! Just @ mention wingmanjuan he can probably give you the best answer:)
  • @Patz I'm sorry i can't help , i tried Space, no ads, then i remember i bought the ad free version of Space Premium And the HD version of SW which have no Ads :(
  • @Kathy -- It's nice to be remembered fondly, if undeservedly. Still playing AB friends and a few things here and there. I thought there was going to be a new Space episode, but I guess not.
    @all -- Hope all is well with the BP patrons and all nesters.
  • @mvnla2 So nice to see you!! And what do you mean 'undeservedly' you certainly deserve to be remembered, look what you've taught me over the years, !! How to find my way around the Nest and to be able to go to another spot, copy the link here to help someone. And you were always here to cover the BP and welcome newcomers if i wasn't around, i could go on and on lol..
    I remember when i first joined, you were the First to help me find my way around! And it's very appreciated!!
    Good to know your still playing , I've yet to try ABfriends, someday..
    A new Space episode would be nice!
  • @Gumby Waaaassssuuuppp???
  • @patz there was a "bug fix" update for Space recently & ever since then I get popup ads from time to time. Very annoying, especially since I paid for the app when it first came out.
    It seems to be the way things are now, I get them in Rio as well, which I also paid for. Don't know about Star Wars, although there was a recent "bug fix" update there as well.

    @mvnla2 it's always nice to see you!
  • Ohh no @Karen I Paid for Space also, so now if i great an update I'll get ads?
    That's what happened to me in Seasons!! But at least now, once you watch video to get coins, I'm seasons, it takes the ads away. Hopefully they'll do something like that for Space and SW
  • @mvnla2 lovely to see you, a top friend, deservedly, yet again I'm another Nester who you helped and stuck up for xx

    @patz no idea

    Me and Mr Bunny have been quizzing. Our team always wins the Mayor's Quiz. But have never won the Marie Curie Cancer Care Quiz. We've been "podium" many times. Tonight we won. Guessing the twenty six A-Z music questions helping. Two of the team (me included) just love music
    Happy Bunny!!!
  • @kathy I don't know if it's different for Android vs IOS. For me there was never an option to buy a "premium" version of the games, I had to buy every one of them.
    At Least I get no popup ads in Seasons.... yet.
  • Sounds interesting @hunnybunny, is it a quiz night 'in person' or is it a function type thing like bingo? Or a computer thing? I loooove quiz games (as long as there's no geography involved) lol
    Did i ask you before if you have the game show Jeapordy over there? If not there's a Jeapordy app , very realistic you'd like it!
  • Missed @kathy and @karen68 reply to @patz
    I've never had such problems. Don't know why. I've played ancient iPad and new iPad air2. Well not that new, about eighteen months or older. Scores went from one to another without a hitch. But I've never played challenges ( other than Space ) never tried the bird wear, the road, and all that c**p that Rovio put out
  • @kathy. Thank u so much for checking it out. I did look to make sure I had the latest version, which I did. Also looked for a paid for/no ads version (probably wasn't asking the right question or didn't know what to look for) but I didn't see one. I did do one thing that could have set it off. I was looking for the older version of space that had the pig dipper S-15 raft and anchor glitch in v1.5.2 that you could get a badge for hitting 170,000. I have latest v2.2.9. Kathy do you have a different version number as a paid/no ads?

    I am now going to the link you provided.

    Later.... :-/
  • @Karen68 not sure what you mean, you had to buy every single one? You mean every episode you had to purchase no ads?
    In the Google play store I'm not sure if the Premium version is available anymore, i know it's not for Seasons because before discovering watching the video made the ads go away, i started getting the drop down ads again, granted i only paid i think 9.99 for the ad free version i think but kind of annoying when you've paid for something and it's reverted to showing ads
  • No problem @Patz, I'll look for what version i have..brb
  • @Patz for Space i have 2.2.1 for SW i have 1.5.10 HD version not sure if that will help i bought them years ago..
  • @kathy people, in teams, sitting in a room, with a Quiz Master. Answering questions. And we got a load of points on geography! You mentioned Jeopardy before. We don't get it here
  • @hunnybunny i don't think it makes a difference of playing the challenges or quests for birdwear , that just comes with the app
  • @kathy I had to buy the app, it was never free. I paid $4.99 (Canadian) for each game.
    The updates with the new episodes are always free.

    @patz I don't think you did anything to set it off. When I updated to the latest version 2.2.9 that's when the ads started for me. I think Rovio just added them to the game. What platform do you play on?
  • Yes Karen i had to pay for the app also was 9.99 each Seasons ad free, Space Premium and SW HD
  • I started getting pop up ads in Seasons with the last couple updates but watching the videos made them to away..
    I'll be back, gotta eat dinner..
  • BTW I'm not talking to Mr Bunny. I bought a new side table / sofa table / the table you put glass of wine on / whatever you call that table in the US
    He said, "So why did you like that table?" In a very derogatory tone. Well it's a darn sight better than the old one, for a start. It was half price in the sale. It's got a glass top, the old one had peeling veneer. A girl just can't win....
  • Nighty night flingers xx
  • Nighty night @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams
  • Tap...tap..tapp.. Anyone here?
    OB I'll have a ...hmmm ... i guess a Blue Mongo, but make it Green. , I'm in GGGL , and I'll take that with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion, and a couple of those Super seeds to snack on..
    Btw Someone We all know and love happens to Hold the #10 spot in GGGL..hmmmm.. Not only the King of Space. ..
  • @kathy I am barely awake
    @hunnybunny ruh roh sounds like Mr Bunny is in HOT water

    nighty night all
  • Ooh I missed the bunny story!! I take Mrs. Bunny side ,a glass top side 'end table' or 'side table' which is what we call it here @hunnybunny , or at least i do) is Much nicer then a veneer top table, especially a peeling venneeer top table!! Nothing worse than peeling veneer really! Never should Mr. Bunny question your taste of sense of fashion! I love a glass top table!! Or a nice marble top;) make him lift one of those then he will loove the glass top lol!! Heehee!!
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