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  • @kathy oh crap I guess I better remove the toothpicks first LOL
  • You did that on Purpose @gumbycrowntheif !
    At least I Earned my Crown innocently and Honestly!! 8>(~
  • Nighty night @Pa ♡♡
  • @kathy good morning :) did what on purpose?
  • Aloha from the East Coast!
  • Good afternoon @Ma
  • @gumbycrownthief Don't play innocent with me lol!!!
  • Ha!!! @ gumbyCROWNTHEIF!!!
  • Good evening @Pa :)
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • @Gumby sleepy sleepy nighty nighty¿
  • @kathy sleep well
  • Good night @all
  • @rat hello and goodnight
  • Hrmmphhh @Pa!! No night Ma with my little heart? ?????
    *Hangs head and sulks out*
    Pa no love me no more *sniff*
    Now errror box and it's a bigun''
  • Never mind
    @hunnybunny I know you are lurking near one of those barstools in the BP.
  • @Gumby Wassssuuuppp???
  • @kathy nmh but super tired, stayed awake until 3 am and been up since 7:30. Been out running around all day, just got home. If I disappear then I fell asleep LOL
  • Enjoy you nap @Gumby..zzzzz
  • @gumby lurking with a large whisky. "Rocks no Fruit" The quote is from the Rockaway Bar in Florida. A guy who drank neat spirits just as I do...
  • Interesting @hunnybunny when were you in Florida? And what part?
  • @Kathy, 1997 I think. Did the parks for seven or eight days, then went to St. Pete's for three or four days. Found a fab bar, with an Hawaiian barmaid (what do you call a barmaid: barwait?) who gave us "happy hour" drinks all night, and met a golf pro whose name I have sadly forgotten.
    Best thing though, in the parks: ET ride. ET spoke to me, OK he speaks to everyone. I love ET!
  • Nighty night, all xx
  • Sounds Awesome @hunnybunny!! I didn't see ET, guess he's outdated:(
    We call all Men and Women who tend bar, Bartenders lol no originality there!!
  • @Pa!!! Surprise , Surprise!! I open Winter Wonderham level 19 and Lo and behold who holds the trophy!!! You sneaking into Seasons when no one is looking?? Heeehee!!!
  • Haha jokes on me,, isee my post to you there back in last May!! Alzheimer's sinking in:/
  • Reading further that's the level that Kimmie and i dragged you into @Pa 3 years ago lol!!
    Me miss my @KimmieCV bum... Chit and Chat.. Slim used to yell at us lol.. because we talk to much!! Imagine?
  • Nighty night @Pa I miss you♡
    I have idea send you a pm with @bernersenn tommorow , gotta run it by him.
    I think you'll like it;)
  • Nighty night @Ma♥♥♥
  • My heart and Prayers for the victims and their families , of the horrible attack on the Parliament and my prayers for the people of Westminster and all of the U.K :(
  • Thanks @kathy dreadful day xx
  • (((((((Hugs)))))) @ hunnybunny , i really wish every one in the world could join ABN and just get along!! :( Unrealistic yes, but Reality Sux sometimes!!
  • @gumby bad word is OK today
    I've walked across that bridge so many times, it's where I would send the first time visitor to London. Westminster tube station, take the Pier exit. WOW! Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Thames. I spent two years before I retired travelling up to London once or twice a month, for a few days, my office was very close to Westminster Abbey. Sad day, indeed $%^€
  • Nighty Night all
  • @gumby Waaaassssuuuppp​???
    Yes very sad news , makes me Angry!!
  • @hunnybunny ,, the thoughts of you walking across that bridge, or just visiting the City, and waking around anywhere Scares the life out of me!!! I know we can't let these Monsters stop us from living and enjoying our lives, that's What they want!! But I'm torn between begging you to Never to there again until this madness ends!!
    Damn!! The whole thing's sux!! Yep bad word right out there for all to see and i don't c care!!
  • Listening to a British Woman , who really makes sense of it all, I'm trying to get her name
    Well in my sense , she makes sense, not that i can form Solid opinion from a 10 minute interview, was just curious @hunnybunny
  • Katie something¿
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • Just as Mrs. Bunny described, I've given first timers the same show, minus the Eye, with the addition of a boat ride down to the Globe theater, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Almost forgot they had to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham first. Very full touristy day. And I'll do it again next Spring. This crap won't stop me.

    Night night @Ma
  • @kathy WASSSSUUUPPP - today I am home early
    @hunnybunny don't let those stupid terrorists stop you from doing anything that you want to or would usually do.
    @rat you have been awful quiet these days. Everything OK?
  • Well said @rat We flew across the Atlantic a few days after 9/11. The plane was nearly empty. They won't stop me either.
  • Woo Hoo, me and the green man walk into BP at the same time. What you having @gumby ?
  • @hunnybunny I'll have a triple of whatever you are having :)
  • Jameson's Whiskey it is then! OB triples please. @gumby will fall under the table in a whiskey drinking night with The Bunny!
  • @hunnybunny yes I would, I definitely don't drink like I used to.
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