Angry Birds Volcano Coming Soon to Chrome Web Version (or not)

Wow, Angry Birds Chrome and it’s web based brethren are receiving a lot of love this holiday Season. A new update to Angry Birds Chrome reveals that it will soon include Angry Birds Volcano, which originally launched as a mini-game back in October.   The original launch was very similar to Angry Birds Pistachios, but instead of pistachios it was tied to “Tyrkisk Peber Volcano”.

Update, thanks to Jordan for pointing out that the Volcano link in Google Chrome just links out to the official mini-game.  In other words, we were wrong in that it’s not actually playable inside Angry Birds Chrome.  Sorry, it happens.

If you haven’t played Angry Birds Volcano I encourage you to check it out (we even have walkthroughs for it already).

Oh, and if you’re from the US you’ve probably never heard of Tyrkisk Peber, but it’s a extremely popular liquorice candy made by Fazar, or so says wikipedia:

Tyrkisk Peber (Danish for “Turkish Pepper”) is a strong liquorice candy flavored with ammonium chloride (salmiakki) and pepper, made by the Finnish company Fazer and popular in the country. Tyrkisk Peber was originally invented by Per Fjelsten, his wife’s name was Elly, therefore the company name Perelly, in 1976 and made by the Danish company Perelly, which was taken over by Fazer.

A BIG thanks to teogeo for tipping us off to this!

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By Hmm

I can’t lie. I’m extremely disappointed that the mini games are not available on iOS. It sort of makes you wonder. Are we all into Angry Birds to buy nuts and candy? No. Are we playing Angry Birds to use a browser by trillionaire Google? No. We already paid Rovio- and by releasing games that not everyone can reach – I’m using Mac osx 10.59 and therefore cannot download chrome or Firefox – it will alienate a few of the diehard fan who feel like they are missing out. It started on iOS and should stay on iOS for good….including these extras… That’s my two cents. There’s now 3 mini games I’ve been unable to take part in.

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By ladycrumb (@ladycrumb)

I agree. I’d happily pay for these mini games on iOS. I don’t care to use the Chrome browser, or get codes for inviting people on Facebook or Twitter (which I also don’t use). I just want to play these games and I’d pay to be able to do so.

By Hmm

Maybe the next AB game will be:
Angry Birds Capitalists

The first 3 levels would be:
Chrome, Volcano, Pistachio

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By townzell (@townzell)

Oh come on. You pay $.99 and get free updates. Stop complaining.

By Bob

Remember that vote for ab rebels? What happened.

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By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

It was a fan concept; not official by any means.

By Oobgular

Help! I added AB to chrome, and when i play it, it tells me to update to the latest version of chrome by clicking the “wrench icon >About Google Chrome> update Google Chrome.” I did that, but it says it’s up to date!

By Oobgular

I got it working in Internet Explorer 9. It’s slow, but still works. I cant wait for tyrkisk peber. That is the best mini-game!

By Jordan Firari

It would be nice to have the volcano, pistachio, Google, and Nokia (I think that was the phone that got those special ones) levels on iOS somehow. I would buy another app to have just random games on it like these. I’m sure there’s a way to connect Angry Birds to the Google+ app for the Chrome levers and friendship levels, and somehow find a slightly different way to do the Nokia thing

By Jordan Firari

I just went on, I’m actually pretty sure they aren’t being added to it, those are links to the mini games, and two say coming soon, I was wondering why it said it twice, one will probably be that pistachio ones, and maybe the other is Google+, or something new?

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Man, I can’t believe I missed that. I’m going to update this post to include this fact, since as it’s written now it’s misleading. You’re probably right, the other two are likely links to other mini-games and/or Google+.

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By Laurence (@laurence)

Wonderful Pistachios has now appeared next to tyrkisk peber :)

By squawkuanaut

I’ve tried going to the Fazer site and a number of other sites to play the Angry Birds Volcano levels and when I do the game says it’s loading and then nothing I just wonder if maybe this is one of the mini games that was only available for a certain period of time and then stops working, if so then the Angry Birds Wiki needs to get updated.

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