Angry Birds Transformers Major Update Adds Mission Portals and More!

After teasing us for a few weeks with Acree as a battle “buddy”, the much anticipated update v1.5.15 has landed for iOS and v1.4.25 for Android)… Begin Transmission!

Important! It’s advisable to back up your progress before updating.

Note: Many of you reported issues with the ios app crashing. Do not attempt to re-install the game. (see below)

Below are the notable changes/additions that we’ve spotted:

  • A New Currency is now available: Valuable MATERIALS such as Pig Iron and Biroium will need to be collected to upgrade bots in addition to coins.
  • ARCEE and AIRACHNID are now unlockable: Win missions to bring them home.
  • Autobirds and Deceptihogs are upgradable to Level 15!
  • Interdimensional MISSION PORTALS: Three portals have been spotted where you can send bots on missions to earn rewards such as coins and materials.
  • New material Silo: Allows you to manage your materials capacity with various upgrades.
  • Multiple Graphic and menu improvements
  • Nodes seem to generate more gold coins, beyond 400.
  • There are no new areas to be unlocked so far.
  • Various Tweaks and Fixes, including Gamecenter Achievements.

Official Teaser Video

Note: if you experience any gameplay crashes that are outside the norm head on over the forum. You may not always find a solution, but it’s helpful to keep track of those having problems.


/ End transimission …

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Comments (98)

Rank: DaBomb with 380 points
By Cindy (@crmason2000)

I totally agree ABT use to be one of my favorite games. It has been 11 days and still counting since Rovio introduced the IOS update and we are still waiting for a fix. Why would they rush to put out an inferior game?? There should be consequences to an app developer when they put out a game that the majority of users can’t play. Since there are no consequences Rovio will continue to do what they do best, because they have shown they can’t get it right. That’s why I am now playing Justice League and Mortal Combat. Games that don’t have issues like Rovio. They use to be at the Top of their game and well respected for the apps they put out. Now players can only talk about what they are now good at and that is putting out inferior apps.

By Trevor

Come on Rovio, fix your game with an iOS update. May 21 I do the update. Since then, nothing. Cannot open the game even. Now we are told a fix is on the way. Really? Android gets theirs on the 25th. We are still waiting. At least update this page and let us know what is happening!!!

Rank: Well Traveled with 1835 points
By FreckledPig147 (@freckledpig147)

ABN isn’t controlled or owned by Rovio, and none of us really know how far Rovio’s progress is on all these problems. If an issue unique to Android Lollipop wasn’t fixed in 3 months, well, I have absolutely nothing to say. Same goes with all other problems, whether iOS or Android.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 19775 points
By Karibird (@karibird)

They fix it!!

Rank: Shooter with 860 points
By taco (@geary)

No it is not fixed, unless you want to start the game all over again! We should not have to lose all the progress we have made just because of the update.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 19775 points
By Karibird (@karibird)

@geary I have all progress what I have made…. No need to start all over again.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1910 points
By furyslinger2000 (@furyslinger200)

Me too. I just waited for the 1.5.19 update to arrive and when it came on June 5th in the evening, I updated the app and the crashing has finally ceased. And without a moment to lose, I made sure to use my Facebook Account in the game to save my progress and be on the safe side.

Best of all, I restored my device and THIS time, when I played the app, it did NOT crash at all!

That’s what I call a Double Win!

However, it sure takes some time to get to the missions to unlock Arcee and Airachnid, but it will be worth the wait once I unlock them.

Speaking of Airachnid, it looks like she’s now with Autobirds and against Deceptihogd in Version 1.5.19.

Here’s a tip, for missions, each character has an Mission Icon (light bulb, missile, and Magnifying Glass). Match the characters with the Mission’s icon, and you’ll have a better chance of winning more mission keys, unless one of your characters needs upgrading. Trust me, I tried Dark Megatron to do a mission and matched his symbol with the mission’s symbol, but he got 1 star because he “needs upgrading”.

Also, it looks like the characters got new running animations.

For example, Bludgeon runs and Brawl skates.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1835 points
By FreckledPig147 (@freckledpig147)

Note, Energon Optimus Prime apparently has a icon mislabelling. He has a lightbulb icon, but doesn’t get 3 stars. However, he could get 3 stars on a missile icon with ease. More about this topic can be found here:

Rank: Well Traveled with 1910 points
By furyslinger2000 (@furyslinger200)

@sal9 I am not trying to spam, but it looks like the 1.5.19 update that came on June 5th has fixed the crashing. :D

Some people may say is isn’t fixed, but it has been foxed for me.

P.S. Only 4 days from now until Fight! arrives. It won’t be long now! :D

Rank: Sling God with 35230 points
By Joey (@joeyba)

i’ve been playing for more than a week and i didnt unlock any of the 2 news characters!!
what am i missing?

By Jef Anders

How do I upgrade to silo 8 to hold more materials, so I can continue upgrading my players?

By Phil

I have been playing Angry Birds Transformers and have gotten up to 215 Sweep Leader and there does not appear to be any new areas opening up around the back of the centre piece. Anyone got any ideas or comments? Would like some new challenges

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