Plunder Pirates Update Adds Guild Rumble!

Prepare for war! Midoki and Rovio Stars’ Plunder Pirates received a major update (Version 1.8.0) introducing the Guild Rumble, or better known as Guild Wars. You can finally find out just how good your Guild really is!

Available on Google Play. iOS player? No wories. You can download Plunder Pirates for iOS here.

So how does a Guild Rumble work?

  • Rumbles are quick wars (24hrs) between rival Guilds. Only Captains are allowed to declare wars.
  • During the Rumble, any BP (Battle Points) earned by Guild members through PvP combat is added to the Guild’s Rumble score.
  • Guilds are assessed and placed into a pool of five (5) Guilds based on similar number of players and the average Pirate Hall level – That’s called Matchmaking.
  • The winner gets some sweet rewards including Grog, Gold and Battle Points

Are we missing a something? Don’t be shy, let us know by commenting below.


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Thar she blows! Go download the Plunder Pirates update today and let us know what you think!

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