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    • Total Score: 1,255,290
    • Ranked: 315 out of 477
    • Scores Entered: 18 out of 60
    • Platform: iPhone
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  • Rank: Flinger with 60 points

GeneralYou're Ranked 315 out of 477

LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 1,255,290: Ranked 315 out of 477 w/ 18 scores entered
Poached Eggs 1-133,070159-1,79032,836+234n/a
Poached Eggs 1-243,290311-4,06043,856-566n/a
Poached Eggs 1-349,320293-11,12052,407-3,087n/a
Poached Eggs 1-400n/a34,524n/an/a
Poached Eggs 1-500n/a68,434n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-161,550257-6,29062,098-548n/a
Mighty Hoax 4-279,110401-11,46082,287-3,177n/a
Mighty Hoax 4-350,940285-10,33052,621-1,681n/a
Mighty Hoax 4-400n/a70,035n/an/a
Mighty Hoax 4-500n/a100,755n/an/a
Level 6-149,060377-16,23055,169-6,109n/a
Level 6-2106,030286-29,640113,689-7,659n/a
Level 6-390,810255-28,95096,055-5,245n/a
Level 6-400n/a91,294n/an/a
Level 6-500n/a70,357n/an/a
Level 7-195,970380-28,910109,295-13,325n/a
Level 7-281,510321-18,80086,522-5,012n/a
Level 7-366,030379-13,17071,396-5,366n/a
Level 7-400n/a95,347n/an/a
Level 7-500n/a92,355n/an/a
Level 9-177,420305-15,64080,128-2,708n/a
Level 9-267,820195-12,52067,994-174n/a
Level 9-397,730101-13,41093,362+4,368n/a
Level 9-400n/a55,066n/an/a
Level 9-500n/a39,608n/an/a
Level 12-178,700263-14,97081,820-3,120n/a
Level 12-257,10040-7,73051,228+5,872n/a
Level 12-369,830259-23,78076,864-7,034n/a
Level 12-400n/a86,773n/an/a
Level 12-500n/a84,204n/an/a
Level 15-100n/a89,581n/an/a
Level 15-200n/a71,157n/an/a
Level 15-300n/a73,497n/an/a
Level 15-400n/a95,683n/an/a
Level 15-500n/a132,365n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 100n/a83,647n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 200n/a109,489n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 300n/a91,856n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 400n/a132,080n/an/a
Cake 4 Level 500n/a101,097n/an/a
Level 21-100n/a127,275n/an/a
Level 21-200n/a95,378n/an/a
Level 21-300n/a103,727n/an/a
Level 21-400n/a92,089n/an/a
Level 21-500n/a133,909n/an/a
Level 24-100n/a61,099n/an/a
Level 24-200n/a95,814n/an/a
Level 24-300n/a123,937n/an/a
Level 24-400n/a97,163n/an/a
Level 24-500n/a93,209n/an/a
Level 26-100n/a48,906n/an/a
Level 26-200n/a101,704n/an/a
Level 26-300n/a80,763n/an/a
Level 26-400n/a59,310n/an/a
Level 26-500n/a61,126n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 100n/a99,950n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 200n/a54,206n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 300n/a104,122n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 400n/a84,317n/an/a
Surf n Turf Level 500n/a114,116n/an/a