Angry Birds Free 3 Star Walkthrough Level 26-4

One strategy for Angry Birds Free Short Fuse level 26-4 is to simply cut the rope holding the magic potion. The potions in Short Fuse imitate the Angry Bird with the matching color. In this case, the Orange Potion causes nearby pigs to inflate to a dangerously large level, similar to the Orange Bird. In this level, the inflating pig should push the towers on his buddies. The score in the video below is 52,090.

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Rank: Sling God with 55360 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 64,060

Flung the Red Bird into the top section of the rope and hit the two mushrooms.
Obtained the score with quite a bit of wood destruction after the big green pig exploded. There was a little damage to the right pipe. The left mushroom was not destroyed. In the end there was hardly any wood on the left side and little on the right.

A theory on the higher scores. They start to show up after 5,734 flings from the sling(a joke).

This one was fun but was not able to establish a pattern of destruction. There is a sweet spot when the potion hits the pig but unable to view consistency. Anyway, I will take it and on to the next level.

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