• @spdlives… Thanks JackS, now i finally understand what @amslimfordy meant, that I have to get an app for making screenshots! So I found many on Google Play and I dowloaded one that requires no root.
    Still no […]

  • @spdlives .i managed the 1birder m8,i managed it with the video method,only problem was the pig was popping like 8 outta 10times,until i tried hitting the wood to make him roll,then every time,but less power does […]

  • Hi Jack @spdlives thank you for the strat. Reducing the power got me my 3* thanks!!!

  • true true.m8 and we all know the destruction points make that difference.i tried ur strat with less power,works better.i agree with u there @spdlives.

  • i just copied the video walkthru and after about 5 attempts got the 1 birder,74k and @spdlives ,the asterisk beside the 3star score means its roughly around that score to acheive 3 stars friend,roughly but not […]

  • Finally! JackS @spdlives is right, there weren’t a lot of points available here. I used a different strat, no PUs. Send BB on a relatively flat arc to just clip the little piggy on the top of the BOTTOM left-hand […]

  • No P/U’s. I echo @spdlives sentiment. Tried this, and can only get the 2 stars. Black Bird through short snow tower, into the snow boulders, and explode.

  • @spdlives I will keep it in mind, but don’t hold your breathe as I said creating new birds take time (like 8 to 10 hours to get them to pass the “miss precision and want it to be perfect” test. And although I love […]

  • @spdlives A great idea!! Unfortunately making new birds is so much work and the winter season is coming, so I am expecting to have even less time to do such projects! But I love Doctor Who!! And I am sure going to […]

  • sunshine posted a new activity comment 10 years, 6 months ago

    In reply to: JackS posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate @sunshine.I would like to nominate @tienshenlong for the following badges helping hand and high IQand share the wealth..he’s always p […] View

    @spdlives (JackS) added, thanks! :)

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