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    Yesterday I played the training camp and after I finished it said I got x amount of eagle coins for clearing x number of rooms.
    This morning I log in, and it says I got 1. Then it increased my overall rank by several or so points.  The store seems to be open, but instead of cashing in the eagle coins for coins to purchase things, it seems to be indicating we have to use the eagle coins. This makes obtaining things very difficult.

    In other words, its not working the way it was before the latest updates.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    for each level of mebc you clear you get a specific amount of coins:

    levels 1-2 gives 1 coin each (total 2)

    3 +4 2 coins each (total 6)

    5+6 3 coins each (total 12)

    7+8 4 coins each (total 20)

    and so on

    you also get some extra coins depending on where you came locally:

    1st 50 coins

    2nd 30

    3rd 20

    4th 15

    5th 10

    6th-10th 5

    11th – 20th 3

    and so on

    both of these coins are coins that are spent in the shop

    you can also get points depending where you finished in the global league

    these points go towards your frame level which at the end of the season will get turned into a certain amount of coins depending on what frame level you are on (see here for each frames amount https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/coin-average-from-each-mebc-frame/)

    throughout the day you will obviously get lower and lower in the local and global tables as more player play and get higher scores than you so you might start the day in 8th locally with 5 coins and 1000 ish globally with 70 points but by the end of the day you might be 20th locally with 3 coins and 3000 ish 53 points

    as for the shop it is now always open with the discounted hat changing at the end of the season when your frame gets changed into coins but you can still spend the coins you get from each level and your local position whenever you want.

    finally if you want to get high in the tables you now need to finish both daily challenge and king pig challenge as both of these gives an extra bird for mebc (daily gives you the bird of that day – Monday red, Tuesday blues , Wednesday, chuck, Thursday matilda, Friday silver, Saturday bomb, Sunday terrance. king pig gives you one of the 4 extra birds – hal, stella, bubbles or leonard)

    for instance today i cleared 9 rooms and got a total of 25 extra coins, i got 6th in local league with 77 million scored and so 5 extra coins for now and came 738 globally which says i shall get 92 points for now. this was at 11am bst with both daily challenge and king pig finished.

    so now its the next day and i got 19th locally so 3 coins and 4675 globally and so got 58 points

    Doom Baby

    I think you’re confusing your place on the leaderboard with how many coins you won from playing. They’re not the same thing.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum whats with eagle training camp and store?

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