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  • for anyone who is interested/wants to know how many coins they need daily to get a certain frame on the 48th (last) day of a season. the original list is from RawDataSystems reply in MEBC Coins. The maths is by me:

    MEBC frames:
    Vanilla – 0 Points, 0 Coins, 0 points
    Bronze – 25 Points, 100 Coins, daily average: 0.52 points
    Silver – 75 Points, 250 Coins, daily average: 1.56 points
    Gold 1 – 275 Points, 500 Coins, daily average: 5.72 points
    Gold 2 – 515 Points, 750 Coins, daily average: 10.72 points
    Azure 1 – 805 Points, 1000 Coins, daily average: 16.77 points
    Azure 2 – 1155 Points, 1250 Coins, daily average: 24.06 points
    Emerald 1 – 1575 Points, 1500 Coins, daily average: 32.81 points
    Emerald 2 – 2075 Points, 1750 Coins, daily average: 43.22 points
    Amethyst 1 – 2675 Points, 2000 Coins, daily average: 55.72 points
    Amethyst 2 – 3395 Points, 2500 Coins, daily average: 70.72 points
    Diamond 1 – 4255 Points, 3000 Coins, daily average: 88.64 points
    Diamond 2 – 5285 Points, 4000 Coins, daily average: 110.10 points
    Champion – between 6610 to 6625 Points, 5000 Coins, daily average: 137.70 to 138.02 points

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    What really matters is how many pay-4-play members there are because they determine how many points you’ll get.

    Right now, I’m barely getting mid-20s in points, when previously I would get between 30 and 40. This is even with having higher scores than ever thanks to leveling up multiple birds recently. 70M used to get me between 50 and 70 points. Today it is getting me no more than 30, which will drop to 26 or 21 by tomorrow.


    average around 52-86 points here , but very rare/hard for me to get 86 points

    only a couple time that I can reach it per season

    most of time just around 52-70 points


    When your score is 48 points placement in the top is between 9000 – 10000. One to acquire 70 points means a place between 1000 – 2000. As my FB is 800 it is a rare thing to happen. 3000 (66 points) – 15000 (32 points) with Emerald 2 at the end is my level.

    filth pig

    I’m sort of stuck if lucky at 32 for a fat 9 months already. 3 times (uneducated guess) a season I -out of the blue- get 50.

    If somebody could explain me how its possible to get stuck at the same position (or even lower sometimes) for 9 months while the bp has gone up by 400 or so.

    Feels rigged, i must say


    filth pig..every1 else is increasing at same rate so there is nowhere to go. as u get better so does every1 else.



    Even before my two weeks off, I noticed I was dropping in daily points.

    Now I’m usually getting in the low 20s, even though my scores in the game are actually higher than before (45m to 70m), but no increase in the daily score. If I’m lucky, I get 32 or 34 points, but that ends up dropping to 23 or 26 by the next day.

    I guess all those new hat sets and higher FP are finally catching up to those of us who do not pay for rank.


    This is very useful information. Can this thread be made sticky so that it is easy to find?


    My usual level is emerald 2 but this season I’m averaging a good 5 pts or so below normal. Now I’d need to average about 50 per day to reach that level. I could spend hundreds of gems to play over and over, I suppose, but it doesn’t seem worth it for an extra 250 coins. Not to mention the time involved.


    Keep in mind that everyone gets pushed down the MEBC leaderboard as more and more cheaters take up many top spots.  Rovio does not adjust everyone else after cheaters are banned, so whatever points you’re left with at the end of a particular day (cheaters’ placements included) is what you end up with even after they “disappear” off the leaderboard and/or show as “banned” in their profiles.

    I usually end up as Amethyst 1, close to Amethyst 2, but it got harder and harder as time goes on.  I finally decided I need a break from the insanity…collecting 5,00o coins for an ugly hat takes 2 seasons and that is just crazy, IMO.  😉


    Once you have the highest value hat set (samurai, x11) it may not be the best choice to buy the lower grade hats just for an eventual slingshot upgrade. Unless you just like hats.

    Now that the MEBC shop is open all the time, I wait for a double feather event, then use whatever coins I have to buy feathers in the shop. 500 coins will get you 30,000 feathers. 1000 coins = 100,000 feathers. A pretty good deal.


    I am unusual, last season I was averaging 55 a day, this season, so far, I am averaging 65. I won’t get that today as it is currently on 66 and by the time it resets it will probably drop down to 62 or lower. I found today’s MEBC quite tough, but the clan battle was dead easy – got 93 mill on my first go (FP 782).

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