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  • Hi!

    If you know what tier lists are, I got the idea of making an ABT Tier list of characters based on:



    and Fun Factor. I am an f2p, so could you help? I am organizing them in S, A, B, C, D, and F.


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  • I guess I know who’s going in F Tier, and it’s not Grapple. (points towards Moonracer and Firestar)


    For S Tier, it’s every character with an anti-gravity gun by a landslide. Those are so overpowered in this game.


    @entropy What do you mean by stats? As I see it there are no universal stats for a given TF. There are levels and overpower as well as accessories but these are user controllable e.g. all of my TFs are at least at level 15 and all of them have all the accessories.

    Squads and promotion are important concepts because much of one’s success depends on promoting the right TF(s) in each squad.

    Viability I probably get, e.g. a TF has to survive a level 350 spark run.

    This game isn’t for fun anymore but performing this or that.

    Anyway, any TF which is maximally promoted should be in S tier. I have the following

    1. Hound
    2. Blaster
    3. Superion
    4. Nautica
    5. Dead End
    6. Warpath
    7. Ultimate Megatron
    8. Grey Slam Grimlock
    9. Breakdown

    I would exclude some of fully promoted TFs if they are simply promoted because they are first in a squad but I don’t have those.

    The F tier includes those that are good only to use in missions, like Bumblebee, Heatwave, Jazz, Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Arcee and the very “funny” to play C/Grapple.


    Sorry, I meant…like, how good their weapon is, how much health they have.


    @entropy If you are still interested in tier lists you may want to check Ranking TFs Using Spark Run. There is a (tier) list of the TFs in Spark Runs.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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