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  • I have done Spark Run with all 110 TFs.

    There’s a lot of details to be considered in order to make Spark run results comparable

    • All TFs are at least at level 15. Only 5 of my TFs are overpowered to level 20 or higher. The overpower seems not to be very significant element.
    • All TFs are fully accessorized. I tend to prefer damage over defense. Defensive accessories might provide a little advantage but I haven’t tested this.
    • The runs are made either at Spark run level 350 or 500.
    • The whole Spark run must be completed – if not the first TF then by the second or third in order the result being accepted.
    • The score is recorded only from the first TF in the run – there might be an exception or two.
    • At level 500 runs I record the score and that’s it. At level 350 runs the promotion–% is normalized to a common percentage and this score is recorded. I have used my average squad promotion–% as the common percentage.
    • With most TFs I have done only a single run. And even if I have done multiple runs with a TF only the best one is recorded. So there is no statistical significance to the results. The scores with one TF may vary considerably between runs.


    • A TF might be good in the Spark run but not so good in event runs or vice versa, e,g. Sergeant Thundercracker was surprisingly good in the Spark Run but I would not use him in event runs because he is bad at breaking Energon structures.
    • A TF might need some special handling to perform optimally and that might take several run to learn and I’m not willing to learn e.g. how to destroy targets optimally when using Grapple.

    Some observations

    • Flying pigs are the most deadly enemy!
    • EMP accessory or capability will help a lot!

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  • GrimLockdown

    (More or less) Current ranking of 112 TFs

    TFs in the TOP–18 have finished alone the level 500 Spark Run.

    1. Dirge – best TF based on Minion Pig
    2. Menasor – best TF based on Corporal Pig
    3. Superion – best TF based on Mighty Eagle
    4. Classic Bumblebee – best TF based on Chuck
    5. Energon Starscream
    6. Mirage – best TF based on Bubbles
    7. Private Mirage
    8. Nightbird – best TF based on Zeta
    9. Nautica – best TF based on Matilda
    10. Omega Supreme – best TF based on Bomb
    11. Alpha Trion
    12. Slipstream
    13. Blaster
    14. Breakdown – best TF based on Chef Pig
    15. Energon Nautica
    16. Hound – best TF based on Terence
    17. Devastator
    18. Dead End – best TF based on Moustache Pig
      These are the good ones
    19. Captain Starscream
    20. Sergeant Thundercracker
    21. Warpath
    22. Major Soundwave
    23. Nemesis Prime – best TF based on Red
    24. Nemesis Hot Rod
    25. Wheeljack
    26. Ultimate Megatron – best TF based on King Pig
    27. Blurr
    28. Sunstreaker
    29. Specialist Ratchet
    30. Soundwave
      These are OK
    31. Ironhide
    32. Cyclonus
    33. Private Sideswipe
    34. Sideswipe
    35. Red Alert
    36. Moonracer – best TF based on Stella
    37. Energon Bumblebee
    38. Thundercracker
    39. Energon Grimlock – best TF based on Hal
    40. Drag Strip
    41. Thrust
    42. Optimus Prime
    43. Energon Megatron
    44. Ratchet
    45. Optimus Maximus
    46. Chromia
    47. Drift
      A bit on the weak side
    48. General Optimus Prime
    49. Trypticon
    50. Motormaster
    51. Ramjet
    52. Barricade
    53. Sergeant Chromia
    54. Energon Lockdown
    55. Sergeant Greenlight
    56. Ionstorm
    57. Lockdown
    58. Major Shockwave
    59. Energon Windblade – best TF based on Silver
    60. Captain Nemesis Prime
    61. Beachcomber – best TF based on The Blues
    62. Dark Megatron
    63. Cliffjumper
    64. Sergeant Barricade
    65. Novastorm
    66. Energon Shockwave
    67. Private Deadlock
    68. Flamewar
    69. Goldbite Grimlock
    70. Strongarm
      These are actually quite bad
    71. Greenlight
    72. Grey Slam Grimlock
    73. Volcanicus
    74. Major Prowl
    75. Kup
    76. Ultimate Optimus Prime
    77. Sergeant Flamewar
    78. Bludgeon
    79. Epic Optimus
    80. Cosmos
    81. Smokescreen
    82. Energon Galvatron
    83. Soundblaster
    84. Energon Soundwave
    85. Rodimus
    86. Energon Optimus Prime
    87. Private Red Alert
    88. Novastar
    89. Ricochet
    90. Bluestreak
    91. Sentinel Prime
    92. Lord Megatron
    93. Starscream
    94. Elita One
    95. Acid Storm
    96. Brawl
    97. Sunstorm
    98. High Octane Bumblebee
    99. Ultra Magnus
      Absolutely the worst ones
    100. Windblade
    101. Bumblebee
    102. Airachnid
    103. Jazz
    104. Galvatron
    105. Skywarp
    106. Heatwave
    107. Prowl
    108. Major Ultra Magnus
    109. Grapple
    110. Shockwave
    111. Arcee
    112. Scorponok

    @grimlockdown Impressive and excellent effort! No doubt you spent a lot of time meticulously testing, evaluating, and recording your results!

    My only concern is that it’s still difficult to accurately rank TFs when using Spark Run. In addition to each TF’s level and accessories, there is a significant amount of randomness in Spark Runs. I can use the SAME TFs over and over again and get completely different results/progress each time. It seems that sometime I get hundreds of WMTs, sometimes I barely get any. The same goes w/ flying pig swarms. There is just too much variation/randomless with Spark Run itself for it to be effective at producing consistent metrics. I also find that I do better with TFs that blows a lot of things up (ie. Blaster, Nautica) rather than ones that you have constantly swipe all over the screen (ie. Grimlock, Superion). Therefore, there’s some kind of player-specific bias as well.

    However, I think it is still quite useful as it is probably still accurate when comparing TFs that are more than 10-20 ranks apart. Your results will help many of us choose which to unlock or invest with overpowering or promotion.

    Great job!


    @abt Thanks!

    You’re right that it is quite difficult to compare TFs. But I think the Spark Run is the best – and maybe the only – one where you have some kind of chances to make comparisons.

    I’m pretty sure that if you make a run at the same level with the same TF five or ten times your results start to form a bell curve. If the bell curve is wide then that TF has a weakness – or multiple weaknesses. If the bell curve is very narrow then that TF has very good chances either to go to the end or very near.

    I have added some more points to my first message.


    @grimlockdown I just noticed you’ve updated your list here. Some of my favorites for Spark Run are: Blaster, Nautica, and Superion. I wonder if these made your top 10.

    Keep up the good work!


    @grimlockdown big work! But I not sure, if this ranking can be useful. All those TF’s in your list a much worse for SR, then 1st 10 TF’s. Using those 96 TF’s can rise % of SR fail. I can’t see any points to using them for SR besides promotion. Since promotion have only best TF’s from each squad, personally I using “Squad-based” ranking. As @abt correctly noticed, we have an SR killers, like Blaster, Mirage, Nautica etc. wich can finish SR alone (not always, but mostly). So, mixing SR killers with best TF’s from each current bonus squad – best way to successfully complete SR with lowest time spending.
    Your ranking list are correct and have big precission imo, I just don’t understand for what we can use it. Most TF’s in your list was never in my SR. And I not planing change this, because it’s can cut my Sparks income, or/and greatly increase time spending for SR.
    As an abstract variant of ranking all TF’s – very nice list, thank you for your work!


    @papakarlo Yes, you’re right that most of the TFs are useless in the Spark Run. But, sometimes you might save time by using TFs that are not in TOP 10 because those TFs have a (much) higher combined promotion. Then the question is: Can that combination finish the Spark Run? The answer isn’t apparent in the list above but I will provide that list in the future.

    The most useful case for the ranking is when someone wants to know which TF to unlock or which TF to promote.

    And the third point is that I wanted to know and I wanted some variation to my Spark Runs.


    @grimlockdown nice points! Now I see. Sorry, but for my playstyle those 3 points are absent, thats why I wrote previous post.

    Since we have “1 TF events” trend for now, I stoped promoting 2nd TF’s. Because it’s wasting of Sparks. So if you interested, my SR combination very simple and constant :

    1. SR “Killer” (Nautica, Blaster, Mirage etc.) – green crown promotion.
    2. “Sponsor” – Green crown TF from bonus squad (not in all squads still, tbh)
    3. “Cleaner” – usually Superion as backup.

    As you can see, no spot for most TF’s from your list. Imo using them in SR can lead to run fail, and wasting time/Sparks at all because of run fails, useless 2nd TF’s promotion etc.

    It’s just my tactic, if anyone have any notes or another tactic – you wellcome to comment.


    @papakarlo You have very good tactic. You should try Classic Bumblebee as a SR “Killer”. As you can see from the ranking he is very good.

    I use either

    1. Test TF
    2. SR “Killer”
    3. ”Sponsor”


    1. SR “Killer”
    2. ”Sponsor”
    3. ”Sponsor”

    I more or less knew good SR “Killers” beforehand but now I know for sure. And now I might try

    1. “Sponsor”
    2. ”Sponsor”
    3. ”Sponsor”

    because I know that the Sponsor only team can finish the Spark Run. I try not use Energon TFs because their performance can vary hugely.


    @grimlockdown yes, Classic Bee one of the best for SR, but I have just red promotion for him, and also I already have green crown in The Iconic TF’s squad, so I using Classic Bee as SR killer only when his squad is a bonus one.

    Main target for my combination – SR must be succesfully finished every time I started it. 2nd target – spending lowest time as posible. I didn’t miss any SR since it was renewed, exept 3 times, which was technical problems, and new for me, like starting SR before new event starts, and finishing after, etc.

    I used your combinations before, exept last one. Very nice and usefull. But they need better concentration of my attention on the game. I play ABTF for relax and some fun. Afaik, 1 killer can finish SR if I have more then +1k bonus and almost no vehicle mode. But this can greatly increase time, needed for one run and have chance of fail, if Sponsors is very bad as SR killers. So mostly combination “killer/sponsor/sponsor” I using for killer’s squads, where sponsor=killer : Instruments of Destruction, Speedsters etc. And actually combination looks like “killer/killer=sponsor/sponsor”. For weak squads, like Brothers in Armor etc. – always with backup.

    Combination “sponsor/sponsor/sponsor” is crazy. Ofc everyone can do with own TF’s anything. Also I know some players, who promoting 3 TF’s in one squad. But they barely can took 3rd place in events, because their other squads very low promoted. Why should I  promote 3rd TF in one squad? Events uses only two, and once in two months, usually just one TF. Ofc, when ALL my squads will be with one green crown, I start to promote 2nd TF’s. And only when I got 2 green crown TF’ in every squad, maybe I’ll promote 3rd TF’s. But … heh, this will never happend ofc, because needed crazy amount of Sparks.


    Both are making good points. But I have to give it to @grimlockdown. If it wasn’t for his list I wouldn’t have given Dirge a shot in the spark run. Thank you.


    3X sponsor isn’t that crazy if the event squad has one SR killer. A green crown TF + 2 red crown TF’s is more than just a good combined promotion. BTW, promoting 2 TF’s to red crown costs less than what is needed to promote one TF to green crown.  My team for the spark run is usually a green crown SR killer and 2 red crown TF’s from the event squad.


    @papakarlo When way back R/E lowered the cost of promotion it became feasible to promote two squad members and it made sense back then when we had two TF events. (Edit: and the old Spark Run where high promotion was essential This was incorrect: one needed three TFs regardless of squad membership.)

    Promoting two squad members gives you some leeway e.g. my Nemesis Prime was promoted to red crown and I was hesitant to promote him further until I saw the last two squad members. After the introduction of Classic Bumblebee it was relatively easy to decide to make him the number one squad member and promote Classic Bee to green crown.

    After the introduction of the Spark Run v2 it started to make some sense to promote 3rd squad member – not every squad as there’s not enough good TFs. Yes, it’s debatable if it makes sense to promote the 3rd member but what is a fact is that the cost is negligible: it cost’s “only” 13,450 sparks(†) to promote a TF from zero to gold crown and “moderate” 41,950 sparks from zero to purple crown. If and when applicable you get a big increase in promotion–%.

    So, for event runs it may be advantageous to promote only a single bot from a squad but for Spark Runs two bots per squad is the optimal strategy. If nothing more these two bots can be used as sponsors.

    It costs 285,950 sparks to promote a TF from zero to green crown. Of that cost the gold crown is only 3.2% and the purple crown 10% but the gold crown gives you half of the total promotion–% and and the purple crown gives 67%. The last phase i.e. from the purple crown to green crown is a whopping 58.8% but this gives you “only” ⅙th of the total promotion–%.


    @pako One should be a bit careful with the list. A TF may be high in this Spark Run ranking list but that same TF may be lousy in event runs. The reason for this is that the score can be high in a Spark Run even though the TF misses a lot of targets but the TF is good at evading lava balls, bullets etc.

    A couple of examples

    • Kup – very lousy in event runs as he only raises blocks into air but seems to manage a Spark Run quite well
    • Sergeant Thundercracker – very high in the list but is terrible at breaking Energon structures which can be catastrophic in event runs

    Dirge is quite a positive surprise though. As is Thrust but I wouldn’t use him in event runs because his weapon is unpredictable and slow.


    And speaking of Dirge: He is the new number 1 in the ranking! I just made the first level 500 run using Dirge and he not only passed it but with zero health loss!!

    Dirge is fast but he misses most of WMTs. He has some kind of health regeneration capability so it makes him kind of no–brainer to use.


    Just like you I was completely surprised, that Dirge ended on the first place. The key fot this is indeed his health regeneration capability, which I’ve never noticed before. (Probably because I’ve hardly ever used him.)
    Thanks for making this ranking. It is quite an eyeopener.


    EDIT (15 min later): His health regeneration capability is also descibed in his biography:
    dirge bio.jpg


    @grimlockdown, you made good points. Back when the spark run needed between 3 to 5 bot, I did try-outs to select spark run worthy bots. All based on performance. Sought abilities were, inter alia,  EMP and easiness in killing pigs and in taking down structures. Now, with the spark run 2.0, I use two event squad bots promoted to red crown and a green crown SR killer, usually Nautica. If for any reason I don’t have a single event squad bot, I use 3 green crown bots, two fast ones and Superion as fall back.


    @moifirst Does thrust have a special built in energonicon ability as well seeing as the other two do


    @john12345 I’ve never seen any  built in energonicon ability with Thrust, but I must say I haven’t used him not very often.


    @grimlockdown even 10% matter. Promoting 3rd TF to purple crown takes 10% x 29 squads = almost three green crown from zero. Or almost five from red crown to green. And gives you what? Nothing. Better promotion in SR – not giving more Sparks. Only maybe save some time, and it’s debatable actually.

    As I said before, I don’t have green crown in every squad. Usually combination of two promoted TF’s, one green (any stage) and one red (also any stage, not only crown). I promoting 2 TF’s in the past, because it’s helped alot in Event’s, when 2 TF’s events was very often. But now, for those 10%, instead of promoting 3rd useless and weak TF, I can finish 5-12 strongest TF’s in 5-12 squads. It’s mean I’ll get green crown in more squads, and since most event’s are 1 TF now, it’s will make me strongest in another 5-12 events per cycle, which can give me more tokens, gems, OP etc. Ofc, green crown in 1 TF event not mean 1st place automaticaly, but greatly increases chances. Just my strategy.

    Yes, playing same TF’s at SR every day during years is boring. But I not ready to waste Sparks, promoting Kup or Grapple. No fun smashing pigs by concrete block with Grapple power beam, if Warpath and Drag Strip died :D


    Some additional info about TOP–17.

    1. Dirge – level 16 – purple crown
    2. Menasor – level 16 – red star
    3. Superion – level 18 – green crown
    4. Classic Bumblebee – level 17 – green crown
    5. Mirage – level 15 – green crown
    6. Private Mirage – level 15 – red star
    7. Nightbird – level 15 – red star
    8. Nautica – level 20 – green crown
    9. Omega Supreme – level 16 – purple crown
    10. Alpha Trion – level 15 – purple crown
    11. Slipstream – level 15 – red crown
    12. Blaster – level 22 – green crown
    13. Breakdown – level 18 – green star
    14. Energon Nautica – level 19 – green
    15. Hound – level 22 – green crown
    16. Devastatorr – level 15 – purple crown

    The order is determined by calculating the average health left after all level 500 runs. Currently the maximum number of runs is four (Devastator).

    Dirge and Menasor didn’t lost any health, Superion lost one heart, Classic Bumblebee and Mirage three and Nightbird four. Nautica and Slipstream lost almost all but managed to finish alive. Blaster and Hound managed to finish level 500 only once and with high promotion (about 1600% or more). Nautica has finished level 500 with lowest promotion (980%).

    My highest overpowered TF is Dead End (level 24) and he is at position 21. So with powerful TFs overpower isn’t that important – of course if helps.

    My recommendations are Classic Bumblebee and Dirge. They are fast and should always be able to finish level 500 (assuming some reasonable promotion). Classic Bumblebee requires some concentration from me but Dirge is almost indestructible. Mirage and Nightbird should also be OK (and some concentration). Superion and Menasor are very slow but are reliable. Nautica and Slipstream seem to require that I can maintain a good concentration on the run. I’m not recommending Blaster or Hound because they require very high promotion. Hound is also very slow.


    @grimlockdown nice, I didn’t expected that Dirge so good at SR, thanx. Not sure, if I’ll promote him atleast to purple, Ramjet is better for events. Maybe next event for Coneheads, and ofc in case of 2 TF’s.


    Dirge moves fast, and is very hard to kill, as noted.  However,  I have tried him out this week and feel like he leaves enough things undestroyed that it actually takes far longer for me to play with him than with energon starscream, who very quickly destroys everything.   Maybe it’s a question of my dirge being lvl 16 and energon starscream being lvl 20.


    Hi all. I didn’t noticed Dirge’s healing ability (seems like built-in Enerbot Energonicon?) until it was pointed out here. I only noticed that he’s quite resilient since I almost always finish with full health and never need to recharge his health.

    However, w/ the Event, I ended up using Ramjet since already have Ramjet at Green Crown. I find that Ramjet w/ Glassor Energonicon has no issues clearing everything. (It helps with all damage accessories maxed.) I can also get 1000+ points with Boss Pig runs (hit all of the missiles) and can finish off Unicron (pick off the flaming boogers in the air) as long as there are not too many falling monoliths. Dirge actually doesn’t do as well with Boss Pig or Unicron.

    For doing SR, I followed @grimlockdown’s approach:

    1. SR “Killer” (Green crown – no bonus aka 210%)
    2. ”Sponsor” (red/green crown – 700-840% bonus)
    3. ”Sponsor” (purple/red crown – 560%-700% bonus)

    I usually have a combo with ~1610% total bonus (1470-1750%) which allows me to finish lvl 500 SR w/ just the 1st TF. Even when the 1st TF dies, I’m usually at 80-90% already so I just need to finish w/ the 2nd TF. This combination let’s me finish the whole lvl 500 SR in under 15 minutes. If I had to settle with a lower bonus (<1400%), it will take longer to finish, and there’s a higher chance of the 1st TF not surviving. Picking the 2nd TF is important as it needs to be a TF that will do “respectable” in a SR. This is where @grimlockdown’s list is useful. I don’t have 2 TFs per squad promoted to green crown, but promoting to purple crown (+560%) from scratch only takes 41950 sparks (which I can earn back ~4 days of SR).

    If I don’t have any bonus squads and have to us 630% (3x non-bonus green crowns), I just dial it down and play at lvl 300 which will still let me finish around 10 minutes while netting 3300 sparks after ad bonus.


    If you take three best performing TFs from each squad and sum their scores you get the following squad ranking. The first figure is my promotion–% and the second number of TFs I have promoted.

    1. Combiners – 525 % – 3
    2. Specialists – 475 % – 3
    3. The Iconic Transformers – 485 % – 3
    4. Speedsters – 385 % – 3
    5. Coneheads – 375 % – 2
    6. Instruments of Destruction – 490 % – 3
    7. VIP – 305 % – 2
    8. Energized – 430 % – 3
    9. The Seekers – 385 % – 2
    10. The Hotrods – 385 % – 3
    11. Ground Force – 375 % – 3
    12. Femme Fatale – 490 % – 3
    13. Noughties – 335 % – 2
    14. Gestalt – 140 % – 1
    15. Target: 2006 – 350 % – 2
    16. Officers – 525 % – 3
    17. Operations – 420 % – 3
    18. Support – 460 % – 3
    19. The Wreckers – 455 % – 3
    20. Enslavers – 420 % – 3
      These squads can’t complete a Spark Run
    21. Pure Warriors – 460 % – 3
    22. Variant Versions – 355 % – 2
    23. Rescue Bots – 315 % – 2
    24. Energon Fueled – 475 % – 3
    25. Command – 300 % – 2
    26. Reinforcements – 160 % – 1
    27. Leaders – 355 % – 2
    28. Brothers in Armor – 285 % – 2
    29. Valkyries – 285 % – 2
    30. The Cybertronians – 390 % – 3
    31. Specialist Raiders – 0 % – 0
    32. Sawbones Squad – 0 % – 0

    In 15 squad the best TF can single–handedly complete level 500 Spark Run and the 5 next ones need 2 to 3 TFs. With these 16 you can – at least in principle – use

    • Sponsor
    • Sponsor
    • Sponsor


    The rest require

    • SR Killer
    • Sponsor
    • Sponsor

    model. Although, it can be argued that most – if not all – of the 19 most powerful squad have also a SR Killer.


    I just updated the ranking. Some changes here and there – tha biggest was with Ultimate Megatron.


    @grimlockdown hmm, very interesting list, didn’t expected you have half squads (15) with a 3 TF’s promoted. I understand, most of them not even red, but total % is a way better then my per squad. As I wrote above, I using absolutely different Spark distribution system among squads, oriented for 1 TF’s events. Very interesting to see this list in case of 2 and 1 best promoted TF’s

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