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  • You Gotta be Joshing me

    @mighty-red-1 Here’s the list from Wikipedia:

    I actually have Bounce Tales on my old Nokia X3-00, it’s a fun little platformer.

    Mighty Red

    @beakymcfeather Those games are irrelevant. We’re talking about Rovio games for the current generation devices, in terms of operating systems.


    @beakymcfeather Wow that’s a long list of games!


    I believe Angry Birds Classic is still to recieve updates.

    Possibly some content but most likely bug fixing.
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    I suppose you have to add Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs.

    Mighty Red

    @sumobro It’s a game unique to VR gear, so I doubt it’s eligible to be listed.


    Good point.  I guess it’s good that Rovio is making new games for any platforms, though.


    Not sure if anyone noticed….Angry Birds Transformers doesn’t load when I tapped it in my purchased list in the app store on my iPad (I didn’t have it installed though).

    Not shown in the game list along with the other Angry Bird Games in the app store when viewing on my iPad.


    Edit:   Didn’t want to make a new reply right after my post….want to add that I noticed that Angry Birds Epic is not shown in the App Store either.

    Seems that both are just hidden on Google Play Store.   Not sure about on iOS.


    @mighty-red-1 @sumobro

    AB AR (augmented reality) Isle of pigs was released in Canada (that I know of) near the end of April on iOS App Store (that I know of). It works great on my iPad.

    It is a 3D version that uses your surroundings as the background.

    I find it cute and fun but my surroundings don’t work so I through together a cardboard background , not exciting but got the game working :-).




    Yeah, this one just released worldwide.  I think it’s a port of the VR game from earlier this year, so I wonder how that game actually did.  Either way, I like the mobile version because it’s finally something different.


    @sumobro Thanks for the reply. It’s a cool game on iOS and likely android and I think they should add it. This is the first time I have ever seen this site not have all the info on a new AB game before we even see it. Even the non-slingshot games, none of which were genres I could play, were introduced here in a timely manner.


    @mighty-red-1  Angry Birds POP 2 has been released onto the United States App Store.  Also, Rovio has soft-launched a game/app called Angry Birds Explore, which uses AR and the bird codes from the AB Movie 1 to promote the AB Movie 2.


    I do´t like that Rovio discontinued some of their games and made it unable to play them now.
    The minimum they can do is to keep them online as they are, if they mean, there are no more updates to do.

    How can i contact them to ask them this?


    This an update! The following classic Angry Birds Apps…

    – Angry Birds Classic (close to 10th Anniversary)

    – Angry Birds Seasons

    – Angry Birds Rio

    – Angry Birds Space

    – Bad Piggies

    – Angry Birds Star Wars

    – Angry Birds Star Wars II

    – Angry Birds Go!

    – Angry Birds Epic (services still functional)

    … were removed, but now I have received word from the Angry Birds twitter that the Classic Apps are undergoing testing. And futhermore, Rovio Support has told me that the removed Classic Apps will soon return to the App Store. Be patient and stay tuned!

    You Gotta be Joshing me

    …3 months in and they’re still gone. Hope they know what they’re doing…


    Bad Piggies (iPhone) and Bad Piggies HD (iPad) app updates to version 2.3.7 are listed in the iOS App Store.

    This game has been missing in the App Store for quite some time.  I hope the other missing games come back soon…if only to ensure I download to all my old devices.


    Which angry bird is the best?


    If they bring back Classic Angry Birds to the App Store, I want them to remove the League thing cause that Sandstorm remix is pretty cringy


    Hi, what is ABO?


    @poophands Unless I’m mistaken, ABO = Angry Birds Original.  ABO and Angry Birds Classic are two names I’ve seen people use to refer to the first Angry Birds game.

    What about Angry Birds Halloween (I know what it old Angry Birds Seasons)

    And you forgot about Angry Birds Reloaded

    You forgot about Angry Birds Reloaded and Rocio Classics: Angry Birds


    Mighty Red couldn’t have forgotten about them since they weren’t even in development when the topic was created, @slivchik


    it’s so amazing game i did install from plystore. i really enjoy

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Viewing 25 replies - 151 through 175 (of 179 total)
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