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  • GrauGeist

    Unquestionably, the game is pushing low mastery and missing headsets – this is a P2W push.


    Is there any way to reset daily objectives??
    I managed to be 1st with 17 850 2nd have 17 550.
    minute later second placer have 23 050 like he completed objectives again in same day

    Green Whacker

    @rassell1234 yes you can get new objectives if you pay up lucky coins for them..


    @rassell1234 to finish @DragonofHeart ‘s thought.

    You have to lose, then pay to play again.

    Accomplish three objectives
    lose (intentionally if you must)
    pay up



    I didnt know that Underpants Gmones play this Game
    paying 20 LC for new objectives? hmmm not woth my precious LC


    Yeah that’s a lie. At least on the iOS version.


    Can anyone confirm you can actually reset your quests by paying the 20LC?


    I’m assuming it will not reset your quests but just give you 3 fresh lives… could be wrong but that seems logical.


    My son pressed the button to spend 20 LC after I had lost 3 arena battles. It brought up 3 new challenges along with the new round of battles.

    I do not know what would happen if you completed the first set of 3 challenges, continued playing until you lost the 3 battles and then paid your 20 LCs.


    Funny thing is that I went from having no competitors, hence no reason to push, to being 7th place in about an hour. Thus is a screwy week, and I’d like one of those easy buttons


    I confirmed it, twice, right before I posted. It does not reset your completed challenges.


    Thanks @ineptitude
    So if you complete all 3 challenges and reset, you don’t get new challenges. I can’t recall if I had completed any challenges – I may have had 3 straight crashes that round.

    I wonder what happens if you complete 1 or 2 challenges and reset. That could still be lucrative. I can’t believe players would be playing 100 or so battles to get an additional 5,000 or so points.


    It doesn’t work; if you partially complete challenges, lose all 3 and use 20 LC it doesn’t reset the challenges either.

    I have to admit… There have been a ton of complaints about the game being imbalanced, but today I got had a one-shot where all three of my birds and my flag were taken out by one hit… And it felt good!!! Stop the whining about P2W and simply grind, hacks aside, because it doesn’t matter if the computer is playing, someone is hacking, or someone is paying to win… Just effing win no matter what it takes. I can’t tell you how many glitches I have overcome already! I can either complain or get the F! over it. Diamond life, Rihanna and Jay-Z, here I come!

    1-up… No rage chili, lose the coin toss, facing a hacked opponent and P2W? You can still win! Took my SAT at the university of STFU (and that’s the “Sad Ass Truth”).

    Grumpy Cat

    @richrupp That doesn’t make any sense. Try losing 3 battles in a row to the problems mentioned in your post, and tell me again how to grind out more wins without spending 20 LC.


    I wonder how people are able to be 10k points ahead of me if I do all the objectives. It must be hacks cause I dont believe that someone is able to spend 10 hours a day playing arena. Im currently 6th on my leaderboard in stone league. No way for me to advance to silver this week :/


    @rassell1234 last night at 9.p.m CET game suddenly crashed after loding game again I got new daily objectives while my previous scores were saved (i.e I didn’t lose any medals). Same thing happened Sunday and happened at same time 9.p.m CET exactly. So I had two extra daily challenges without cheating in any way (just exploit server crashes, not my guilt)…


    I just got a second set of daily objectives, don’t ask me how. I hadn’t lost any battle so it has nothing to do with losing 3 times and paying LC, it’s probably one more event bug.
    I’m still 8k points behind the guys at the top that apparently benefit from this bug 3 times


    Hi @cosmo2503 Does CET refer to central european time?

    There was a short outage 2 days ago at about the current time and a long outage yesterday also at about the current time (1:30 pm in Paris = 11:30 pm in Melbourne). I didn’t take note of the exact time. These were apparently for server work by Rovio.

    Challenges are reset here (in Melbourne) at about 12:00 am.

    Interesting that you noticed further outages.


    @kerravon good guessing CET refer to Central European Time zone. 9 p.m. CET id significant as all weekly tornments so far begun at 9 p.m. Also last week’s arena tournment ended at 9 p.m.
    Normally daily challenges in Arena battles begins at 12 p.m.


    @cosmo2503 Sorry I used Paris as a local reference for you, but I couldn’t spell Bosnia and Herzegovina without looking it up first.

    The tournaments tend to finish here at 7 am Melbourne time, which corresponds to your 9 pm. I think the start time is also generally at 7 am, but it may vary. We just had the change over of daily challenges (12 am here).

    I am not playing at 9 pm your time (7 am for me), so I wouldn’t have noticed a crash at that time. Perhaps those in North America noticed something occurring at that time. That would be 1 pm on the west coast. But with so many crashes going on, it may be hard to tell. But it sounds like they would have had to be playing at the time to get their challenges reset.


    @ineptitude I don’t know if you can legitimately reset challenges for LC but someone in my league jumped from 24k to 43k in a couple or so hours. I agree with @kerravon the fun is to see how other birds and combinations behave. The event as a challenge is flawed if it’s so easy for people to cheat.


    I am also confirning that using LC after losing 3 battles does not reset daily objectives.
    So it seems the reason why some players gets huge amount of points its either different time zone or game crashes resetnig dailies


    If you guys want to know what’s possible, I grinded out 5k points in three hours last night to get to the top. No daily objectives. Anything more than that rate and something funny is going on.

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