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  • Tman

    I’ve noticed some problems attacking Chuck. Instead of removing health, sometimes he will gain health when I attack him. I thought it might have been some kind of special protection on their banners, but I couldn’t find anything. Anyone else see this?


    @tman It is supposed to work that way when Chuck is using the Reborn set (Pheonix Egg and Phoenix Feather). When you knock him below zero he gets something like half his health back minus the amount below zero that you hit him for so it is possible that you hit him so hard he can’t revive instantly and will have to wait 3 rounds. I may be off on my half health number. You can calculate it by viewing his health before and after you hit him.


    The Sling and Plushies for Blues has the same effect as well, something to watch out for. If you are up against Chuck with the Phoenix Egg/Feather set, you might be better off trying to take out another bird first.


    @mimi27 Did you manage to stay in the stone league? I noticed that the bottom rungs on the leaderboard are different and there is no rank bonus. Do those that finish below 12th position get relegated to a lower league?

    I wonder if anyone who contributes to the forum has been relegated?

    And @mimi27, if you managed to stay in the stone league, I was also wondering if the battles were any easier in the third round? I think that the battles have been significantly easier in the wood league from the second round onwards – although I am being more selective now.


    @kerravon – My son was dropped from stone back to wood last week, when he did not play any battles. So yes, you can be relegated back to an easier league. Right now I am hoping that I can finish high enough to stay in my silver league. So many objective resetters out there, some of them won’t even advance from my league this week. Grrr.


    So do you only get dropped if you don’t play? Or do you get dropped for being in the bottom? I don’t see any down arrows on the ladders which I would expect if they were dropping the bottom 3.

    This will get very interesting at the high level ladders when the entire group is competitive.

    I guess we will see.


    I have underdog, It’s a great emblem. You see, entering a battle with two birds isn’t the only way to use it. Most of the time when one of your birds die, the surviving bird(s) get the 40% boost UNTIL THEY DIE. Might be a bug, but makes practically every battle I play a win. (team is paladin, wizard, spies with grand slam, chronos + generic pig machine vitality secondary, ballista set, with 7 mastery for pally/wizard, with 6 on spies. Level 23


    I have rage chili, so my priority for first turn chili is chuck->blues->red, as if chuck dies most of the time blues can one shot or severely wound any bird, while red would just hurt banner (easy when your crits with buff on blues do over 1600 damage!)


    @kerravon, I did get dropped back to the wood league. I fought a tough battle trying to stay in the #11 or 12 place but got hit with daily objectives I couldn’t fulfill due to not having Seadog or Thunderbird. I received no prize or bonus and was unceremoniously relegated back down. This round, I’m back up at the top of my leaderboard, with a bit of competition for the first three spots. I figure that barring an objective that is impossible, I’ll move back up to Stone league and probably repeat the cycle. At least now I’ve leveled Chuck up a notch and acquired the coveted Phoenix Egg/feather combo.


    @mousiepossum I just got the underdog and enfeeble emblems. Previously my favorite emblem was thorns, but I have to agree with you that underdog is the best emblem for precisely the reason you mentioned. The 40% bonus doesn’t work all the time when one of my birds gets knocked out, but it works quite often. It also makes objectives like knockout birds using a rage ability much easier.


    Question about “emblem of the underdog”, does it mean when a bird is knocked out, that you get the 40% addtional attack and health (or is that a giltch, which doesn’t work constantly), or that you have to enter with only two birds when starting PvP.

    Which do you prefer if you can choose, shroud vs underdog emblem


    @renitz For the Underdog thing basically ANY time your only using 2 birds you get the boost. But the description of the emblem says ENTER a battle with 2 birds so this may not be intended. As for Shroud vs Underdog just go by how lucky you think you’ll get. The Shrouds 15% chance to miss is rather low and never really works for me. Thorns is my fave though.


    I had an opposing team use Rage Chili in two consecutive turns on me today. That shouldn’t happen, right?


    @dunctk421 Your opponent might have had the blazing eye and blazing cloth set which gives +50% rage generation and could have been equipped with the Yin and Yang set which also increases rage generation. I’m not sure if there is an emblem that increases rage generation. Rage is generated when you attack and when you take damage. Using the Sea Dog can give you extra attacks and using the lightning bird on the bird the Sea Dog is linked to can get you another extra attack. I’m not sure if this is enough to fill the bar in one round, but it might be.


    Are the banner sets and items received in a higher league usable in a lower league?
    In other words: must I keep my old items, or once upgrade to the higher league, can I scrap them?


    yeah, it makes all of my (now level 23) birds hit in the high 600’s at single target, and i use pally/wizard/spies! Spies can hit about a heroic strike just by luck with the ballestae (arena power for heroic strike), and sometimes you chain two (one from chuck’s chili, another from normal attack). Instantly makes chuck’s chili the best chili (and it was already the best,since pally’s heal plus sweet makes healing not as much of a problem if you kill their birds easily (with crits from blues, this isn’t a problem)


    @henjovr You can still use them if you want but the newer ones will be stronger.


    Aaah man the coin flop was brutal today, never had it this bad, played 40 some battles, 4 or 5 of them where in my favour. After 12-13 coin losses in a row i thought maybe bird/flag strength is a factor, that theorie got crushed after also losing coin flops against players with all mastery level 10 birds, was no fun at all.
    But it was the first time i used the underdog emblem, could that be a factor?


    @renitz Very strange how the flip works. I played like 10 battles today and never LOST the flip.

    @inimical (Grumpy Cat),

    I apologize, you are correct… no amount of grinding can help with this:


    Green Whacker

    Regarding to a glitch allowing opponent birds to use Rage Chili twice in single attack.. it just happened to me and I checked the birds and banner before fighting.. they did not have any special effects that would allow regeneration of Rage Chili quickly.

    Got hit with Bomb then Chuck afterwards.. totally wiped my birds out and left banner with little HP for them to finish off.. Had no chance.

    I have reported this to Rovio as well.


    I’m having little luck on the coin flips – I would say maybe winning it 25% of the time. My objective today required me to use Matilda and sea dog together. I have sea dog but he’s Level 4, so I needed to win the toss to have any chance. Needless to say, I’m out today – was #2 on my board, now #7.


    Wow, that’s harsh. I have never seen an objective that required you to use a specific class and another specific bird (i.e. Matilda and Sea Dog together) – I am either seeing one or two specific birds (had Red and Matilda yesterday), or one specific class (Druid yesterday, Spies today).

    If you get two different objectives that can in theory be done at the same time (for example, O1 Use Matilda and Bomb and O2 use Sea Dog), you can also do these one after the other. In my example, you could do O1 with a team of Wizard, Druid, Cap’n and O2 with Paladin, Wizard, Sea Dog.


    I know, I hadn’t seen it before either. I am in the Stone league. Maybe the daily objectives get harder in higher leagues – it would make sense. My third objective yesterday was to win a battle with all three of my birds alive, and good luck with that using a Level 4 sea dog (now a Level 5, but still).
    My objectives today are ones that I can double-up up on: knock out five birds using a power-up, win two battles with Bomb, and win three without Bomb.



    iOS device advanced to gold league (still not even playing with the android).

    I haven’t encountered any hackers, so that’s nice. maybe it’s because I’m in the low level league.

    I’m still clearing all the objectives pretty easily with level 6 birds as long as I don’t choose to go in against an opponent with higher level account and mastery 6 birds with matched sets. The difference a matched set makes is pretty huge.

    Won’t be advancing this go-around though. There are some others in the league who are grinding out extra medals to stay on top. More power to them.

    The biggest determiner for winning is having a bunch of matched set items (and high level mastery). Now that my android is max level with only mastery 7 birds and a few (much lower level) matched sets, there’s no way I can compete.

    However, having competed with the lower level device has at least reinforced that it’s not something I’d truly enjoy anyway. The system is so binary – – there’s really not that much interesting strategy involved. But I’m also not a huge competitive gamer, so YMMV. I just hope they develop more interesting solo content. I’m bored to death with the caves (especially as a non-FB player) so I’m just grinding a few hundred snoutlings and buying mastery upgrades at the moment, but my days with the game may be numbered.

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