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  • /NEW CHARACTER! “ ________ keeps herself a blank slate, but she’s certainly got Starscream’s legendarily volcanic temperament!”
    /OPTIMISED EXPERIENCE! Bug fixes and streamlining!

    But the most important is the reappearance of the missing map of the island and all things associated with it (such as professor pig’s lab, challenge run, shockwaves spire) which has been absent for several players, including me, for the last weeks. (See here.)

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  • @moifirst This version for my android Samsung Galaxy S7 worked amazingly. Ironically this new version isn’t out yet for my main devices the iPhone & iPad. I believe in the day or the next day will be up at the apple store.


    @elpapam Sometimes the android version comes first, other times the iOS version.
    I suppose (as you’ve already thought) that the iOS version will be available in a short space of time.

    @moifirst yeap just i was talking about the iOS version just came out and it works perfectly and i have back my map as well in both iOS devices.


    @elpapam Nice to hear that everything is back to normal also in the iOS version.
    However, it took quite a while (about 1 month) for R/E had fixed this issue.

    @moifirst well they took their time but finally i can play again :)


    @moifirst and @elpapam:

    Welcome back to the fray!


    @pako Thank you very much for your message! As you can imagine I had serious doubt of playing ABT much longer as I could only play ABT in a very limited way for about a month, so the hope that things would be fixed had evaporated almost completely.
    To “celebrate” this I won’t be playing the next few days to recover from all this hassle. (Well, in fact I’ll just be somewhere else so I can’t play, but next week I’ll jump into the fray again.)

    @asen & @pako i am back though i won’t be playing as hard as i use to… but occasional relaxing playing :)


    @elpapam As me last few months. I start bothering and playing hard, so just playing when have time for fun :)

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum New Update 1.51.1

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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