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    Looks like it will start 5/6 8PM EST (5/7 0 UTC)

    Description looks interesting. Hopefully not repetitive like the last one.

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  • MillForce2k

    From a new pop-up:

    “What’s better than one transformer? Now you can take two!

    Choose transformers from the bonus squad for extra points!

    Score for shooting transformed structures, and even more for priority targets!

    Shockwave returns for a limited time!”

    I’m seeing three TFs on the screens that group and describe the TFs that are labeled as “coming soon.” Two in Hotrods and one in Cybertronians.


    It is nice of Rovio to make Shockwave available for those who haven’t got it. I hope we can see more limited edition Transformers available in any events in the future.


    is it only Shockwave who is back? I already have him and all the accessories so I’m doing fine


    I have him as well along with the others that were available during competitions, but it’s nice that others are getting an opportunity. I didn’t get the ones that required real money, but I doubt that they would offer them in a competition this soon. Hopefully, they will also offer two new ones as well as Shockwave.


    I was actually one of the players that started early when this game was released but quit after they added all these bogus materials to upgrade. After returning I found out all these characters that I missed :( I really hope I get a chance to earn them. Sorry ABT for betraying y’all.


    Great to have shockwave back:)

    Cynical Bird

    Would be nice to offer in some competition ALL the accessories offered in the past that we may not have been able to get due to not enough tokens.


    I guess that should mean that he has at one new exclusive accessory to go with it… Plus the stuff from the Target 2006 crew!!!

    Cynical Bird

    Also I hope one of our intrepid ABTF guys does an analysis/chart for the accessories. Cost, effect, total cost, etc.



    Shockwave is the only exclusive thing here…if you already have him, nothing worth writing home about; all the other accessories are what’s normally available to purchase for galvatrons, jazz, ultra magnus…

    I dunno how much shockwave costs cuz I got him last time he had an event (hopefully they make his accessories purchaseable now for those who did not get him, as the accessories are not a part of this event…) so I may have the pleasure of skipping this event altogether, likely play casually to pick up an accessory or two at some discount compared to gems it would cost…

    Drover’s Dog

    Token exchange consists of:
    Shockwave ( as I own it there is no token amount shown)
    Vortex 10% weapon cooldown for Galvatron 600 tokens
    Speakers 10% defense for Jazz 500 tokens
    Matrix 10% fire rate for Ultra Magnus 400 tokens
    Medallion 10% Explosive force for Energon Galvatron 300 tokens
    Launchers 10% fire rate for Ultra Magnus 200 tokens
    Hook 20% clip size for Jazz 200 token


    Does anyone know how long the competition is?


    To buy (using gems):

    Jazz* — speakers 600 gems, hook 325 gems
    Galvatron — vortex 925 gems
    E. Galvatron — medallion 350 gems
    Ultra Magnes — matrix 350 gems, launchers 325 gems

    * accessories cannot be worn at the same time

    Francis Crawford

    So — competition mechanics.

    1. Balloon pigs — do you get credit if they hit the ground? How about if they hit the ground in an area to your left that has scrolled off the screen?

    2. “Transformed buildings” = buildings that would ordinarily give energon cubes.

    3. Two TFs. In at least some cases, if one dies the other one takes over automatically.

    4. You can switch TFs with a short cooldown, until you get to the late stage of the run where you wouldn’t be able to call a buddy in an ordinary node run.

    5. If one of your TFs is variant and one isn’t, I’m not sure how the gold total is calculated. Perhaps whichever one you finished the run with?

    6. If you use certain TFs you get a 50% score bonus, and when you select TFs those have badges to identify themselves. But I don’t know the details at all. All my bonus score options were for TFs I haven’t leveled up past 9 or so. I haven’t tried using any of those yet.


    I am only playing for the coins, given that…
    Now sure what the reference to the two transformers applies to as mentioned in the description for the event.


    Ok, it seems I got excited for nothing. 2,900 gems worth of accessories for 2,200 tokens. But, as @pampeans noted, Jazz cannot wear both. They both go on his arms. So, there’s no point in getting both. So, at most it would be 2,000 tokens. That’s just four days of maxing out the daily tokens and not factoring the tokens for placement on the leader board.

    Today’s count should be 16,650. By my four run average of 500, that would be 34 total runs.

    They do count if they crash before you destroy them. I think off the screen as well.


    Just did a run using two TFs from the bonus squad, the ones with the icon. Run ended with 1,010 pigs and with the bonus, my total was 2,525.


    Yes, balloon pigs count even when they hit you or the ground. Only time they won’t count is if you speed far far away from them and they disappear before hitting anything. So in other words if you see a balloon pig don’t go into vehicle mode and then stay in it for a long time.

    For the squad bonus just one of your Transformers has to be from the bonus squad to get it. You don’t have to be using them at the end to get it. And if both are from the squad it doesn’t give twice the bonus. The “Target: 2006” squad gives a +150% bonus.

    10 points for each Energon cube and 30 for each Prime Target.

    Francis Crawford



    But did you really mean “1010 pigs”, or rather 1010 points or something like that?

    I have not been using bonus squad TFs. My highest score so far is 1120, and the lowest is 120.


    OK is this only me or has everybody have the same???

    1. A big increase in the number of objects needed to gain Token’s
    2. The objects that appear in the box are scoring.

    1. I’ve completed 2 four runs and I still need 1200 more objects to get 20 Tokens.
    The Board leader has over 10,000 how they got that I’ve no idea.

    2. In the box is a Movie Ticket as the object but when I collect them they don’t count?????


    Are all TFs available to be selected, or just those not in missions? I’m not running any and don’t want to start any if they’re going to be locked out.

    Do you mean the Cassette Tape instead of Movie Ticket? One of your TFs need to have an icon that matches the one in the lower left of the Choose Your Team screen to get the bonus. Points do wildly fluctuate. I’m currently at 10,819 after 12 runs. I didn’t figure out the bonus until I did my first four, so they were pretty low.


    Well my highest score was 1020 and lowest was 100. The most are between 300 and 500. The leader of my comp has 11295 and i have 4790 and i didn’t miss any run until now. And i use only the Grimlocks because after the last comp i upgraded all three to level 15. So i think you have to buy runs with gems otherwise you never make the 550 bonus points.


    @zhianjo One of your TFs has to match the icon on the Choose Your Team screen to get the bonus. I use Energon Grimlock and one from the Bonus Squad. I had two over 2K since I picked from Target: 2006 that gave me 150% bonus.


    @franciscrawford & @millforce2k

    Thanks for explaining i use now the bonus TF’s even with low level and it gives 25 or 50% bonus so now the points are going faster.
    At least i have now the change to get shockwave the first time he was introducd i couldn’t because my ABT crushed just before the event.

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