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  • shit move by Rovio in essentially forcing me to unlock all of the useless extra birds. I don’t use them and didn’t want them unlocked, now my feather rewards will often be for birds I won’t use anyway.

    Come on Rovio. How about you spend some time fixing things that need fixing instead of doing stupid stuff like this to us?

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  • AggieGuy

    Might want to edit the first word in your post. I’ve noticed the mods generally frown on profanity.

    That said, I’ve left the pig in his cage for just that reason.

    If you’re not using the extra birds, you’re just making the game more difficult. Stella is highly useful (can’t count how many boss pigs I’ve eliminated with her) and Bubbles is pretty good too. Hal has his moments, but I rarely use him.


    I don’t know Aggie, I’ve gotten along just fine with the original 7 birds.  I beat the daily challenge pretty much every day,  fancy hats on every bird, won the legendary league the past 9 weeks in a row. I don’t see a need for the rest of them and it makes me an angry bird when I win 1,500 orange feathers I’ve no real use for.  But that’s just me.


    @flinx I’m with you on this. I only use Stella as she’s really useful. I’m now getting feathers for birds I’ll never use. It also dilutes the feather offer for regular birds.

    I’d like an option to lock the part-time birds again – I’d just keep Stella open.


    Aren’t you overlooking the fact that having one of the birds unlocked gives you an extra card, 8 instead of 7, to start? You get it for arena, MEBC, DC, KPP, and the map. Maybe you’re so skilled you don’t need it, but I’ll take every advantage I can get, and I have samurai hats on every bird.

    Also, it doesn’t “cost” you anything to use them. True, the system will divert a few feathers their way, but that would happen whether you use them or not.


    @douglas No, not overlooking. I really appreciate having Stella each morning for a few hours. My point is, she’s always my choice, I’m not interested in the others. So I’d prefer to be able to lock them and not win feathers for them.

    And now the pig’s also been unlocked in the new update.


    Playing with 8 birds gives no advantage but some extra moves that particular birds may have. Either you play 7 birds, 8 birds, or even 7 birds without hats – in most of the game’s areas, levels and destructometer will be adjusted accordingly. In simple words, if you play ideally, level has 5 rooms, the break-down will look 1M per room if played 7 birds, or around 800k if played 8 birds.

    There’s no added value or extra chances when playing with 8 birds, and I am surprised so experienced people in the game and never noticed that.

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