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  • luvtub

    @rawdatasystems Haha, true that!

    Nice one on Bomb, 5, and 6! 7 is a challenge – I see a possible pathway with my 2 birds, but everything has to go perfectly. ME is in the first room; I use Red to almost clear it. My second meter fill brings Ducks, which I use immediately; ME is the next fill. If Red & Ducks clear Room 1, I use ME in 2 and get Ice and Chili. For Room 3, I send Red low to the base of the left structure, activating him to go low enough to get hit by Magician Pig. If I’m lucky, I become TNT or a rocket and strike 3. I’ve seen the last room (6) a few times.

    This probably won’t be helpful to anyone who has more than 3 birds, but I guess the point is that (with perseverance) it may be possible to complete the challenge with 2 or more birds.


    Thanks luvtub I finally just got through level 5. Attempted level six a dozen times and at least I get to the last room this level with usually a bird or two left. This is only my 3rd hat challenge, the last one you had the option to buy birds if needed to finish levels that wasn’t much of a challenge though.


    Wow… All hats but Silver and Terence… Still can’t beat Level 7. There was a point where I had one pig left, but no birds. Had survived with only Red and Bomb until something like Level 5. Here’s what I’ve learnt about Level 7:

    – First triangle structure thing can be taken out with Matilda: the gravity pig also takes the other structure out on the first wave.

    – Spare the ME until wave 3 or 5.

    – Keep Silver or Bomb for the last wave.

    Hope this helps, off what little I know, and I really wish there were videos for this stuff. Time to lose more on the Tower of gemeating Misfortune.


    All irrelevant to me I’m afraid – I have reached floor 10 3 times now – spending either 20 or 70 gems, and 3 times I’ve missed the hat.

    Rovio wants my last thousand or so gems and won’t stop until they get them.

    Before the game became uber-grift I was happy to chuck in £10-20 a month but not anymore.

    In the earlier special hat events you’d get three or four hitting them pretty much every time for relatively minor expenditure – if you wanted the lot you’d pay of course.

    I wonder if Rovio are laughing all the way to the bank with their ridiculous monetisation of the game, or whether they’ve hacked off many more people like me, and shot themselves in the foot.


    I got to floor 20 and 30 in ToF today and missed the hats in both cases. When these shenanigans first started you were more or less guaranteed a hat on each floor.

    As with everything else, times have changed as has my attitude to the game.


    Finally got through Level 7 – without ME. Struck rooms 1 & 2 with Red, hit 3 with Ice & cleaned up with Ducks, got 4 with Red & Chili (for the troublesome pig up top), Red & Blue for 5, and Red low to the structure to strike 6. Feeling pretty good!


    Haha, same! I got it with an ME and five birds, all but Silver and Terence. Yet I only got 850 pearls.


    Great job, luvtub. I barely finished with my four birds. Doing it with just two is pretty amazing. :)

    I was hoping for another legendary hat, but there were only Pearls and feathers. I did get 850 Pearl’s though. Thanks for all the help.


    Excellent! Happy to help!!

    Vogel Birdson

    Any advice for getting past level 5, with Red, Blues and Chuck? There is no way I can get a fourth hat in the ToF.

    How does one do a strike with Red in the first room?

    If I’m very careful I can strike the first room using Chuck, by looping it around the blackhole, taking out the single pig on the platform and knocking the right-hand structure, which makes enough stuff fly around to clear the nearer two pigs in their structure.

    I’ve got as far as the last room with these 3 birds but have only ever got a chilli as an extra.


    @stevey Hi, Vogel. I gave a few tips earlier in this thread that might be applicable. Sometimes that bonus birds/spells received are affected by your current flock, sometimes not.

    Best of luck; I found Level 5 second only to 7 in terms of difficulty.

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