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  • I’m curious has anyone upgraded their Samurai Hats in the Hat shop since the new update? If so did it cost anything? I tried but I don’t have the full hat set for that one. This only applies if you have completed a set for only the Samurai hats at this time.

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  • Kochschwein

    Yes, you need the full hat set. First upgrade will cost 25.000 black pearls, second upgrade will take 50.000 black pearls. For every single hat!


    And how much do they improve?


    Just like a normal hatset upgrade and slingshot upgrade as usual. A little bit poor.

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    I have one of the Samurai hats. So it’d take about a year to acquire the rest at 5K ME tokens. Not worth it. The amount of time and $$ involved aren’t equal to another 11FP on my birds.


    I wouldn’t bother getting mighty hats at all.

    Even if you get them at 1500 ME coins when they’re cheap, for the price of 2 hats you can get 3 x 100,000 feathers during a FF. That’s good for 6 bird levels (more if your cards are below epic gold). The mighty hat might give you a boost if that bird’s highest hat is +6 or less, but you’ll eventually get a legendary hat and at that point mighty hat only gives you 1 extra.

    So unless your card levels are maxed out, getting mighty hats isn’t worth it.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Mighty Hat Upgrade?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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