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  • so i think mebc has glitched

    both today and yesterday i went into it and wasn’t given the points from the previous day anyone else having the problem


    note for self  current total 436 played today currently position 3525 with 62 points

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  • Den

    Same here, nothing the last 2 days.


    Seems that the whole world have this problem currently. Nothing else to do as to send tix to Rovio.


    Yes, I noticed it, too . Let’s hope we get compensated after they fix it.


    in good news i got points awarded today


    in bad news no sign of compensation


    woo we now have compensation message in piggy mail reads:

    “We’re sorry about the issues in the bootcamp this weekend. everything is working as usual now and we’ve automatically added 300 mighty eagle coins to all players who played the bootcamp during the weekend and 150 to the ones who played only one day. we have some apology goodies for everyone, too!

    and … Samurai hats are at a 50% discount for the rest of the week


    the ab2 team”

    the extra goodies are 2000 rainbow feathers and a rare chest.

    a fairly good compensation but i personally would have preferred points over coins but oh well 300 coins is better than nothing. as for the Samurai hats this doesn’t really do much for me as I have them all already and 2500 is still a lot to save up in a week for one hat but if you don’t have them this will probably be the best opportunity to get them.


    My message just came through, however i played both days but only got points for 1 day, so thx :/


    as for samurai hats, i’m collecting starforce hats and don’t currently have enough coins for any hats, so thx :/


    My problem is never received extra card for winning piggy challenge

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum mebc glitch?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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