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  • Wow, talk about major frustration. 1st bird, Bubbles blew this king pig nearly off the screen, in fact it was off the screen for several seconds.. then look where it landed.. upper right, nearly hidden from view, and no way to get to it with any other birds.

    Result, failure and having to start over again..  Its this kind of game play we are seeing a lot of that is causing people to leave AB2.

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  • Powie

    They have made the king, chef challenge including the map almost impossible to win without having to pay gems to win, not to mention the the countless times you have to play.đŸ¤®


    Today I managed to remove the King Pig off the screen. It was in a loop ( blue and pink tubes spitting him out in each other)  and as it would be hard to kick him to the right, I decided to let Terrance take the loop in the opposite direction. It worked. The pig went down into the pink tube, never to appear again. Don’t think I won the game though. It must have been alive somewhere, but not visible on the screen of my ipad, even zooming in and out and moving in every direction. đŸ™ƒ


    Several times I have knocked the king pig way up high, caught on a roof area, where its impossible to get to him let alone find him.

    Now that and the constant “beat them to death” rooms. I am just tired of it all. If I see a room like that I just end it and write that day off. Not worth wasting the time doing it, and I am sure as heck not going to spend gems to get more birds, when the ones I got do direct hits on the king pig and do little if any damage.  And this is the new norm for it.


    scroll down and look for Level 2200 anamoly happened to me , wrote them with no response getting fed up

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