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  • Sonicwave

    Got a pig on the second floor after 7 feathers. Sorry but no thanks.

    I typically only spend 20 gems (my total is only 1440). On my best run I spent 20 gems for 50 gems, 30 silver feathers, 1 chili, a school hat for Bomb and 1 inflators. Most of the other runs end in a loss of 20 gems due to me being greedy and running into the second pig before quitting.


    How much are u guys spending for this each day?

    0 or maybe 20. There are way too many pigs before level 10 (even 1/4 chance is high – that’s 2 pigs on average) which makes it pointless to go further.



    Agree. Three times I got a pig on the first floor. Why would I spend 20 gems to continue?

    Epic Buttstomp

    20 gems I will spend because other daily giveaway will give them back to me. More than that NO.


    How are y’all getting a 20 gem pig? I saw that the first time I played the tower, but since then my first pig is always 100 gems.

    I made it to the top two days ago, got a fancy hat. Almost quit before I realized I was there, one floor left to go, no pigs on hat levels.



    The first pig is always 20 gems for me (and most others), then 100, 200, 400, etc. Looks like they’re still testing it.


    Funny, pearls don’t come close to what hats are worth if one already has the hat.


    With Android you can literally play it non stop, without the need to reinstall it or use any back up.

    Simply close/exit the game on the screen where it asks you to spend more gems to continue, go to settings, apps, AB2, Storage, Clear Data….load the game, re-link your FB account and play again. If it doesn’t work out, repeat above process endlessly until you are happy with the result…..point to note, once you are happy with the results and you exit and take all of your goodies, if you reload the game it will obviously end the TOF until the next day.

    It can also be done on iOS, but involves downloading the game (or reloading a back up) and that takes a lot longer to achieve, so Android would be my preferred option for endless Tower Of Fortune attempts.

    With that being said, whilst Rovio continue to offer different Tower Of Fortunes (i.e. Max level 30 for some players, and max level 90 for other players), then the fairness of TOF is completely out of whack, so I personally gave up on it.


    Yes with some controlled gambling.


    And yes, my mouth will shut up this time…. :o)


    Hey guys, newbie here. I was wondering where to make my first post, and this place appealed to me the most. But still, on with my point. I’ve been reading this TOF thread since it started, but I still don’t know how to play the TOF non-stop on iOS. Please reply, cause cause my gems are declining, fast. (This morning I paid about 120 gems for what, 1 spell?)


    After paying lot for purchase of gems and other offers, I finally found my sanity. I would advise not to pay more than 20 gems per day.

    Angry Beaver

    As i get some gems from daily tasks and some gems from chest and if i have just ‘lil bit of luck in the tower i can spend usually 120 gems for this. Highest floor i reached with this strategy is 27th. Most times i stay in the positive side. But yes, sometimes happens the 2nd pig in 3rd or 4th floor. Then i just quit the tower.


    See my post earlier in this thread: The Tower of Fortune is just as rigged

    I played the tower until I got stuffed with a demand for 1600 gems to continue. Hard stopped the app. Made a backup.

    After reloading the backup 10 TIMES I re-entered the game 10 TIMES to the exact same point (demanding 1600 gems to continue) 10 TIMES and the very next draw after paying the penalty to continue was a pig card 10 TIMES no matter what card I drew.

    RIGGED 100%. There is NO LUCK in playing the tower when 10 TIMES the same outcome happens with different strategies.

    And if you believe there’s chance involved you deserve to be suckered out of your money. In electronic games you can just put

    if (card.level) = x then

    All of this is completely transparent to you, looking like you just had bad luck and picked the pig at any point. Rovio can invoke this code any time they set the odds against you.


    TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! On android you can force close, clear data, re-open and sync to facebook to retry the tower but risk losing all of your gems and pearls. Tried it today, it worked retrying twice without me losing anything but the 3rd time I lost my gems and pearls and syncing to fb didn’t restore them…its best to just play once a day legitimately IMO


    Tried the tower a few times tonight, ability to retry several times over. Experimented with hitting the same card over and over. Results were virtually the same each time, slight difference in feathers and gems. Only once was it really bad.

    I am believing that results are pretty much predetermined. There is no chance, no gamble, no luck. Play at your own risk.


    This tower thing is why I quit this game


    I don’t think that the law of probability applies to the TOF. The law of algorithm prevails. The game can insert a pig at any point irrespective of what probability might suggest what will happen next. That’s why I got 3 pigs in a row on the 1st card. What’s the probability of that? One might develop a probability table for the TOF but it can’t predict the probability of when the pig will appear because the pigorithm is there to separate you from your gems. It’s like a roulette wheel that’s fixed to favor the house. It’s not like Blackjack where you can count cards and beat the house. The TOF will always favor the house. Rovio got the Fortune part of this feature right. It will cost you a Fortune to get to the top.

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