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  • For 5th time in a row, when i was fighting for the 4th streak reward, my opponent scored an impossible high scores.

    The 1st and the 2nd time i thought that he was just better. But now i am sure that it is impossible.

    I contact with rovio after the 4th time, and they told my that i was unlucky with the cheater. But today, i have the same issue in the 5th time when i played for the 4th streak reward.

    Check the images. Impossibles high scores. Have any other the same issue?

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  • sasilik

    For now it happened to me once only. As Star cup increases score X times as you get higher levels for birds then I thought that maybe it put some high level player against me. Because I got quite good score in my opinion (some half a million ) and there was not much pieces left but opponents score was million and little more. Didn’t see any possibility how to get such a score myself.


    if you see the first image, i got 875k when my opponent got 2500k… and the remaining pieces wasn’t too many for 1625k!

    hope to change it


    I hope it will change soon

    Angry Beaver

    Yeah, i met that too 5 or 6 times in a row. Those scores are not beatable even if you shoot with everything you have.


    I have given up on this game.  The first time I got through all 6 rounds.  Since then, I have yet to get to the 6th round, and only have reached level 5 once.  My birds are at 8, and I can’t get past the 4th round (even using all power-ups) (and I am at level 17 Diamond League).


    Yep,happening to me, too! Several times I got someone who scored almost 2 million in the first round!!!! Two million! Seriously? You can’t tell me that’s someone with higher level birds and not a cheater.

    I also contacted Rovio and got no response.


    Hey akabruno. Can you reveal what reward you got from the sixth chest in Star Cup? I find myself using an unreasonably great number of powerups to get just to the fourth chest. Is it worth the struggle to fight for the final reward?


    I can’t recall…it was a month ago.


    Hylech, had EXACTLY the same prob as everyone. Played every day since Star Cup started. Impossible scores from streak 4 (sometimes even 2 or 3 but I’m not that great anyway)… until about half an hour ago. Maybe it’s been tweaked? This is what was in chest 6, you’ll have to make your own mind up if it’s worth it or not… I’d say not(!)


    I just completed the sixth winning streak. With my birdies at Level 11, I got 1100 Matilda Feathers and 30 coins.


    Could you tell me , I was a winner of diamond league probably one out of three times. I wondered why in the last month I could only hit around 20 or worse so now that we have heard about the cheaters. I feel somewhat vindicated but I now can see the last tournament was being manipulated by the creators. You only get what the let you get. I don’t know if they are trying to to weed out said cheaters or not. I’m kind of new to the forums but I have played the game for years. Please let me know how or what is the consensus is . Thank you I’m Nick.


    I am Diamond league 4 level and somehow, mysteriously, DOZENS of people have suddenly come out of the woodwork and beaten me when i have a streak of 3 or 4.
    I have won globally in diamond league many times, so I am guessing, not to brag, but to point out I am one of the better players on the planet. I find it nearly impossible that ALL of these players SUDDENLY show up when I have such a streak of wins going..
    I call foul..


    @sager, birds on Star Cup have score multipliers and I guess there is chance that you are put against players who have greater score multiplier than you have. Or they use powerups in addition. I lurk also on diamond league level 4 and find it quite easy to stay there if I use powerups sometimes. And sometimes I am beaten even on level 2 on Star Cup.

    Someone just beat me, wiped floor with me all three levels and every score was  about 100 000 more than me. Even when I got quite decent play and there wasn’t much pieces left. So it is quite unfair sometimes.


    Thanks for the reply,

    The thing that bothers me the most, is how decisively I am defeated in like round 4, with IMPOSSIBLE numbers. I clear the entire board with perhaps a couple little pieces of debris left, and my opponent beats me by 200k points?
    That is NOT possible…
    I also find it hard to believe, that again while not bragging, that as I am a top level player, that after dozens of rounds, that I get beat every single time I get to level 3 or 4.
    Mathematically that is not probable at all.
    Even if I were paired with top level players each time I hit L3 or L4, I should at least get lucky a couple times and beat one of them…..

    I still call BS, something is not right here..


    Michael Oakey

    Totally agree it’s fixed streak 3 seems to be the max


    A loss or a victory with a difference of 200,000 is a common situation. Of course, it’s a pity when it’s a loss, but I myself won with such a difference more than 10 times. The coefficient for glasses can be very large. Now I have:.

    For the entire time of the game in Star Cup I have passed all 6 levels five times. Once it happened to be done 2 consecutive times. The first time I went through 6 levels, when the coefficient on birds was x1.9.



    I also contacted Rovio and got no response.

    Michael Oakey

    It’s all fixed by Rovio trying to get you to buy coins same with the spin on the wheel in friends no coins just birdquake. Fun game but fixed hoping you get addicted and spend money buying coins. But not with me sorry Rovio.


    It’s hard to win round 6 , I use star cup as a free practice round you get 1 free PU , 1 upgrade sling shot, if you win , you get coins & feathers to upgrade your score, if you lose so what it was free, PU don’t carryover use it to your advantage don’t use angry birds friends coins or Power up,s in the star league if you do win you only get between 5 and 30 coins don’t spend  60 to get back 30 play star league just to make yourself a better  player and have FUN with it



    Andy Griffith

    Yes, I just posted something similar however it’s unlikely the children granted power to chaperone this will allow the post.


    Magically blooming scores are the norm, and you’re not playing against a real person, come on!

    It’s just a gimmick to get you to waste power-ups.


    @andy-griffith is correct.
    I don’t know why anyone complains about star cup. It’s simply a diversion. It was devised by Rovio to monetize the game to make you spend power ups and watch videos. But all that is useless because the game just continues on there is no end to it there’s no substantial rewards or even a few power ups. there’s no end game. So really whoever At Rovio designed this made a stupid design because there is no incentive to watch videos or use power ups.


    I have won level 6 many times.  However, I needed multiple power ups to do so, and that did not make sure it would happen.  I have all birds at levels 25 to 29, but to get that power you need to use power ups.  So now I just play with only the free one given out for each game and get my ass kicked every time.  The reward of 30 coins is not worth spending several hundred.  But I win 1000 a lot with the regular game, only using about 500 to do it.


    You can’t win above level 2 without wasting power up’s for no reason other than beating someone just for the sake of it I’ve done it myself  the stars are all you need don’t worry about winning the  game just try to maximize your star count , I can run the table anytime I want but spending  power ups on star cup is just what Rovio wants you to do ,play for free practice and fun nothing more 😃

    sticky pads

    hello crew

    recently star cup has added another chip to the pot i am at 5th level diamond, and all of my birds are between  37-39 at least 3 times when  i’ve “won” the 5th chest, my “reward” has been 4 coins, with  my streak set back to 1

    i realize this is a “free” game, but i use it to increase my coins for ABF  (having been stripped of all PUs, the complete set of slings and > 1000 coins) since i’ll buy nothing more from Rovio until those are returned or the $$$ i spent on some of them

    and yes i contacted Rovio, and got response that “sorry, nothing can be done”


    why does the game not give me three stars when I have a high score. Also when it does give me 3 stars it does not add the star to the door with the other ones. I got 3 stars more than once but it kept sending me back to the same game I just won. The page that has the doors on it where you pick out a door to challenge have 2 stars on it but I cannot get the 3rd star to take the spot on the door. It just keeps me going to the same game. This happens on all the doors. Why?


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