Impossible scores in Star Cup

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    The newest update has caused some major scoring glitches, I have a flock power of 42 and 5.3 damage multipliers when in the star cup, many times I have destroyed most of the items on the level only to be beaten by 250k+ by a player with similar flock power. Prior to this update I would score in the top 10% now I’m usually maintaining a 75% average. ROVIO I do not have an addictive personality and will not spend money on your game so sort out the glitches or this game goes into my recycle folder, and you will have 1 less consumer to watch your revenue advertisements.




    I am also baffled by the result update brought with latest update. I have flock power 52 and 6.2 damage multiplier and when I sometimes lost before but mostly won and got to stay among the 5% then now it is more that I mostly lose and sometimes rarely win. One example which is not unusual.

    1st stage I got all quite clear an still score was me 1 295 605, opponent 1 930 206 . I did not see any material worth of 634 601 points on stage and this score was without bonus birds.
    2nd stage I got also quite clear and my score was 1 671 867, opponent 807 250, difference 864 317 for me but after ending the stage he got added 1 804 679 and won with total stage score 2 611 929
    3rd stage, first shot and it was already my score 308 472 vs his 1 112 946. Stage ended and again  it was quite cleared for me but still he won. Me 1 251 482, opponent 1 459 076 and I did not see that there was again leftover material on stage possibly worth of 207 594 for me.

    And these kind of examples are sometimes even when opponent has rank 51. I don’t even see the possibility to get some of these scores even when I use all birds, wingman and powerups and stage is totally clear. Kind of absurd.


    And I am done with Star Cup at last. Aside from ridiculous scores (I lost stage where I got score little over 1 000 000 and other got 0 (zero) and he still won after stage ended. Not first this kind of occurrence) the game crashes sometimes when playing advertisements and they started displaying advertisements between gameplay. I have lost some 10…20 Star Cup stages in these 2 weeks and there is absolutely no point playing any more.


    I am so angry and gutted by this new game. I have had this happen most of the times I have played since the update. Infuriating!

Viewing 4 replies - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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