I quit

  • Thinking about the new update, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to stop playing this game.

    Basically, the choice boils down to whether I want to spend the next few months grinding from M12 up to M15, while hunting L62 Set Items to replace Valiant, Gladiator, and Mana. Not to mention Masamune and Sweet.

    Epic is a very shallow game, with poor internal balance and very weak end game content. Sure, there are slivers of new content, but it’s not like we’re getting a new island or anything. It’s just going to be lots more of the same stuff that I’ve seen and done before. Having summitted the game with 50/12 birds and 52/8+/8+ Sets, I could basically “coast” with a low level of engagement. Low challenge, low effort for a quick and easy game.

    Changing back to a very high engagement grind simply to stay where I already am? Without any significant “new” content? Where Rovio is phoning it in by reusing Season 1 Trophy and elite basics? And then to do it all over again, once I reach the next peak? That is not a particularly compelling or enjoyable use of my time. I don’t see the “fun” in the grind, and if it’s not fun, I don’t do it.

    No, I’m not mad, just disappointed.

    It’s been a good ride, and I have no regrets. Thanks for being good to me on the board. I wish the rest of you the very best of luck.

    – GrauGeist

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  • RedYoshi45

    I remember when I first came here. I came here because I thought I’d never be able to finish grinding for mastery and because the amount of LC’s to spend seemed so overwhelming. You were among the first people that helped me out, and you were always someone to follow because you had the right strategies for the right situation. You knew how to farm snoutlings effectively. You knew just which classes and other LC things made sense and which ones not. You knew all the winning strategies in the Arena.
    It’s sad to see such a master of knowledge quit the game… but at the same time I do understand your concerns. Having upgraded their set items to the maximum and then getting such a punch into the cheek from Rovio. If I were in your skin I’d be legitimately mad, not just disappointed.

    Take care man. I’ll miss you and your informative posts around here.

    – RedYoshi45


    @graugeist Sigh. Thank you for taking the time to write this ‘farewell post.’ I understand, respect and largely agree with your reasons. After a certain point, the grind-engagement becomes habitual, doesn’t it (!?!) – and, as you’ve very rightly point out, all (semi-) good things must come to an end (we all have our limits, when the effort-reward ratio crosses ‘that’ threshold). I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your astute, humorous and at times ‘b$#%£y’ contributions… they – and you – will be sorely missed. Best of luck! Onwards and upwards!


    The problem is they keep moving the goal posts back. The level cap increase makes all my set items, diamond arena set items, and diamond 3 star emblems obsolete.

    I am stuck between my ocd with keeping up with the game and collecting all the items again and disgust that this won’t be the last time that they screw us like this again. It makes me not want to spend anymore LCs on the GPMs and definitely never spend money on this game.


    I have not yet had time to try the game post-update, but I must say that my first thought echoes @graugeist , it just doesn’t seem worth it, a huge dosage of the same old, same old. I will try it out over the next few days before making a decision, but this may be it for me as well.


    Agree completely with GrauGeist and Pointless. I may or may not quit. I am certainly not interested in endless grinding for the sake of grinding. At best I’ll become less engaged, leveling and mastering up slowly. I’m probably done with the arena. It was tough enough competing when my birds and equipment were maxed out and valiant was nerfed. I have little interest in trying to “compete” with the soon to be level 60/15 birds with enchanted to 10 top of the line weapons and valiant banners.

    Zeke Kaiser

    I myself decided quit for the same reasons when the new update hit.

    New grind with no new content.

    No content for a loooong time.

    Obsoleting all weapons…. again.

    The game lost a point a long time ago.

    Adios all. It was fun while it lasted.


    Oof. If this goes on I’ll be all alone. :P


    Sad to see that Rovio shot down one of the most knowledgeable Epic players. You will be missed. These forums won’t be the same without you.

    I myself am going to quit the arena as well as the mini campaigns. Whats the point of competing if your once powerful, rank 10 sets you worked so hard for just got flushed down the toilet? Same with the campaigns, no need to try and get the highest mastery rank if it’s just going to be raised again. Mastery is now irrelevant to me. I may still play for the class though.

    Just like AB2, this game is turning into a cow farm, and the cows have been milked so much that they’re starting to run dry.

    It’s Rovio’s loss anyway. We can move on and laugh. They can just desperately try to get every cent they can from players.


    Hi! New here but been playing quite a while. This update comes just as I finished maxing my classes to 12 yesterday. Really not ready to start grinding again. This game has become way beyond tedious to play now. I’m also thinking about quitting. It’s like Rovio constantly goes out of their way to make this game more and more frustrating to play. I’ve had it…


    This’ll be my last post on the board, so thanks for the nice words, they’re much appreciated.


    @graugeist I bid you a sad farewell. I am now in my 4th Season in the Arena, but when I started I found this forum, your help and advice enabled me to understand how to accomplish tasks and enabled me to progress in the game.

    Thank you for your help, you will be missed.


    I get what you mean. Every time Rovio raises the level and rank cap, it basically becomes a battle of who will spend more money on the game. This is because of how many things rely on Lucky Coins to max out your birds there are:
    – Class ranks
    – 2x Exp potions
    – Max level set items from the Golden Pig
    – Crystals to upgrade the items
    It’s sad that I’m already seeing maxed out opponents in the Arena, when the update is this fresh.


    @graugeist farewell, you will be missed.

    I am also fed up. Since I have started in the Arena I will most likely see it through.

    I haven’t encountered any maxed out opponents yet but someone in my league is already level 59 which is not that difficult to achieve. Some of the posts suggest that higher mastery is bugged and deals less damage. So let’s enjoy it while we can.


    Yeah, I’m maybe done too. This is ridiculous.


    They should just make a upgrade thats costs like 10 lc to bring a set item to your current level, but farming for xp isnt too bad, i am destroying SRC with trickstes(9) with artilerey strike (10,0) samuari(10) with titans wrath (10), and druid (10)with nightmare (5,10)

    Ryogo Kusama

    I feel exactly the same as @graugeist, I’ve been thinking about quitting for a while and this look like the right time.
    On top of that, my game has become even more un-stable with the new update at the point it’s only frustrating trying to play with random game crashes at random times, time to get out of here.


    I’m in the same boat. Played since it came out. I cannot stand the level increases, making all equipment obsolete. I literally just got all the sets too.


    Don’t blame you for pulling the plug. I was contemplating on quitting when the shard enchantments system came through and then I realized it wasn’t an absolute necessity to stay relevant by enchanting. Rather I kinda foresaw these frustrations if I chose to enchant right away.

    At any rate, every game has an expiration date and I feel that Epic should had fallen from its peak when they started announcing the Elite class versions. The only thing that’s keeping that spark alive frankly is their new feature film, drawing in new players as their guinea pigs.

    I’ll continue to pump out video content for the events just so theres some archives for me/others to look back on since this is probably the only F2P RPG I’ve genuinely stuck through thick and thin since its launch. It’ll be sad to see many of you guys call it quits too since I’ve had a pretty good time in this forum despite my occasional clash of opinions.

    Let’s soldier on boys!


    I feel the same. I blew almost all my LC buying shards on the May the 4th promo then used the great majority of shards to upgrade my items. It really pisses me off that I just wasted all my shards because I would have saved them if I knew they were going to increase the level cap. Also yesterday I was #1 in the silver league with a 100% chance of getting promoted to the gold league since there was no way 3 people were going to pass me. This morning when I login my score was reset to zero in the wood league with 5 people having scores above 18K so I have no chance of advancing this week. I’ve earned the diamond trophy all 6 seasons, but I think it is time for me to move on to another game since this game is just too frustrating.

    Another thing that really frustrates me is that my posts are always “awaiting moderation” despite me and several other people asking the moderators to please fix this. I know this isn’t Rovio’s fault, but it is one more frustrating thing related to Angry Birds Epic. I might play ABE a little to get the elite classes in case I change my mind later, but for now I’m going to be an occasional lurker here because my interest in this game is at an all time low right now.


    I think I’m joining the group of people quitting! Nothing is really interesting anymore in that game for me!

    so i am not the only one!
    last time they increased the level cap i had almost all at the max level, i just needed 1 more to complete it, now this time i needed only 2 more and very close to get to 12, with the new grind, i give up, that’s an incredible waste of time , so when this arena battle i will stop playing, it is a forever grind that I don’t want to be part of.


    I’m not quite ready to quit yet, but I’m close, for very similar reasons. I’m out of the arena game, and I won’t be grinding for mastery anymore. I might still raise my birds to level 60 (I have so many Exp potions that it won’t take that long), I will keep collecting the daily Bonus, and I will most likely play the Elite class events. In other words, I still want to collect the new stuff, but with minimum effort.


    YEs, this is ridiculous. A little more grinding? Sure, I’m not happy about it, but fine. But I spent crstals to max out a nice set weapon. That’s money wasted. There should be the option to upgrade your set weapons. Otherwise, it’s pointless.


    I’m sorry, what?



    Such a convenient nice pun lol!

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