Has any one tricks for beating the boss-level of the daily challenges?

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    I can no more count, how often i tried the daily challenges.
    But i never was able to beat the boss-level there…
    i even didn´t solve it with the full flock (including Stella).
    It seems to be much more difficult than all boss-levels i already solved on the map (i solved already more than 100 levels alltogether on the map)
    Is there any way to start that boss-level with more than 8 cards?
    Is there any way to unlock using magic spells in Boss-levels?

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  • Saphira

    All of the DC bosses are in the map. You haven’t gotten very far in the map, so that is why you haven’t seen them. I do think they have been a little more difficult since the last update, but I beat yesterday’s on my first try and today I think I beat it on my third try. I just got to it in the map, so I don’t have a great strategy for it yet. Sounds like you just need more practice, and no, there is no way to start with more than 8 birds or to use spells.


    If the object of the boss level is to knock the boss pig through a hole or out through a hole or over a waterfall, I always look to see what I have to destroy or hit to clear the way.

    A lot of the boss levels are puzzles that you have to figure out especially the ones having to do with water. Using flowers and sending a bird through water may be necessary.

    Also, if there are tall structures, try and get the pig below them so the debris can fall on him. I find these are more from the earlier boss levels.

    There have been recycled boss levels that add a platform where there used to be a hole for the boss pig to fall through and I usually know I’m not going to beat these. They seem to be designed to get you to spend gems and it seems that no amount of birds will ever kill the kp.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>With more practice and improving your flock, you will get better. Keep at it. :)</p>


    There is no trick. The fact is simple, you are not skillfull due to new to this game.

    However, even a skillful player might have suffered in a specific room, so just play.

    The more you played, the more chance it would be easier for you.


    For today’s DC, send Terence up to the right trampoline. He’ll bounce towards Chef, destroy most if not all structures in the way, strike! If Chef don’t fall where he supposed to, use Silver or Matilda the same way and loop/drop egg right next to him to knock him into the hole. If he rolls under the platform, you’re unlucky. Try whatever you got to push him, maybe Bomb or Stella will do it, others won’t.

    you can beat many of the new boss levels with Stella. Just send her towards the boss and activate her power just before she hit him and he’ll fly out of the screen


    As @sb311 said, different boss levels require different tactics.   Some you have to knock it through a gap at the bottom, some you knock down a waterfall, etc. experience will help.

    On the map if you are genuinely are struggling to get past any level boss or otherwise, eventually the app will give golden pigs in each room.

    You cannot use spells in boss levels.

    In Daily Challenge (and King Pig Panic), some days are easier than others.  On the days where Daily Challenge is 4 rooms, you should have 3 or more birds left to tackle the boss.

    If you want tips there are lots of videos on YouTube where you see how the player has used various tactics to beat the boss pig.


    Also keep in mind that sometimes the DC Boss levels are deliberate gem/cash grabs, so use your instincts and if you sense it’s not a fair level of if you experience a number of weird “wait, I thought that bird was strong, why is it leaving so many pigs” moments, STOP playing that DC immediately and definitely don’t spend any gems.  You can come back tomorrow, when hopefully you’ll have a more honest DC, and, believe me, as a longtime player, no reward is worth funding Rovio’s mind-numbingly obvious cash grabs.

    A recent example of this is where the Boss level closed off the point where you usually can knock the Boss off the screen, weakened the birds’ hit power (as it often does when Rovio’s cheating) and made it so you’d just have to keep hitting the Boss with birds over and over, but wouldn’t be able to finish the Boss without paying gems (I believe there’s a thread about this super obnoxious cash grab level elsewhere on his forum).

    Long-story-short, if you’re a new or inexperienced player, it will seriously help you early to learn that on levels where Rovio isn’t acting in good faith, stop playing that level, go do something else, and come back tomorrow.  Learn early the lesson: do NOT feed Angry Birds 2 gems or money when it’s being corrupt.


    Amen Buzzeeee! Listen to what they are stating, what ever you do just don’t feed the birds. Though that saying is now deeply instilled in me, I still have moment when I slip up, oh just when will I ever learn not to be fooled and suckered into playing their evil tricks. I must stop listening when I say “your not a quitter, you can’t stop, don’t give up now your almost there, your so oh so very close, you just need one more bird to kill it”, I could go on but whenever I try those time when I know better, no matter how many birds I buy it’s never enough, they win.  It makes me mad because I know better than that, but yet…..

    Angry Turd

    One of the best resources for passing DCC/KPP boss levels has been provided by Elie Abinader of Viking Birds in the form of his single strike videos posted on Angry Birds 2 ASIA (Facebook).

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