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  • Original thread started by @alomba87

    Does anyone know the criteria for getting free rolls on the Golden Pig Machine from your friends? It doesn’t seem to happen on a very consistent basis for me, so I was curious if anyone knew the secret.

    This post has now been repurposed to serve as a summary for the thread, which has covered many interesting points about the Golden Pig Machines and the set items that come from them.

    Rainbow Bar

    • The Golden Pig Machine (GPM) and Golden Arena Pig Machine (GAPM) have separate Rainbow Bars.
    • Cheap Rolls (3 LC) on the GPM and Common Rolls (5 LC) on the GAPM advance the bar by 2%.
    • Expensive Rolls (20 LC) on the GPM advance the bar by 20%. The GAPM doesn’t offer a corresponding high-cost roll.
    • When the RB is full, the next roll is guaranteed to give a set item, after which the bar resets.

    Free rolls on friends’ GPM/GAPM

    • Normally, there is a 24-hour cooldown between free friend rolls. The GPM and GAPM have separate cooldown timers.
    • If you do not have Facebook friends, there is a 48-hour cooldown between free rolls from Piggy McCool.
    • Because these rolls are on a friend’s GPM, they do not advance your Rainbow Bar.
    • However, if you have a full RB when you take a free friend roll, you will receive the guaranteed set item and your RB will reset.

    Friends rolling on your GPM/GAPM

    • Friends rolling on your GPMs advance the Rainbow Bar by 2%, the same as Cheap or Common Rolls.
    • Since friend selection is random, it is possible that none of your friends will roll on your GPMs for a long period of time; the more friends you have, the more likely one of them will be given a roll on your GPMs. After 24 hours, there is a chance that Piggy McCool will roll on your GPMs to fill the gap.

    Free video rolls

    • Normally, there is a 48-hour cooldown between free video rolls. The GPM and GAPM have separate cooldown timers.
    • Free video rolls advance the Rainbow Bar by 2%, the same as Cheap or Common Rolls.

    Legendary set items

    • The GPM and GAPM are the only sources of set items.
    • Cheap/Common and free rolls have a 5-6% chance of giving a set item.
    • Expensive Rolls on the GPM have an “increased chance” of giving a set item. (We have much less data on this, but what we do have suggests that it’s at least 12%.)
    • For a given amount of Lucky Coins, you will get more set items from Cheap Rolls than you will from Expensive Rolls.
    • See the table below for stats on set items.

    Rainbow Riot

    • Rainbow Riot (RR) begins after filling a Mighty Eagle’s Stamp Card (defeating the Golden Pig 7 days in a row).
    • RR lasts for 15 minutes and affects both the GPM and GAPM.
    • During RR, the chance of receiving a set item is tripled to about 15%.


    Approximate GPM/GAPM drop rates by item quality. Extrapolated from results reported by @dr_ishmael, @mvnla2, @graugeist, and @tigerussell.

    Stars Standard During RR
    ----- -------- ---------
    0          20%       10%
    1          25%       14%
    2          30%       24%
    3          19%       34%
    Set         6%       18%

    Stats of level 41 set items for both birds and banners. For other levels of bird set items, data provided by multiple users has been compiled on a Google Spreadsheet.

            Set     Set      3* GPM  3* GPM
    Bird    weapon  offhand  weapon  offhand
    ------- ------  -------  ------  -------
    Red        276     1394     216     1133
    Chuck      400      704     324      566
    Matilda    276     1077     216      877
    Bomb       442     1188     350      946
    Blues      442      884     350      716
              Set       3* GPM
    League    top/flag  top/flag
    --------  --------  --------
    Wood          4301      3825
    Stone         4497      4208
    Silver        4692      4590
    Gold          4888      4973
    Platinum      5083      5355
    Diamond       5279      5738
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  • burbman

    I don’t have any friends, so I can’t help you there, but ever since the update, when I get the “watch video to get free roll” and tap it, I either get a message that there is no Ad currently scheduled, or a Juice Cubes video plays partially and I get a message that I did not watch entire video and I don’t get the free roll. Anybody else with this issue?


    @alomba87 Every 24h if you stay connected with Facebook. I’ve gotten logged-out a few times but otherwise, 24h is pretty consistent I think.


    @AMslimfordy We typically only get one spin a day, it seems? No matter how many friends we have?




    @burbman It seems like the “You did not watch the whole video” error is based on time only, which is definitely pretty annoying when a full ad is shorter than the threshold and doesn’t count. The ads’ availability may also depend on your location (perhaps obtained through your IP address or Facebook info if logged in via that).


    I normally get 2 spins per day. One using one of my friends Golden Pig Machines and one using my own after watching a video. Yesterday was the first time in 3 weeks that I did not have the option to watch a video to get an additional spin.

    I did create other fB accounts so I could replay the game and those still get 2 spins.

    Any idea what causes this. I hope it’s only a one day thing.


    I got my daily friend spin on a lvl 1 friend and he doesn’t have the machine…. So I can’t use it…. Someone have any idea what I can do about it?


    How do you get the free video rolls? I have never gotten one – I have only gotten the friend rolls. I am on an Apple device so I am not sure if it’s device specific.

    Do you have to go into your pig to see them or are there notifications? Does it only start after you have paid for a spin?


    You have to click on your pig machine often to see if it is there because you don’t get a notification. I get a free pig roll from watching a video once every 1.5 – 2 days.


    I finally got the kinds worked out of playing on my Kindle Fire HD and connecting to Facebook. I get requests for Friendship Essence, but I’m not getting any although I send it out once a day. How do I tell if it went out to my friends?


    I keep checking my golden pig but I have yet to get a free video roll. I get one free friend roll a day but for some reason I have never gotten a video roll.

    Does anyone know how to trigger these to start?


    Thanks in advance for taking time to reply.
    Exactly what is the process to “get a free roll on your friends golden pig machine?” I can tap on their name in the friends list and see their nest, but nothing happens when I tap their golden pig. Do I need to wait 24 hrs from the time we became friends on Epic?
    I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but I just finally got a facebook friend who plays Epic, so I’m new to this aspect of the game.


    @joni49 — You don’t get the golden pig machine until you’ve progressed to level 4, I think. So I would suggest helping your friend to get to level 4.


    I’m having an issue with this as well. I have a free roll at a friends camp but when I tap on their name, nothing happens. Every other friend works fine; I tap on their name and away I go to their camp. But when I tap on the one with the free roll, nothing. Very frustrating.


    How many lucky coins does it take to fill up the Golden pig? Not counting the free rolls you get from friends and videos?


    If you start from the very beginning of the rainbow, it takes 5 20 LC coin spins or 100 LC. If you used the 3 LC spins instead, it would take 50 spins or 150 LC. Any free spin counts as a 3 LC spin. Too bad they don’t have a % indicator that shows how far the rainbow is. It would be pretty easy to do since each 3 LC or free spin = 2% and each 20 LC spin = 20%.


    Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I wanted to know.


    Speaking of the GPM. I got to day 7 and you get 15 minutes to roll at 3x the chance of getting set items.


    @chinolatino Can you elaborate a little bit more? We have heard that there is something special about reaching Day 7 but would love some more detail. Thanks!


    Same here…

    @astupidiot I’m having an issue with this as well. I have a free roll at a friends camp but when I tap on their name, nothing happens. Every other friend works fine; I tap on their name and away I go to their camp. But when I tap on the one with the free roll, nothing. Very frustrating


    @astupidiot @psychosupport This bug will be fixed when you update to v1.0.12 — which is not currently available for iOS but will be soon.


    I just had the same problem today as @astupidiot and @psychosupport . Since it was working yesterday, I wonder if it’s because the person who had the free roll to offer is on 1.0.12. Whereas if he had been a fellow iOS user still at 1.0.11, I would’ve been able to roll.

    Speaking of which, I have an Android device I could use. How does it work if you’re on 1.0.12 on one device, but 1.0.11 on another? I’ve stuck to just playing on iOS because I can imagine the potential for glitches, but has anybody tried?


    @seggy Using a Rovio Account you mean? The app will lock on your iOS device if your Rovio Account have different versions running.


    @AMslimfordy – Once you get to the 7 roll, you get a message stating that the the odds of getting an Epic item is increased 3 times. I happened to have a free (watch video roll) and got one item. The offer only lasts 15 minutes.


    I’ve never seen the offer for a 3x chance to get an EPIC item. Anyone know how to trigger that offer?

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