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  • Amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be a thread for people seeking FB friends for playing ABF.
    1) Consider setting up a gaming-only FB account so you don’t have to share personal information with people you friend just to play ABF.
    2) Post here saying you need friends for ABF. Do not give a direct link to your FB account.
    3) If someone wants to be friends with you, or you want to be friends with someone else who plays ABF, send/accept an AngryBirdsNest friends request.
    4) Exchange FB info through a private ABN message.
    Personally I only accept FB friends who are members of ABN, but that’s just my choice.

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  • MVNLA2

    @alan-leon-wautier — I created this thread to help you find FB friends for ABF.
    There are threads in the forums for some of the other games also. Any friends you make for other AB games will become your ABF friends, but they will only send you gifts if they are playing ABF (obviously). Good Luck!


    @alan-leon-wautier — Maybe I misunderstood your question in the other forum.
    If someone sends you a FB friends request it will appear under requests, which for me is on a bar at the bottom of the FB page.
    To send someone a request, go to find friends (for me under more on same bar at bottom of page). Then go to search and enter their identifying information, which you would have exchanged via ABN private message.


    Hello everybody, I’m seeking freinds for ABF & always reciprocate daily..


    I am seeking friends as well. Daily player because I am addicted. I should be going to A.B.A (angry birs anonymous) lol — I always send gifts before I play…hit me up…Richard Chance is my facebook account. Once I get to know you better, you will be upgraded to my personal account for Angry Birds.

    Have a good flight all!!


    @allan-gourd-jr I looked for u on FB but theres alot of R.C’s.. You’re (and everybody else) welcome to add my FB: “alan-leon-wautier” I reciprocate daily..
    BTW I hear ya, I be needing 12-step ABF too…lol


    I have been playing on Facebook for quite a while, but never added anyone to my personal page. Now I created an account just for playing, so I want to add as many ABF players as possible. Add me on the Nest and message me your FB info so I can add you. I play every week and gift daily! :)


    Seeking friends for angry birds on FB. Please add. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004795693620

    Missy Rainbird

    Hello all, I want to join the group of nesters who exchange gifts. I play obsessively and reciprocate daily. :)


    ADD ME and suggest me to your ABN friends for Daily gifts …..


    I can’t believe I’ve been playing AB this long without joining ABN! Feel free to add me, looking forward to having friends who actually play :)

    Makin Bakin

    @mvnla and all others… There IS a “semi-secret” group of ABF friends that have been exchanging daily gifts as well as sharing strats, pics, and videos. Our group has been around for at least two or years years or more, at least since first launch of ABF by Rovio in 2013, was it? We just don’t “advertise” it actively or publically on the Nest except through the post on the Nest’s AB Friends forum. Here’s a link: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/earn-thousands-of-bird-coins-power-ups-free/

    By joining our closed group on FB, you’ll probably gain at least 350-500 new friends in 2-3 months. They are all trusted and honest friends, many of whom are already Nesters. Once accepted into our group, we’ll show you how to collect as much as 10,000 freebie bird coins per week just by exchanging daily gifts with as many new friends as possible. Members regularly post pics and videos for you to learn from perhaps the top players worldwide. Some members are employees of Rovio and share their insider tips, too.

    We don’t actively publicize our FB group on the Nest because we don’t want to “steal” Nesters. On the contrary. There is a similar link for non-Nesters in our closed FB group to join the Nest. It is a reciprocal agreement.

    For more info on how to join our closed FB group, do a little digging and follow the instructions exactly: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/earn-thousands-of-bird-coins-power-ups-free/

    Happy Flinging!
    –MB :)

    BYW, our FB group is ONLY for players of ABF. No other AB games are supported at least until you may become a member.

    Marty Michael

    @dseufert…MB, I’m having no luck sending PMs here at the nest.
    Favor please…PM me,so we can chat.


    @dseufert I didnt get P.M only a notification to subcribed thread sent to my reg. email hmmmmmh… let me P.M you and see what happens ok
    If crash & burn: http://facebook.com/alan%20leon%20wautier: :)


    I tried starting a thread like this 2 years ago, and I think it got yanked down.

    Anyhow , I’m seeking FB friends for ABF as well so let me read the rest of the comments now to see what people are saying, lol


    2 years is a long time you may want to check this thread in the Nest ABF forum: https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forums/topic/earn-thousands-of-bird-coins-power-ups-free/ :)


    I am seeking friends for ABF. I don’t know much about facebook, in fact my son create an account for me just yesterday, because i am tired of buying coins. I play ABF almost every day ( i am playing about a year when i temporary stop work cause i had to have chemotherapy for a while) and i am going to send gifts daily. My only problem is that i do not know how to send or accept a friend request on fb!


    @euge1, making friends on FB is the key in collecting PUs,
    fortanetly its a relatively easy once you do it a few times. if you like I can show you how FB’s friend request works. I just sent you a FR request here in the Nest let me know if you accept it ok? Alan :)


    @alan-leon-wautier i accepted your friend request, thank you (i am so ignorant about fb, should i feel ashamed of that?? In fact i don’t really understand the use of fb, i use pc strictly for my work and since now i have never interested in fb’s uses).


    I am also addicted to Angry Birds friends. glancing through the feeds I have seen that opening a false Facebook account is a recommendation – so as of now I have Facebook account for ABF – please correct me if I am wrong – but I do understand it has to do with my privacy

    Although I am sad to assume that i will have to start leaderboard from the start again (2 years gone?) – I am desperate … No personal friends playing so I have no gifts/coins coming in & I’m empty and going backwards on the leaderboard (refuse to purchase coins)

    If you would like to help me out – & I help u …

    Thanks in advance


    I am getting really frustrated with my dumbness

    I can’t seem to swap from my original ABF to my new account of ABF … I have done it – but I don’t know how .. I am spending hours trying to swap ..

    I close my personal FB & log into the new Account
    I log off both ABF accounts
    I re-connect to FB
    I re-connect to ABF
    I try to connect by notifications

    can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong .. I know it can be done (cause I’ve done it) .. but struggling to figure out HOW I did it


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