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  • Before hat, chick and slingshot multiplier, I had a bird at level 53 that didn’t level up to 54 after I collected enough feathers. After I closed the game and came back, it showed it as leveled up – but it made me wonder what’s the highest level currently possible before multiplier – and what happens once you reach that level. Does the feather meter simply reset with nothing happening, losing all your feathers collected? Does the meter simply go away?

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  • Dearg mor

    I think the highest card level is legendary, you can still level up but it will still show as legendary. For example, if you level up your bird from 56 to 57 (excluding hat, hatchling and slingshot bonus) it will show the bird as having the level of 57, yet still retain the legendary card. And no, the meter wont go away, you can still level up your bird as much as you want


    same with slingshot level there is currently 68 levels/hat sets available but after level/hat set 50 the slingshot doesn’t change but you do get an extra plus 1 to every bird

    Doom Baby

    A simple “I don’t know” would have sufficed – or not replying at all.

    Does anyone know?


    I think if you only want to know highest bird card lvl are around 170

    if you combine it with slingshot , hat x11 and hatchling , total lvl will around 250

    if my memory not wrong


    I am not sure to the answer of your first question, but once you have reached the max level, you still collect feathers. Every so often, Rovio increase the highest card level, and if you have enough feathers your bird will then automatically level up. I guess some of the top players have millions of extra feathers.

    It’s a bit like Pokemon Go, once you reach level 40 you  still collect XP, but it isn’t used (till they bring out new levels)

    Falcon Falcon

    Nubie is right.  Highest bird card currently is 170.  But they’ll increase it sometime during this MEBC season, at which time the highest card should be 177 (they normally do a card increase once every MEBC season and I don’t think they’ve done it yet).


    As per Falcon it was increased to 177 a few days ago.

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