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  • MuscleHermann

    Hi! We are a family-like community of Angry Birds 2 fanatics and are currently looking to add some like-minded players. We have a great CvC battle history and we are having lots of fun not just around the game.


    Our requirements are:


    – Daily participation (MEBC & clan events)


    – Friendly


    – Discord chat


    Our clan was founded to offer people around the world a community without pressure and drama.


    Currently we have 26 open spots to fill.


    Our communication happens mainly outside of the game through Discord. To join us please go to and get to know our friendly members.


    We are looking forward to get to know you!


    Diamond level clan with friendly people from around the world.  Winners of 14 of the past 16 clan battles.  Come enjoy the fun!


    Hi, Birdy000,

    I think you would be a good fit with The Frosty Owl ##442801. We play 4/7/12 events and like to max them, and have enforced rules that are fair and consistent. We also play CvC. Everyone plays. We have Discord and Line chat rooms, as well as clan chat, to get the information out and have fun. Please check us out at website.

    If you would like to visit, please come. See what we are about.

    Makin’ Bacon

    Greetings all!
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Do you like poutine? Good answer. Are you a team player? Even better!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Poutine Platoon (#535382) is a polite, chill clan open to active players w/ 300+ FP who want to continue the fight against the relentless collective of pigs.</p>
    Come join and have fun in the Poutine Platoon! (Once the clan has 20 members, I will start a silver (or higher) clan chest reward event!!)

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>-Makin’ Bacon, Clan Leader</p>


    If you are looking for a friendly, fun clan with just about 100% participation in CVC battles, come visit equinox. We require min fp of 100, and active participation in battles. There are no other requirements, so no need to spend gems.

    We win most of our battles, thanks to a solid core of active members. Even when we lose, which happens to all clans, we go down fighting! We’ve been together about 18 months and know we can rely on our team.

    We’re open to having like-minded clans merge with us. Just email and we can chat.

    We know people have lives outside AB2. If you’re busy, you can let us know and leave the clan. Rejoin when your mojo returns and we will welcome you back. Our clan motto is “have fun, fight hard”. Come see!

    Clan: Equinox

    Clan ID: #416839


    Recruiting active players for SoCal Birds, clan #24753. We’re currently Emerald clan power and looking for a few more consistent players. Come join us! It’s open.


    Come join Legendary Birds #173694! We need active players and are Diamond level! Come visit us and check us out!

    Boar hunter

    I’m Boar Hunter with Crazy Birds 371947
    We are a diverse clan.currently we have 20 active members & 2 not so much currently our FP is 15484 amethyst level.We battle every chance inCVC come battle with us and enjoy the rewards. We are an open clan without minimum fp
    We would truly appreciate you and any friends you would like to bring with you


    The Champs are looking for dedicated players who love being on the winning team! We have just won our 15th consecutive game and show no sign of slowing.  We’re a friendly team and welcome everyone aboard.

    The Champs, #408496


    Hi Muscle Hermann, I am a co -leader of ButtStompers (#248264) and we are currently looking for a good match for a merger. At the moment we have 20 solid long standing members and have just dropped to Emerald level due to the usual AB2 issues. I have joined your Discord site just before posting this, but due to my total unfamiliarity with it have no idea how/where to access the relevant thread. Hope you can help!


    Hi Nova52!

    Yes I saw you in our welcome channel, I also sent you a private message in Discords. Can you see my messages?


    Hi Hermann, saw your message and replied, thanks! I’ll report back to the clan and gauge the reaction. Cheers!


    Equinox just won it’s 6th battle out of the last 8! If you would like to share in the fun, and enjoy fighting, drop by and visit. We welcome players with 100 fp min, and require CVC participation. We’re a lean, mean clan with a core of high-scoring players with years of experience. The average FP in the clan is over 1000, but we’ve had newbies join and grow their FP alongside ours. Our motto is “have fun, fight hard” and we mean it.

    We know people have lives outside AB2, so we encourage players to let us know if they have a conflict (vacation, family or work commitments, just need a bread). They can leave the clan and rejoin later.

    Clan name: Equinox

    Clan ID: 416839

    CVC level: amethyst

    little blinky

    leadership transferring is completed. thanks.




    We’d be interested for sure. I’ll friend request you, as I can’t leave the clan being the leader.

    The Champs



    @littleb – we might also be interested. I’m leader of Equinox so I can’t leave the clan, but we might welcome a merge. I’ve posted regularly in this forum.



    @littleb – Equinox might be interested. Can’t leave clan, so sent you a friend request so we can discuss.

    Sorry for duplicate post, didn’t see first one.



    The Champs are looking for dedicated players who love being on the winning team! We have won 19 consecutive games and will add our 20th today!  We’re a friendly, international team and welcome everyone aboard.

    The Champs, #408496

    Contact me on Discord: Champ#5662


    Join our clan! Bend Nation 415523… looking for active members trying to reach Diamond rank


    The Champs are looking for dedicated players to join our Diamond clan.  Love being on the winning team?  Great, as we are unbeaten in 24 consecutive games and will add our 25th today!  We’re a friendly, international team and welcome everyone aboard; all you have to do is play in every CvC battle.

    The Champs, #408496

    Contact me on Discord: Champ#5662


    Hey all

    Join our new clan Bird Poop Nest #547651

    3 of us left a crappy clan that never played – trying to make a new start!

    We each are FP 700 – 1000, but all are welcome who want to play challenges

    Looking forward to nesting with you!


    Hi there!

    I’m looking to recruit new active members for my clan! We are a long-standing and friendly clan, but we’ve lost members over time. I have vacancies – most of the clan are already high flock powers and we would love more!

    We participate in all battles!

    Come join our clan! =)

    BOMB SQUAD #348721

    Clan info

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