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    Hey guys,

    Try and avoid playing against this clan (not that we have a choice)

    This clan is absolutely full of cheats, and got on this forum and complained about us because we reported them and managed to have 10 of their players banned! Yet somehow with only a matter of  hours left and them down by nearly 500 points they still managed to come through and ‘win’

    luckily for us, rovio listened to our complaints and overturned the results but because it took some time I missed out on the double feather rewards! Anyways the point of the story is to raise awareness of the cheating mob and report any suspect profiles. Just like most of you I would imagine, I’m completely fed up with these cheats. Let me know if anyone else has faced these dirty cheats?

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    I posted last week that I think Rovio ought to make a change to clan battles insofar as if just one player in a clan is found to be a cheat then the whole clan forfeits the battle and the clean clan gets a walkover victory.

    That way it would force the clans’ leaders to be responsible for their honesty.  If this was in place the scenario you described would not have happened.

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