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  • Since a couple of days I see people with new elite class. But when I go to the shop always get no new class available. Does someone have the same issue. Can someone help. Playing on iOS. Tx

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  • RedYoshi45

    Look on the overworld, is there an offer somewhere in the top right corner?

    If not – Rovio has given out a tip on how to retrieve the offers if you don’t have them.
    As long as you don’t have the classes at M15 yet – play any level with them (Paladin, Thunderbird, Bard, Sea Dog and Skulkers have Elite offers right now). When they gain a single mastery point, you’ll get the Elite upgrades on the shop. Right now, each is discounted at 60 LC’s, the normal price is 90 LC’s.


    @smwforever45 And that’s EXACTLY where it screwed me, I am at max and can’t get Mastery. My sister’s profile was at M6 and that’s why she got the offer while I didn’t; I was maxed out before the offers came and thus my save gave a giant middle finger. So my options are:

    1. Hope to best Rovio fixes it before the offers expire.
    2. Hope they offer the upgrades once more if the offer does expire.

    This situation sure gave me a lesson and I will follow that for every single game now onwards.


    @datguygamer I hope everything gets sorted out for you SOON. I still haven’t got the 30LCs yet whilst others are saying they got 2 lots :(


    @suzyq I guess that’s one thing I got more than others. I didn’t get 30 LCs, I got 150. Every time I closed my game and went to my camp, it gave 30 LCs for about 5 times before the message finally disappeared.

    I think @smwforever45 mentioned on that “Angry Birds Epic v1.4.3 update” thread that someone else also got 60 LCs or something.


    I got the offer Button. But when I push it, it goes to the shop and then say no new classes.


    Yoshi, I cannot thank you enough. With your advice, I was able to purchase the class upgrades.

    You have to use the respective class and get mastery in a battle (you don’t have to finish it) for that respective class to show up.

    The classes are Paladin, Thunderbird, Sea Dog, Skulkers and Bard. Take those classes out to battle and then go to the shop. If it says “Special Offer”, they should be there. Merchant Pig offers them for a discount of 33%, or 60 lucky coins.

    Happy shopping, and thank you again, Yoshi. I can’t thank you, enough.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum Can't buy elite class

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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