Aquatic Adventure Survey

  • Please answer any or all of the following:


    1.  How far did you get and with with how many hats?

    2.  Did you complete level 7 and how many times did you try or have you tried (approximate)?

    3.  How do you feel about the lack of being able to pay your way through?

    4.  How much money did you spend in the Tower of Fortune to get your hats?

    5.  Compared to past adventures, how would you rate this adventure (1-10)

    6. Any detailed comments?

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  • Justin Perry

    1 -level 4, 2 hats

    2 – no

    3 – you get $40 bucks a month from me, nothing more

    4 – none

    5 –  2 not fun, too hard to get additional hats, I prefer to only play games I have a chance of winning

    6- make getting hats easier



    1. Level 4, 3 hats (Red, Blues, Chuck)

    2. Nope

    3. I would never pay money.

    4. None

    5. It would be more fun to play with hat sets that already exist. Aquatic Adventure was too difficult. The hats were out of reach in TOF without spending gems. The levels were too hard or impossible to do with few birds. So it was no fun. I stopped playing Aquatic Adventure 2 week ago cause I wasn’t able to get another hat.


    1. Level 4. I saw no point to continue.

    2. Nope.

    3. As if Rovio is not greedy enough?!

    4. Only jewels to continue couple of times, not money.

    5. Being generous, 2.

    6. Having to go thru ToF to get hats just to play is stupid. Add “video option missing” bug and it becomes just insane.



    1. Level 4 with Red, Blues and Chuck.

    2. Didn’t even get there.

    3. I never pay in such situation – only if I can win for sure.

    4. Nothing.

    5. Better than the ice cream adventure, worser than the others. 5/10

    6. I could complete the community adventure with these hats. Took a few tries to figure it out but it was doable. Level 4 was impossible this time, could barely get through room 1, reached room 4 with 0 cards only once. About 40 tries.



    1.  Level 3 with 2 hats.

    2.  Obviously not…

    3.  Daily Gem Letter is my limit.

    4.  One big fat round zero.

    5.  With 2 hats its hard to compare but “5” maybe…

    6. My approach is trying to be realistic so if I see that odds are against me I don’t stress and pay money to buy gems etc.


    1. I only got ONE. HAT. (Red’s)

    2. Did I complete level 7? I couldn’t even pass level 1! I tried once and didn’t bother again.

    3. I will never pay any actual money in this game, so I don’t particularly care.

    4. Zero. I lost a lot of my gems during the Community Hat event, and I have learned my lesson from that.

    5. This is the worst I’ve ever done in any of the hat adventures (granted, there have only been, what, three or four so far?), so this is a 2 for me (it would be a 1 were it not for the fact I got one of the hats).

    6. The farthest in ToF I got during this event is floor 15, and I always missed the hats (except on day 1, when I got Red’s).


    1. 4 hats (red, blues, chuck, bomb). Level 6. Got past level 4 after having ME spell.

    2. I wish.

    3. I will pay money only when the sun rises from the west and teleportation exists in real life.

    4. Got pretty lucky in the TOF for this event twice. During those 2 times I spent 240 gems in total but won much more than that :)

    5. 3/10 this is just a clear money-spending gimmick from rovio.

    6. STOP making 7 room levels rovio! This is clearly too far!

    1. Level 2 – three hats
    2. No
    3. Paid enough to get the third hat!
    4. Probably about 30.00
    5. 2
    RIP Piggies

    – Level 6 completed, with four birds / hats

    – Nope, tried a couple of dozen times but realised impossible with only the four birds

    – Ok, it happens, and Rovio wants to reward those players who pay money or gems for hats; fine with me

    – zero, just did my “normal” tower runs and was lucky to get even four hats

    – I preferred the others because there were ways to complete even if you didn’t get all hats – makes it a bit more of a sport, even if pretty hard. This one was impossible



    1.  Level four with four birds

    2.  No and I tried a zillion time

    3.  The game consistently left me with a single indestructible pig that I could have got with any bird

    4.  None

    5. This one was not fun. Too many bizarre physics and survivor pigs and results that were just mean-spirited

    6. It felt like being set up to fail, or being held for ransom. The TOF was impossible, the levels were not fair. Pigs survived things they should not have survived, birds didn’t work against objects they should have worked on, Mathilda and Red and Silver often didn’t activate. It’s one thing to make a level hard by making it complex so you have to think and practice. It’s another thing to make a level hard by altering the mechanics of the game. If I pick the right bird and fling it in the right place, and Rovio says oh, you did that just right, too bad you can’t have it. It takes away all sense of skill being important and takes all the fun out of the game.


    Level 4… 2 hats and crap load of tries

    paid 20gems then 60gems This game is set up to scam you outta money Ever notice when you have few hundred gems how it sets you up to use your gems … birds that normally work do nothing but fall to the ground. Or the bird works but only damages a tiny bit… Don’t be fooled you are being scammed Rivio only cares how much money they can get off of you Pound you with advertising Greed I tell you greed I suggest you play for fun and leave the greed to the greedy

    Twisted Lemon

    1. I got 2 hats from the ToF. 1st day on release of the adventure I got a pig on floor 2 so I quit. 2nd day the ToF “allowed” me to get to at least floor 6 or so with no pigs and I managed to get 2 hats. 3rd day (today) I got yet another pig on floor 2, so again I can’t do anything other than wait until tomorrow and hope that the ToF lets me get a 3rd hat (which is very unlikely).

    2. No. I beat the first stage as I only have 2 usable birds, it was 2 rooms which was easy so I beat it in a minute and got the rare chest. Since I don’t have any other hats I won’t be getting any further. If I want to play then I’ll at least need a 3rd hat, and good luck getting that far in the ToF without shelling out loads of gems when you inevitably get hit with lots of pigs.

    3. I’d only ever consider paying gems to continue.

    4.  None, I don’t spend real money on this game and only spend gems on one continue in the ToF as it costs 20 only, further continues just cost ridiculous amounts and it’s generally not worth it since you just get pig after pig sometimes.

    5.  Probably a 1/10 since you can only play it with the new hat set that comes with it, which you have none of the hats required on release so you’re forced to  play the ToF in hopes of getting them. Too bad the ToF is rigged to hell.

    6. I have a few comments:

    1. Do hat adventures with existing hat sets and don’t force us to have to win the hats in the ToF to be able to play.

    2. Make the ToF actually fair to play, maybe have no pigs until after floor 5 so we can at least have a chance at winning basic prizes, including event hats so that we can participate. It really doesn’t help that we can’t even get past floor 5 without 1-2 pigs which gives us no chance of getting any of the event hats, let alone other prizes like spells or gems that are useful.

    It’s really unfair to “lock” required hats behind a high-risk gem paywall which is pretty much what the ToF is; it’s free until you get a pig (which is usually straight away) then you either watch the continue video and leave with what little scraps you have, or continue and probably get another pig within 1-2 floors and then get promoted to spend gems to continue.

    3. Make black pearls easier to collect, and maybe scale the amounts you get so “higher level” players get more; nothing too absurd, just slightly larger amounts. Nothing is more funny than opening the chest in the hat store and getting 10 or 20 pearls. Daily Challenge you get 30, which is nothing. KPP you get 100 which is nothing impressive either for something that is arguably harder. Also how about having hat sales, where hats go on sale and cost less black pearls for a limited time? That would help players finish off their sets quicker.


    1.  How far did you get and with with how many hats?

    Stuck on level 6 with 3 hats, Red, Blues and Bomb

    2.  Did you complete level 7 and how many times did you try or have you tried (approximate)? 

    Tried 4-5 times on level 6… got to the final stage of it twice with just the middle structure remaining. If I had chuck I might be able to get to level 7.

    3.  How do you feel about the lack of being able to pay your way through?

    This should always be the case to hold up the pay to play cheats a bit.

    4.  How much money did you spend in the Tower of Fortune to get your hats?

    Nothing, never have, never will

    5.  Compared to past adventures, how would you rate this adventure (1-10)

    I’d give all adventures a 1. I wish there was a skill element to collecting the hats, rather than luck or using real world money on this app.

    6. Any detailed comments?

    As above, bring in features and events that are skill and tactics based to even the playing field


    No hats yet. Hitting pigs on 2 and 3 every day since this adventure started.


    I just managed to finish the adventure with 4 birds at last. I finally got Chuck, which helped… also, force quitting the app when I know I’m going to fail so I can reboot and try again instantly instead of having to wait however long got me there in the end.


    Still no hats for me.

    Twisted Lemon

    I have 3 so far, mainly because I’m not going to gamble on the ToF and try to get more of the hats as I knowit will only eat up a load of gems. My 3 were after a one-off ToF run where the game “allowed” me get up to at least floor 15 with no pigs…just after a new hat adventure comes out. Very convenient. Now I can barely get past floor 5 without a 1-2 pigs. Same routine ever time; I hit fast forward, turn around for 2 seconds, look back and there’s already a pig. Great design guys, guess I’ll not play the hat adventure then.

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