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  • Epic Buttstomp

    I think the starter pack was given to me once for free. Doubt you can buy it.


    Hey everyone,

    I’m alone in my clan ever since I started it up, so I’m looking for (active) members. Please feel free to join ‘PIGGYBACK’ if you’re interested.

    The clan finished 2nd in the last event – imagine what we could do together ;)


    HAHAHA lvl 55 pvp 1951

    GARFIENL lvl 55 pvp 1926

    LEHELMAN lvl 44 pvp 1926

    EL lvl 46 pvp 1901

    Those are the ppl I met in my pvp rating block, they are farming keys like Rovio’s Battle Bay infamy. I can kill pigs and move them to their side, no damage HP bar don’t even move. Hey moderator, notify Dev to fix these cheaters. Otherwise ppl in my lvl range (31-38) will NVR get keys. So basically we’re getting robbed by higher lvls, losing on purpose to enter our rating block. Since going to take so long to get something done with these cheaters. I suggest infinite ban from the game, since pvp is now worthless to lvl 31-38. Lvl 44-55 are treating lower lvl like Cannon fodder. Tho like to be compensated on what those cheaters took from our rating block.


    Babe Feathers

    I’m looking for players to join my clan “Badass Babes.”  I’m not looking for people who feel they have to rush through the game or spend a lot of money to get the biggest and best birds.  All I ask is that you have a full team of birds, play the game regularly (especially the arena/league), know HOW to play the game, and exchange gifts with fellow clan members.  I want people whose main objective is to have fun. I currently have people who still don’t have five birds, who never exchange gifts, who obviously don’t know how to play,  and who go multiple days/a week without playing, so I’m doing some house cleaning. Because of the lack of arena/league play by players other than myself, we are ranked like 60,000th. With all that being said, however, my clan STILL came in first in the Red event (I came in first) and we came in fifth in the Captain Freedom event (I came in third).  This is mainly because of three solid players, so imagine what we could accomplish  adding YOU!  I’m “Babe Feathers” in the game and again my clan is “Badass Babes.”  No, you don’t have to be female to join… ?


    Four Star birds – OK… I have a LOT of these guys. They are way too expensive to evolve – so I just let them sit there. My strategy so far is to level up a 1 star bird and evolve it. Use this to level up either a 2 star or 3 star (will take immediately up to evolve level) – evolve that – and apply to my 5 star birds only. If you try to just apply the birds – they only give you a small bump in percentage – but fully evolved make a big difference. I hate to simply sell them (you get next to nothing) – anyone else got a different strategy?


    Another question – I think my AB Evolution is tied to some other facebook account – it seems to not work across devices – anyway to verify the FB account tied to your AB account?


    Markus Brezel

    I collect shining birds (the blue ones) you get from time to time as a reward. If they have at least 2 stars, they´re worth feeding and evolving.

    Just feed them later to a 4 or 5 star bird to level them up.

    That´s the best way to level up like crazy.

    Josh Underhill

    Where is friend search?

    Babe Feathers

    I currently have two 5 star birds that are evolved once, two 4 stars that are evolved twice, and one 4 star evolved once. (I was lucky and got two 4 stars the very first day the game opened, plus I won the Red event {didn’t get Red though} and won the Captain Freedom event, where I did get lucky enough to get him, another 5 star, and three 4 stars.)  I agree with your strategy in part…it IS much faster and especially cheaper to level up a lesser bird and then use it to level up the higher star birds. However, I never bother with evolving the 1-2 stars, even if they’re shiny. . I use the 1-2 stars to level up the 3 stars (especially a 3 star shiny) and then use those for leveling the 4-5 stars.  It’s faster and doesn’t use up your evolution materials. I used two of my 4 stars to level up my 5 stars. It immediately took them to evolution level. It’s also important to remember that you need 5 birds of each color to play your dungeons, even if you have just one very powerful bird and the rest are 1 star unevolved, you just need enough power to unlock the dungeon.  This is another way to get more of what you need faster and cheaper.  Play the dungeons whenever you can.  You get multiple coins, gems, and more importantly the evolution materials. You only get a drab of evolution material in regular battles but you get a bunch from the dungeons. This means you HAVE to play the arena to get dungeon keys.  I see several people who don’t bother playing the arena, but without those keys from the arena, you can’t play the dungeons.  You get multiple free entries into the arena every hour. Plus the dungeons are a great way to keep playing and mining rewards when you’re out of scouts or you can’t move ahead until you get a more powerful team.  Hope wasn’t TMI. ?

    Michael Banks

    Good info. However, the part where you said you won those two events is a bit misleading since not every player is in the same division or whatever. You won the event in your group, but that doesn’t mean you won the event over every other player in the game. I too won my group in the red, independence day, and the chuck events. I then finished third in my division in the alien even due to working my arse off in the icu and not being able to play. After all dying patients trump fun games. That said you seem like a strong player and you gave really good advice.


    I can’t install the app ):


    This game is Epic. I installed and love this game. Created a New Clan/League – Named Harry Porker (Harry Porker and the Chamber of Bacon); for any HP fans to join.


    So far the issues I find is when you get a Free Golden Egg or chest and watch a Video the game crashes after the Video and you have to reload the game and have to watch the Video Again. And that sometimes the Pigs cheat and deal alot more damage than they should. Example. 1809 Team vs 1090 Pigs and got beaten with two hits, made no sense.


    But I still like to power up my Birds. Its a good time and a Way to pass time while traveling to work daily.



    was wondering if i could  join your clan im a daily play and contribute all i can maddogwolf is my tag


    just started a clan xxpigstopers and im needing members look us up and join

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