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  • So I saw there was a new episode available in ABO and downloaded the update called Bird Island. I open the game and it says “available in 6 days” and when you click play, it takes you straight to The Mighty Eagle, which I learned to hate and stopped playing. What is up with that?? It seems like it’s just a ploy to get you to play The Mighty Eagle! I quit playing that at least a month ago because it seemed impossible to hit the high scores once you reach Master Level. If you stopped playing for a few days, you dropped all the way back to the very beginning, which also sucked. This time I noticed that I had only fallen back to the gold level which is right before Master Level.
    So why do they update a new episode in ABO and then not have it available? I noticed there was nothing on The Nest regarding this new episode update.

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  • Mp127

    Just imagine that the update won’t come before the next week. That’s all. Then we’ll be happy from first brand-new chapter in ABO since… a long time.
    On the other side, the new Golden Egg looks a bit suspicious, like it would be obtainable only by winning the League. (I hope that I’m wrong.)

    *Levels with Bird Island background are currently playable in the Leagues. They aren’t looking that bad.


    @welshwitch55, include me in the … what sense does this new update make when it can’t be played for a week ??? OK, it’s 6 days, but I don’t understand the rationale behind its release today. Why would Rovio release this meaningless update with this description in the iOS App Store:

    What’s New
    Nov 10, 2016

    ~ New Episode: Bird Island! Play 21 new levels inspired by the Angry Birds Movie.
    ~ New Stickers! Add 6 more stickers to your Sticker Book – If you’ve got what it takes to earn them.
    ~ Uncover a new hidden Golden Egg level!

    I may have played 3 of these Mighty League since the introduction. I was & still am so disinterested, I never bothered to check here on ABN as to what it’s all about. Obviously I must be in the minority because Rovio is still pushing it on us, but after the recent 2 week fiasco with AB Fight I really wonder about how decisions are being made Rovio.



    Related to this update – some changes in the leaderboards and walkthroughs may be necessary. Some of the Golden Eggs seem to have changed their numbers, and the level screens for Golden Eggs have been rearranged (they’re now on 3 pages instead of 2).


    Yes, I noticed the changes too, @rizdub. We’ll make the updates as soon as we can get to them.


    @mp127 what leagues are you talking about?


    Bird Island is live! OMG, time to undisable the leaderboard!

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