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    Like Seasons, perhaps more so, some levels have changed a bit, and are now easier (and some are harder). Chuck (yellow) is able to penetrate wood better, Matilda (white) seems to have more pushing power, and Bubbles (Orange) is doing some crazy stuff in Birdday Party. I, and now others, have come up with a list of levels where we were able to increase our scores, often substantially, within a short period of time. Please report levels that can be added and I will update the main post here. I will add levels that are reported as easier, but as so many are harder due to more stability, I will leave those in the comments.

    List updated 02/20/17
    (If you SUBSCRIBE to this discussion you will be notified each time a new level is added to the list!)

    Golden Eggs (reported by @jlz-666):
    1, 6, 8, 16, 18

    Surf & Turf:
    3, 7, 28, 31

    Poached Eggs:
    1-3, 1-4, 1-7, 1-9,1-11 possible, 1-16, 1-17, 1-19, 1-20, 1-21
    2-2, 2-4, 2-5, 2-9, 2-11 possible, 2-21
    3-8 possible, 3-16, 3-17

    Mighty Hoax:
    4-6, 4-11 possible, 4-12, 4-13, 4-18
    5-4, 5-6, 5-8, 5-15, 5-17

    Danger Above:
    6-1, 6-4
    7-2, 7-3, 7-6, 7-8, 7-13
    8-2, 8-3, 8-4, 8-11, 8-13 MAYBE

    The Big Setup:
    9-4 possible, 10-13

    Ham ’em High:
    12-1, 12-2, 12-3, 12-5, 12-7, 12-8, 12-9, 12-11, 12-14, 12-15
    13-6, 13-7, 13-13
    14-1, 14-15

    Mine and Dine
    15-1, 15-8 possible
    17-4, 17-8

    Birdday Party:

    Member @grrtammy is reporting Birdday Party is also producing higher scores, most notably I think, the levels with Orange bird. I have now played a number of these levels and can confirm major changes on nearly all that I sampled, earning a couple top scores (for now!). Almost the entire episode is probably worth revisiting, but there are some that seem to be the same. Orange bird is doing some spectacular damage, exhibiting some strange “teleporting” power. You will understand when you give it a try.

    These are levels I and/or @grrtammy can confirm a change:
    2-1 (18-1)
    3-3 (19-3)
    3-8 possible
    4-10 (20-10)

    Bad Piggies:
    21-2, 21-4
    22-1, 22-3, 22-9, 22-14

    Short Fuse:
    26-1, 26-5 possible, 26-9, 26-15
    27-5 possible, 27-9

    Flock Favorites
    29-5 (perhaps due more to strategy than a change to the level)

    Seasons List:

    Seasons just got easier!

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  • gumby

    some levels seem much harder also, or at least just as annoying as the first time around LOL. I am replaying everything because I recently got a new phone and lost all my progress. @bonneypattycat


    @gumby That is true. Plus, quite a few levels are not as unstable as they once were, so scores will have to be accomplished the hard way!


    yes the 0 bird levels are no more, and ones that had wobbly buildings don’t, so top scores gonna be impossible for some levels @bonneypattycat


    Thanks for the list and the notice @bonneypattycat Definite worth taking a try:)


    Don’t you think we’ve got enough on our plate with seasons @bonneypattycat?;) Have mercy! Seriously though,nice find. I’ll try my best to report any significant improvements. I haven’t played some of these episodes for years so at least it’ll get me going again in ABO.
    Sorry to hear of your loss @gumby Lets hope you come across more good than bad :)


    Well there’s a kick in the teeth! By pure chance I had been going over some poor scoring levels a couple of months back and I improved greatly with Ham em High 12-1 There’s me thinking I had just hit a great shot to get me in the top 10!


    Holy moley! You can add GE#1 @bonneypattycat. I just jumped 23k to hit top score! Also GE#8 has more points available. Right I really need to get out of here lol


    And Birdday Party first 15 levels, as far as I’ve gotten:

    Easier – verifiable change in behavior
    18-1, 9, 10, 12

    Possibly easier – I got very high scores but no obvious changes
    18-2, 4, 7

    I posted details on most of these.


    A couple from Short Fuse:

    Easier – verifiable change in behavior

    Probably harder – statistical change in behavior


    And a couple of Golden Eggs

    Easier – verifiable change in behavior – also noted by @jlz-666
    GE 1

    Less unstable
    some interesting weird stuff still happens, but clock no longer explodes.


    @jlz-666 I am sorry ;) And thank you for the additions, I will have to try them later. I gave up playing the GE levels, I seem to recall a level where players were getting enormous scores that are no longer possible, like a million or two more than what is possible now, so I threw in the towel on those levels. That’s what I get for ignoring the GE levels for so long.

    thank you so much for your reporting! I will update the main post later today.


    @jlz-666 thanks, I hope so also, I haven’t even been able to beat my top scores on some levels and they weren’t that good to begin with


    @bonneypattycat here’s a few others.
    GE 6 Now here’s the thing about this level. Years ago,try as I might I was never able to get little red into the glass and up the verge into the pit of pigs (have a look,you’ll see what I mean) Now,after just a few flings he made it in and out of the pit numerous times. Of course the inevitable happened and the majority of the time there was one or two pigs left over but finally it all came together. Is this new and improved or after all these years has my flinging skills improved? I hadn’t played it in years so I really can’t tell.
    GE 16
    GE 18
    @BPC I can understand you’re feelings about some GE levels especially the short fuse one where millions were racked up (no more though) However some of these are worth a try. I only picked the egg levels to try as that’s how I started on the seasons improvements. It’s a daunting thought wondering where to start in ABO! Thanks for the heads up from @grrtammy for Birdday cake. I’ve made huge leaps in a very short time. Especially 18-1 18-4 & 18-7. I’m only a quarter way through and not really trying so this looks like fun!
    Keep at it @gumby You’ll get there!


    @jlz-666 Thank you for the updates! I am glad you are checking and reporting on GE, I refuse to go there, humph! ;)


    Ohhh, a “bug update” today, version 5.2.0. I’m almost afraid what changes it will bring!


    Eeeeek…..who’s going to be the first to update? Is there a level that can prove things are still “improved”? Birdday party 18-1?


    This could be a mess :(


    See if Orange Bird still teleports in 18-12 (Cake 2 Level 12). Detailed description in the level posts.


    @jlz-666 Who knows, maybe the update will bring even more “easier” levels. Or maybe they are just cleaning up levels that crash. OR… they read this post and figured they better “fix it”!


    @jlz-666 @grrtammy Okay, I will go first… ugh!


    Success, Orange bird is still teleporting after updating to 5.2.0

    i think you can add ham’em high 12-9 to the list as well:
    terrence slices through much differently (more easily) now;
    could easily improve to 110k (up from 106k before, which was
    obtained then with a lot of effort) and with some effort
    got a 117k 1-birder.

    i updated to V5.2.0. played some BD levels without noticing anything different from the previous version (in particular cake 2, 18-12 still teleports). reloading seems to be quite fast (but maybe i only notice that because i just have played some seasons level, tropigal paradise 2-13, to test a hypothesis of dronnord).


    @vuelva Thank you for the update. I hope you’re right, I worked on that level endlessly in the past and never got above 106k, about drove me mad.


    Crazy high score increases in Birdday Party…especially 3-3.
    Increased my score by 24K in that one.


    @moondoggie Thank you for the confirmation on 3-3, and congrats! Please let us know if you have success on specific levels not yet listed.

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