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  • With the support of @karen68 and @jlz-666, who started this, and all those other dedicated Seasons flingers, this forum discussion will bring you loads of Seasons levels that magically became easier.
    Thanks, Rovio!
    I’ll maintain a list, please add anything you find below. Please share: if you got a better score because of this Discussion, it’s only fair that you give something back

    Unfortunately, some levels seem too have got harder. These are also shown below.

    Trick or Treat
    1-7, 1-8, 2-4, 3-3, Golden Egg #3, Big Pumpkin (possible, please report any success)

    Seasons Greedings
    1-2, 1-7, 1-13, 1-14, 1-16, 1-18, 1-19

    Hogs and Kisses
    1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-14, 2-1
    2-2 got harder

    Go Green Get Lucky
    1-5, 1-10 (possible, please report any successes)

    Easter Eggs
    1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-11, 1-13 (even easier, check out the bounce egg on Bird vid!) 1-14, 2-1, 2-3
    1-8 possible, it’s not!

    Golden Egg #11, Golden Egg #16
    Golden Egg#18 has got harder

    Summer Pignic
    1-2, 1-8, 1-9, 1-10, 1-11, 1-12, 1-13, 1-17, 1-19, 1-29, Golden Egg #21 #22

    reports “Anything with with stone, TNT & bomb birds is promising”
    1-7 is possibly harder

    Mooncake Festival
    1-3, 1-10, 1-15, 2-2 2-10, 2-15, 3-3,
    1-6 got harder

    1-3, 2-2, 2-8, GE#6

    Wreck the Halls
    1-2, 1-11, 1-19, 1-20, 1-21, 1-25 New Year Egg #29, Big Cookie

    Year of the Dragon
    1-2, 1-6, 1-7, 1-11, 1-12, 1-14 The majority of levels seem easier, with the exception of 1-15 Big Banner

    Cherry Blossom
    1-3 (although still difficult), 1-15

    1-1, 1-7, 1-8, 1-10, 1-11, 1-12, 1-13, 2-9, 2-11, 2-14, 2-15, Big Sea Shell, Golden Egg #35
    2-2 is harder

    Back to School
    1-8, Notepad, Golden Egg #37

    Haunted Hogs

    1-6 2-3
    Bonus Level 3 no longer available as “no birder”
    2-1 is harder

    Winter Wonderham
    1-1 (possible, report any progress please) 1-19, 1-22, 1-23, 1-24
    GE#41, Bonus level 3, Bonus level 4
    1-16 got harder

    1-1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-10, 1-11, 2-1, 2-2, 2-6, 2-9, 2-15, 2-13, Bonus Level 2, Bonus Level 4

    Arctic EggspeditionB
    1-12, 1-16

    South HAMerica
    1-3,1-10, 1-17, 1-18, 1-22, Golden Egg #51 (possible, please report any success)

    Ham Dunk
    1-11, 1-12, 1-13, 4-7, 4-11, 4-13, 4-14, 5-2, 5-4
    Difficult to tell on this luck based bouncy level!
    3-5, 4-10 have got harder

    On Finn Ice
    Nothing reported

    Tropigal Paradise
    1-1, 1-11
    1-2 has got harder

    The Pig Days
    1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-12, 2-11, 2-18, 5-2

    reports that the majority of the first two chapters are easier
    1-13, 2-1 4-16 have got harder

    Invasion of the Egg Snatchers
    1-5 has got harder

    Ski or Squeal
    Big Red Cable Car GE

    1-7 is Harder

    Marie Hamtoinette
    1-13, 1-18

    Fairy HogMother
    1-2, 1-9 (possibly, please report any success) 1-21
    1-20 has got harder (glitch gone) 1-1 also harder

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  • jlz-666

    Thank you @hunnybunny. It’s now apparent that Seasons Golden eggs was the tip of the iceberg. To be honest,finding the new improved golden egg levels wasn’t that difficult or time consuming but rooting them out in every single level will be tougher. That’s where everyone’s help is needed. @karen68 mentioned some levels in Summer pignic and I’ve only had a quick run through so far but have improved in a few,especially 1-10 (though not as fab as Karen’s top score! WTG!) I’ll give this some proper thought tomorrow and help out any way I can. It’s only fair to share, especially when there are significant improvements to be made. Hopefully everyone will play fair and share their secrets! Again,thanks HB for bringing this to the forefront. I’ve mentioned a couple in my improved walkthroughs but this probably should’ve started a few weeks ago…….my bad:( Good to know that the latest update didn’t “solve” this discovery ;) Can’t wait to find some new hidden treasures!


    FYI….of course there is the small problem of if you haven’t played a level in 3 years and suddenly find an improved score,is it skill,luck or just plain easier……? That’s where any info here is welcome! At least we can all give it a shot right?


    @jlz-666, @hunnybunny I expect on some levels it’s just a score improvement on a level you haven’t been back to in years.
    But on others something has changed – on Summer Pignic 1-10 I beat Moonsabre’s top score by 13k – that alone suggests it’s different.
    I don’t know if easier is always the right word to use, it can still take a lot of effort. But there are definately more points available on some levels.
    Look for stone, bomb birds, TNT, even Matilda – any or all of the those seem to be a common factor. Even one of them can make a difference.


    Well, the reason I started this was because I really wanted to close Seasons to my satisfaction. I finished Pig Days and Slam Dunk, and then went down my leader board to “tidy up” Get all scores well over average, feather them all…
    I started with Bonus Levels. I used to be #1 and found it really easy to regain that. So easy I thought, there must be a change. To get to #1 in the not played very much bonus level is hard. And then those extra points just kept coming, it’s changed. I know that


    @karen68 to beat a Moonsabre score by thst much proves the point


    @admins my notifications have never been that reliable, keep getting the “Rio” message. But on this Forum Discussion I get two notifications from each participant
    For example:
    Karen sent you message ten minutes ago
    Karen sent you a message Seven hours and ten minutes ago
    There’s always a seven hour difference


    @hunnybunny @admins I’ve now got 13 messages from this forum (only 6 messages here) None are 7hrs old though! That is the time difference from UK-USA west coast isn’t it? Or is it 8? It also appears HB’s (possible) amended messages are getting through to me? Not sure why this should happen unless you edited some HB?
    Yep I agree with the big hitting improvements @karen68,those are brilliantly obvious but in my sad wee world I’d like to know if my 3k improvement was of my own doing or Rovios’s! Sadly I think I may know the answer but this is the perfect place to find out!


    @admins I have not amended any new posts. Mine or others. I did update my “leader discussion topic” as I copy and pasted and sorted out comments from the BP. But that was no where near seven hours ago. You have a glitch here.
    Sorry, I’m not terribly computer literate, I hope you understand what I mean.


    @hunnybunny just a note, that as the “owner” of this thread, you will receive two notices per post if the user addresses the comment to you by name as I just did. One as the owner of the thread, and one because you were addressed directly.

    By the way, thanks for making this information public. I have been meaning to get back to the core games to beat average on most of the newer levels, and this might just be the motivation I needed to get to it!


    I’ve been working my way through Seasons, catching up on the last three years(!) and ME. I’m into Pig Days now. For each level I develop my 3-star strat, then I check the ABN comments and 50% of the time I’m around 10K short of average, so I refine my strat until I (usually) get above average. Some levels just don’t respond as the original commenters state. This has been rather consistent since I started catching up, over the past six months.
    I remember a commenter mention what he called the Diminished Damage effect, when you notice the same hits don’t produce the same amount of damage after a while. His comment was quickly dismissed, but I’ve noticed this since World 1. For some reason, the most damage seems to come during your first 5-10 resets on a level. Then I noticed that trajectories of birds shot exactly the same way (as near as I could tell) would consistently travel long or short of targets. This would last for 5-10 resets, then it would change again. I started referring to these aberrations as “bad physics”. Usually I try to adjust and get through the “bad physics” time or just quit and restart the game. Then the birds are traveling correctly, and you have a bunch of resets where your strat works.
    I don’t have proof of this effect, only my own anecdotal observations, and I’ve always used iPhones, so there may be some pixel resolution issues, but I would swear that AB physics changes just a little every 5-10 resets.
    Basically, I’ve found that the hard levels are just that – really hard. Some of the ME levels are practically impossible, although so far I have 3S and ME in every AB and ABS level (15 left in Pig Days to become current). The ONLY level which I found really easy with much higher scores than average is Pig Days 3-3 (Chinese New Year), which was released in February, so that’s not very long ago. My top score is 192960, I stopped playing it after reading about the glitch, I didn’t want to lose my high score like Ham Dunk 4-13.


    Pig Days 1-1, 1-12, 2-11
    SHamerica 1-3
    Seasons Greedings 1-2

    Some of these were Challenge levels that produced large kennels of puppies.


    @psquare53 I’ve often wondered about the “diminished damage” effect as it somehow appears that on a complete restart I’m more likely to hit the target first time. Now there’s a few ways to view this. It could be genuinely down to fresh eyes and fingers are better than cross eyes and cramp or the level works best from a complete break and refresh or Rovio has indeed tweeked things. Who knows? It is puzzling to go back to a level you haven’t flung in weeks/months/years and hit the exact same shot you’ve always used only to get the score you’d been trying to get for hours/days on end way back when. I don’t have an answer for that….sorry. All I know is that this time around Rovio have definitely put more oomph in their TNT etc! There’s absolutely no way some of these score improvements are just luck.
    Talking of which. @hunnybunny I found another couple this afternoon to add to the list or at least deserve looking at. I’ve just improved by thousands (sorry but they were random levels and I wasn’t paying a huge deal of attention to old scores) but I’ve ended up 2nd place in both from what was definitely in the 100’s before.
    Both in Eggspedition
    1-12 and 1-16
    No new method used in both,I just played it the way I always did which luckily for anyone trying this again are @e-star vids. Would love to know if someone has a significant improvement. GL


    @burbman you challenged to get higher than me on Seasons about two years ago. I haven’t looked at the scores, but now’s your chance!


    @hunnybunny – haha! only 1.75M points to go to catch you!!


    @hunnybunny just got a top score after 10 mins trying on level 1-1 Piglantis.
    Could never break 70k on this spiteful little level but just gained 9k and a trophy!


    Some levels I’d like to add: ACB 2-1, Piglantis 2-15, Mooncake Festival 2-15, YotD 1-12, Easter Eggs GE #16, Easter Eggs GE #11.
    Maybe GGGL 1-10 but I have not been able to test this properly and it’s a complete wood level which doesn’t tally with the other levels that have changed.

    To my understanding these changes occurred because of the Tropigal Paradise update so naturally there won’t be any ‘easier’ levels in that chapter. There are also a few levels that have actually become harder like The Pig Days 1-13.
    And because it’s not confusing enough yet: some levels only seem to have changed for certain platforms. I just tried Piglantis 1-1 like mentioned by @jlz-666 but it behaves like usual for me.


    Thanks @jlz-666 made another 5k in twenty minutes
    Thanks for your input @angrychicken I tried out GGGL 1-10 and went from 409th to 50th place in a few minutes. But my original score was woeful! Having said that it only took me a few minutes to beat Estar, using her method, and that in itself is unusual.
    I’ve updated the list


    @jlz666 hit third place on the leaderboard with my first shot on Piglantis 1-7. I’m going to keep looking there


    @karen68 @jlz-666 @burbman @angrychicken try Piglantis A few hours and I leapt up the leaderboards on three. And saw huge possibilities on other levels.


    @comex666 if you tire of winning puppies please try Seasons Piglantis. Seasons got easier, by some fluke, courtesy of Rovio! You are the Flinger to give us the videos. So far 1-1, 1-7, 1-8


    @hunnybunny Thanks for the tips, improved bigtime on 1-8. I see we got the exact same score! Still nothing on 1-1 and 1-7 though…

    Edit: got a small improvement on 1-7. You can also add Piglantis 2-14 to the list. I just got the trophy there (with admittedly 2 very good shots)


    Thanks @hunnybunny I got a nice improvement on 1-8 but I think your score on 1-7 is down to great flinging so well done! I can’t get close to my original score of 111k after a lot of tries. Normally by now I would have expected to see some kind of improvement. Will now try 2-14 @angrychicken


    Thanks @jlz-666 and @angrychicken
    Have updated the list.
    But I fear some players are following this thread and not sharing their finds, but I always knew that would happen :-(


    Found another one: Hogs and Kisses 1-4. Lots of points to be gained there.

    I agree, share please! It’s not very stimulating to keep adding levels otherwise.


    @hunnybunny some Trick or Treat levels:
    1-8 – took me about 10 min to crack the 120k barrier, I spent so much futile time on this before. Not sure about the top score though
    3-3 – To save you reading 130 comments, at some point Rovio made this one harder with the 1-birder no longer possible. Now the 1-birder is back & repeatable. I improved big time.

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