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  • I am 184. On seedway 53 .Rocky Road 51, Air 44 And Stunt 36. I Was Working a Week and half for got this one.
    I would like to know were you are know. There are many challenges hard to pass. I just need 61 Gems to skip a challenge..!! And there many that I have to Skip . So lets go and we can star to talk about it.

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  • burpie

    I’m still at 62 total. I haven’t played AB Go since… 9 days ago. Not since I experimented with a gem-kart. I’m playing other games again until we get an update with new tracks and/ or multi-player.

    Do the challenges get more interesting as you progress?


    Hello: burpie ; my progress goes fine. I have almost 700k’s on coins. On my achievements on GC. I am 53/68; I thing in less than a week I will be 56/68.
    The big thing it’s to pass hard challenges. The only option is to skip with gems. So; I am learning to use the rigth character on the rigth kart.


    306 challenges (117 Seedway; 81 Rocky Road; 30 Air; 78 Stunt) and need 90 gems to skip the next one. Some of them are very hard or impossible unless you skip them using your gems.

    For example, for me,


    MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGES ON SEEDWAY (After 138 challenges on this Episode):

    -track 1&2, Race, challenge #28: win a race with 5 karts.
    -track 1&2, Time Bomb, challenge #4: “famous” finish a race without your kart.
    -track 1, Time Bomb, challenge #20: Destroy more than 50% of the wooden obstacles.
    -track 1, Time Bomb, challenge #26: Destroy more than 60% of the ice obstacles.
    -track 1&2, Fruits, challenge #5: closely miss 40 fruits in a race.
    -track 1, Fruits, challenge #22: do not splat any bananas.
    -track 1, Fruits, challenge #24: Splat 35% of fruit in a race – Impossible, because fruits become coins at 34% ???
    -track 1, Fruits, challenge #27: Get a 3 star score with 5 different karts
    -track 2, Time Bomb, challenge #11: avoid 10 stone obstacles in a row. Impossible because there are only 8?
    -track 2, Time Bomb, challenge #11: closely miss 15 obstacles in a race.
    -track 2, Fruits, challenge #12: splat 60 fruit without steering – impossible, because fruits become coins after fruit number 53.

    What is GC?


    Hello wazemank . GC ; is Game Center. It’s an Aplication from Apple Store. There are many Aplication that are under GC. And thank you so much for your promptly response: your information is very valuable for me and others players: please keep tuned with us: for know I still collecting more gems ; I have only 27 and I need 68 for next skip. Okay will talk soon. Bye.


    How many challenges? Not much…yet! For the reason of progression, I’m trying to conserve the birds energy by not doing more than 10 challenge rounds per track. I would like to unlock all (current?) racers before shifting my focus to that. Although, once I get started on a challenge…well, lets just say that I’ve wasted a lot more energy than I would have liked…

    I find your analysis on the final 3 challenges you listed interesting. I also suspect a challenge I am working is impossible. The specific challenge is Air > Track 1 > Time Bomb > score 125,000. I complete the same challenge in race, but I don’t see how it’s possible in Time Bomb, due to their being no other karts to crash into. I’ve considered the thought that time and avoiding all obstacles may be factors, but the former seems to (at least for me) a non factor and the latter seems impossible, due to a big block of ice near the end.

    I haven’t concluded that it is impossible, but after reading your post, I can’t help but think that some challenges are impossible. It’s weird, because every challenge in any game should be possible. Perhaps their is an update coming that makes certain challenges that are currently impossible, possible?

    Regarding the challenge I’m currently at: If I’m missing something here, feel free to tell me. I’m going to take a little break from it and come back to it in about a week or so.


    Hello: All of you. After I read A new reply on the topic .Piggy Island Offensive Driving Course: ABGo! Gameguide. I decide to write down . These .!!

    Wrote to @lestoreadors…!!! very Very Interesting there are @ main Ideas that Make thing a bout it.
    Birds and Pig Powers.
    Tactical Powers of Birds and Pigs.
    So…!!! we can start Right Here A big discussion and going more deep forward on this Big Matter. Documentation Should be By all of us. RIGHT.

    But I would like to go by parts. First

    Challenges. How Far I am…!! I am shy Only one to 200 . so I am 199.
    Seedway 53 .
    Rocky Road 64 .
    Air 44. And
    Stunt 36. I will tell you later; Scores by Episode. Okay
    I have 730,662 Coins and 71 Gems . For Passing Challenges I am using Gems so; My next Passing is 68 Gems.
    Here is a breve History of my New experiences.
    All of us Mostly Are on the first Episode of tho game…!!! What I mean. Is that We are Playing on Challenges. We Finished First part of the Gam : we Unlocked all 12 Characters : so this is the first part over the game, Or First Update.
    While we are Waiting for next Update we are playing on Challenges or vs Versus Mode.
    When i Finished First part i Was 77 Ch. Know i am 199.

    About Powers of Birds And Pigs. I tell you something, My favorites Characters are Corporal Pig; Chuck the Yellow bird, The mustache Pig, Hal.Bubbles and Stella.
    The power of Corporal pig help me to pass Brake your own record, But using Bosst combined with King slight shot. I did increase over 3,000 difference on some races.
    Know sometimes On some Challenges they ask you to use all 3 Power Ups ; After that i still using all 3 on challenges hard to pass. Here Are something interestingThat @wazemank said…!!! he describes these Ch. hard to pass like Impossible.
    He said they are ” TIC ” or Top Impossible Challenges. I like it this on the overcome challenges. So wazemank also Describes this challenges For using ” A Good Upgrading Strategy”. I am 100% Agree with him..,.,But You need to spent birds coins and gems to pass or Use real money on Karts birds coins any gems to pass it is your choice.
    My progress on Game center it is 54/68 385 pts. I just got today Ultimate Racer Won 1000Races And yesterday I got Challenge Guru Completed 180Sets of challenges all these events Make feel more secure I almost fell Strong on what wazemank said About Using
    A Good Upgrading Strategy. So… Please .






    . And a New one Player with us @cheawn and also @ausemame an other flinger.

    Report you Scores and Advances of the game; Challenges ‘ How Far you Are ‘ and this new topics.

    Birds and Pig Powers.
    Tactical Powers of Birds and Pigs.
    TIC. Top Impossible Challenges.
    Good Upgrading Strategy on Challenges.
    So for all of the above we can be analytical and if you want will review point by point. Trust me is very, very, very Interesting to hear all of you [point of view…!!! ALL OF THESE COULD START SOMETHING REALLY BIG.


    I misspelling @les-toreadors. Above I hope you can read this and see above all the matters on these new topics ; I know you are on breake : but maybe you have chance to help us and be part of these discussions . Me nacho18.


    @nacho18 I haven’t gone far but i also didn’t spent any of precious gems on skipping challenges. I didn’t purchase gems and double coins and I have 976 gems and 650 k in bird coins. I decided not to spend gems until I have 1000, then I’ll skip those impossible Time Boom “finish without your kart” and “miss 40 fruits” and go futher hoping there will be more challenges that I would be able to complete without skipping them.
    My question to @all who play this game and take challenges is – How do you overtake 2 oponents in one boost?


    @nacho18 thanks for the GC explanation, I’ve an Android device. 199 challenges… good luck with the next ones. I explained the most difficult ones for me in Seedway and now I’ll explain those ones on Rocky Road (from my point of view).


    MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGES ON ROCKY ROAD (After 113 challenges on this Episode):

    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #13: overtake 2 oponents in one boost
    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #15: win with 3 karts
    -Time Bomb, all tracks, challenge #4: finish a race without a kart
    -Time Bomb, tracks 1&2, challenge #11: closely miss 15 obstacles in a race
    -Time Bomb, track 3, challenge #7: Destroy 5 Ice obstacles while drifting in a race
    -Fruits, all tracks, challenge #5: closely miss 40 fruits
    -Fruits, all tracks, challenge #16: splat 30% of fruits – Impossible??? They become birdcoins after 25%.
    -Fruits, track 2, challenge #12: splat 60 fruits without steering – Impossible? After 51 fruits, they become in coins.

    These 125.000 are (almost?) impossible. Maybe using the “balloon flying pig” all the time and crashing and drifting… but I’m not able and don’t like Air episode in general. Also, on challenge #12 (Track 1, Race mode) you have to get 135.000 points!

    For example, you can use Hall or Terence and active his special power just when you are behind other karts and near the boost.

    @all I think, in general there are some 100% impossible challenges and don’t like it. This game is created to spend real money on it, and I’m not going to do it. Moreover, there are some really stupid, very easy and pointless challenges. The challenges should be an increasingly difficulty but it’s not that way.


    Hi @cosmo2503. About ” how do you overtake 2 opponents in one boost. Do like wazemank mentioned . Here it’s an other tip.
    Use a kart with very low cc. But accepted; use Corporal pig or moustache pig or even white mama bird. Let’s all the opponent go first; when you see them on a bunch go !! After you reach them try to go behind over 2 as close you can do like being on slipstream : some times the boost it’s visible ; some times not but sometimes it’s very close to a gem ; attack immediately and pass both of them; here it’s an other tip: do by rigth side one race then next by left side : so one at the time : right and left. Because the boost never its st the same place: trust me between 10 the 15 try’s you’ll got it. Good luck.


    @nacho18 316 challenges done.
    123 Seedway; 81 Rocky Road; 30 Air ; 82 Stunt
    In other way: 147 Race; 66 Time Bomb; 103 Fruit Splat


    MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGES ON STUNT (After 121 challenges done on this Episode)

    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #8: Win a race with 2 karts.
    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #14: Win a race with 3 karts.
    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #18: Collect 2 or less coins in a race.
    -Race mode, all tracks, challenge #23: Don’t collect any coins in a race.
    -Race mode, track 1, challenge #20: win 3 races in a row without using boost pads.
    -Time Bomb, all tracks, challenge #4: Finish a race without your kart.
    -Fruit Splat, track 1, challenge #6: Splat 10 fruit while boosting in a race. Impossible???
    -Fruit Splat, all tracks, challenges #22: Do no splat any bananas
    -Fruit Splat, track 2, challenge #24: Splat 35% of fruit in a race
    -Fruit Splat, track 3, challenge #27: Get a 3 stars score with 5 different karts


    Hey there. My current amounts are:
    Seedway: Once I finished the Champion Chase with Bomb, I just jumped to Rocky Road, so I therefore have not done anything there.
    Rocky Road: 16 Air: 11 Stunt: I haven’t started Stunt yet. (please don’t ask why)

    If you’re wondering why these numbers are so low, the challenge “beat a friend’s score” is unpassable for me, and I don’t want to spend gems. I don’t use Facebook.


    Thank you @wazemank for your very, very good information. You shock me often ; you are 100 exactly challenges ahead of me…!!! But I am not jealous guy ; not you make feel myself good “” Pushing me “” to continue playing these wonderful challenges.

    sir kamenev

    Hello to #all.
    I found some new bug in the game.
    – track 1, Race Challenges #29 – spend more time drifting than not. I completed this task twice and have printscreen confirming the execution of this job. But when returning to the main menu task continues to be undone.


    Hello @kamenev-spbgma. Yeah but what ” Episode ” you are talking about. Seems it’s Air isn’t …!!! So just tell us which episode you means.


    @nacho18 371 challenges.
    Seedway 123, RR 99, Air 41, Stunt 108
    Race 171, Time Bomb 74, Fruit Splat 126

    I need 107 gems to skip challenges and have only 50… challenges I’m stuck on are very difficult so I think I’ll not be able to overcome more. Maybe I can do a few more.

    I’ve updated my 3 posts in this thread with the most difficult challenges on episodes Seedway, Rocky Road and Stunt. And finally, now the last one: Air.

    MOST DIFFICULT CHALLENGES ON AIR (After 41 challenges on this episode):

    -Race mode, challenge #2: score 125.000 points
    -Race mode, challenge #4: drift 25 times during a race
    -Race mode, challenge #5: cross the finish line drifting
    -Race mode, challenge #12: score 135.000 points
    -Race mode, challenge #15: win with 3 different karts
    -Time Bomb, challenge #2: score 125.000 points
    -Time Bomb, challenge #3: drift 15 times
    -Time Bomb, challenge #4: finish a race without your kart
    -Fruits, challenge #2: get 125.000 points
    -Fruits, challenge #3: splat 7 fruits in a single drift


    Hello all: First thank @wazemank for your great information. You are doing fabulous .
    Hello @kamenev-spbgma.!!! Are you still 382 Ch. If got some changes and experiences let it knows. Okay.
    Hello @rost and @ausername are you both are on the same numbers o you guys already got some news.!!! Let it knows . And

    ; I know why you are quiet. But what do you thing about our advances and records specially on Challenges.!!! Come on talk with us. Know here are my records and numbers over my challenges.

    nacho18 challenges Seedway 58; Rocky Road 68; Air 54 and Stunt 48= 228.
    In other way : Seedway track 1 Race22. Track 2 Race22
    Time boom5. Time boom5
    Fruit splat5. Fruit splat5

    Rocky Road track1. Race15. Track2. 15. Track3. 15
    Time boom.5. 5. 7.
    Fruit splat5. 5. 5.

    Air. Track1. Race.2. Track2. 24. Track3. 5
    Time boom5. 5. 5
    Fruit splat2. 5. 3.
    Stunt. Track.1 Race.6. 6. 10.
    Time boom.5. 5. 7.
    Fruit splat.6. 6. 6.
    Okay. When I was 207 I start to feel myself stuck and with only 37 gems …!!! I decided to buy some Gems and start to overcome on challenges; with that gems I opened many windows ; I mind more challenges with a lot more missions: I am seeing that maybe I will do some others : I am trying not to use gems on ” Skip ” I have know 264 gems and for next skip I need 138 . I’ll try to not skip and get all 3 missions per challenge. On free mode. Know about Coins …!!! I got over 890 k’s . Objective it’s to pass more than a million coins . Then maybe I’ll upgrade some Karts; because the game star to ask me to use 3 karts for passing a challenge , so I got about 3 or 4 mission on this situation: so I need to upgrade karts and more gems for going more faster . So I am on Game Center and my next Achievement is to got 360 challenges . I have know 56/68 . So next and next will take a while
    I will open an other topic about karts because I have some questioning to all of you. But I will stand on this trend longer : so stay tuned more come in up . While we wait for next update. Hope the next update will help us in challenges. Okay.

    sir kamenev

    Hello @nacho18 and evrybody!

    My challenges Seedway 150; Rocky Road 70; Air 33 and Stunt 150= 403.
    In other way : Seedway track 1 Race29. Track 2 Race29
    Time boom 29. Time boom 17
    Fruit splat 36. Fruit splat 16

    Rocky Road track1. Race 16. Track2. 9. Track3. 9
    Time boom.11. 4. 14.
    Fruit splat5. 5. 6.

    Air. Track1. 4. Track2. 12. Track3. 4
    Time boom 2. 5. 5
    Fruit splat 2. 5. 3.

    Stunt. Track.1 Race. 14. 14. 14.
    Time boom. 14. 14. 14.
    Fruit splat. 24. 24. 27.

    I have know 381 gems and for next skip I need 116


    Hi @nacho18 , I’m very glad for you that the game continues to provide so much entertainment!

    Frankly, I’m surprised that even the best of you – and even with Facebook/ Game Center friends to compete against – have skipped so much with gems. In part because not all of the challenges were feasible (Rovio couldn’t be bothered to check?!), but still.

    Like I said before, to me the game felt too much like a money grab. I played it for a couple of weeks and moved on. I hope that the upcoming multi-player aspect will draw me back again!


    Closely miss 40 coins in a race is not impossible. Hint: go backwards. I’m at 362 challenges now. Hoping to learn how to splat at least 30% of all fruit (fruit turn to coins at 25%). I can best get 27% with the tornado bird.

    I skipped impossible challenges such as: avoid first 15 wooden obstacles on tracks that only have 12 wooden obstacles. I even tried breaking the obstacles with dynamite (so it is in more pieces) no luck. This one is rigged for failure.


    By the way. If you can accomplish the challenge with using multiple special power instances – do it. It’s worth the gems. Skipping the level is not. i.e for levels requiring to splat fruit while boosting, I recommend tornado bird again. If you don’t get enough fruit, get more special power before the race and use it twice or trice if you have to.


    @tolousn Excellent contribution. I got “closely miss 40 fruits in a race” at the first attempt going backwards, so thanks very much. I wish you’d said before…


    To understand better @tolousn and @wazemank : going backward at the time of Race ; on the beginning mid race or almost at the end know which Episode ; you wazemank it’s talking about and you Tommy which episode too ; can we do backward 2 or even 3 times during the race or only one time: here it’s an other q. What character are more viable to use it!!!


    @nacho18 – you can use any bird on any episode – if the cart is not fully upgraded you may have difficulties getting up to speed enough to spin around and go backwards (carts with low stats will simply respawn) – gain speed and turn until your bird is turned around then maintain it – each coin it collects will count as “near miss”

    BTW – this does not apply to “near miss” for TNT boxes :) you have to suffer this one through.

    Another hint – if anybody is stuck on getting 25 drifts in air episodes – keep running into walls in the opposite directions of the turn (i.e. if the road turns left just keep the bird turning right and into the wall. 15 drifts are easy – 25 are harder but not impossible.


    Hi everyone!

    I’m Seedway 141, Rocky 116, Air 63 and Stunt 100.

    I think I had used 1 diamond. Because to skip I need 11 for now!

    Some impossible challnges I had written to Rovio.

    Seedway Track 2
    Time Bomb Challenges 11
    avoid 10 stone obstacles
    – there are only 8 stone obstacles

    Rock Road Track 3
    Fruit 16
    Splat at least 30%
    – by 20% all will become coins

    Air Track 1
    Time Bomb 2
    -how to get 125k points? I almost done for race and did for fruit. It is almost impossible with time bomb,highest 113k points

    Track 1
    Fruit 6
    -There is only 2 boost. Only 1 boost has the fruits and is only 2

    Track 2
    Fruits 24
    – By 30% all the fruits will become coins. How to get 35%?

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