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  • Hello I am @Les-Toreadors (from pigineering and concept writer for the Offensive Driving series here on ABN) and I will be much more active in the Angry Birds Nest from now on. In the coming weeks and days you should see some very new and interesting content in the forums and elsewhere, and I have been hard at work trying to do something special for the community.

    To cut to the chase – @Birdleader is appointing me to undertake some tasks for him and this is a great opportunity for me to truly engage in the process of mobile gaming and reviewing.

    Here on the ABGO Forums, @cheawn is also in the process of assisting me in creating a special strategy guide for character special powers – and we are going to focus on not just direct action but develop a doctrine for creative tactics and strategy as well! (Those of you who are fans of military gaming will love this!)

    I am also pulling along some assets from my previous Pigineering community to assist me in this endeavor. Regretably, things have not been moving as fast as I’d like due to the need to manage an office in my day job, and attend to various family issues as well. But, I do intend to make up lost time and as it was in the early days of Bad Piggies, make things happen and showcase great stuff that we can do in Angry Birds GO! here on ABN.

    In addition to engaging newer community members in my next projects I will also need to catch up with our regular drivers @mvnla2, @nacho18 and @cosmo2503 (plus many others) who have been posting great strategy guides and technical hints on the forum ever since ABGO was released late last year. You all are valuable assets to the community and I would definitely want to link up with you guys so I don’t miss anything, and more importantly to give credit where due :)

    As the title says I am really making a FRESH START in Angry Birds GO! because I was not able to port my progress in ABGO from Android to iOS. Therefore I had created a new Rovio Account and replaying everything from scratch, once again with No IAPs, No Telepods (I have Telepod sets, but will be reviewing them separately!), so it will take some time for me to get started and hope y’all will find the end result of this mega project satisfactory in due course.

    If you really must know, I have been a rather serious Android fan and have never, repeat, never touched iOS in my lifetime. So I have been dealing with the nuances of iTunes, jailbreaking, and advanced iPad usage since 28 Jan where I located an affordable refurbished iPad 3 64/4G here in Singapore. iDevices are really expensive here and being a young employee I do not have the spending power to get the latest and greatest. However the release of the iPad Air and Retina Mini meant that older generation iDevices finally became affordable to younger persons living independently and dealing with extreme high rent and daily living costs (like myself).

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  • nacho18

    @les-toreadors. Welcome home again. We did miss you . I am very glad for your mentiond me on this trend; ofcourse I will cooperate with you and all your contents that you invite me . And about @cosmo2503 ; maybe you don’t know but she ( I thing is a female player ) is on hospital or some other place with a broken Hip. I don’t know when she will come back to this trend. I am happy because there are new players-drivers on this game and they really are going very good on challenges seems that they are really interested on collaborate with us. So even I am very exited for the days to come . For know I still stuck on my challenges; I am 243, but on all of episodes and races I am 1 mission or event to pass over the next challenge and for skip I need to pay with gems 138 and and I have only 339 ; iam trying to collect more gems but it’s very hard and some times tedious ; well this it’s an other matter . Anyway hope will read you soon.


    Just so everyone knows, I replied to Les Toreadors by PM. I no longer play AB Go, so can’t be much help, but happy to help if I can.

    Les Toreadors

    Hello @nacho18 and @mvnla2! Thanks for your kind replies.

    I will be happy to collaborate in any way large and small to keep interest going on this project. I got your message @mvnla2 and I don’t mind that you aren’t playing actively. You can still contribute your share of content – for instance by giving opinions on gameplay preferences on tactics and generally reviewing the game from your own point of view. I noticed as well the later levels of the game tend to favour ‘twitch reactions’ rather than actual driving skill and this is reflected in the endgame content with F1 like twitchy handling and very enclosed tracks.

    So in my case I too enjoy the slower paced early/mid game levels because it focuses more on driver technique and planning. I finally got to document all those awesome shortcuts that are generally hard to describe in text because some of the shortcut routes sound like they are committing virtual suicide jumping off bridges or driving on hilltops :)

    I am now sorting out issues with video encoding & postprocessing and will get back here soon to see what I can report on the crew’s progress. Btw I got Mr Moustache (of PPC / twitter / hankonfood fame) to do voiceovers and he should be awesome fun as usual.


    Also got a fresh start today with the same device but no rovio account

    Les Toreadors

    Rovio Account doesn’t seem to work at all for me.

    has mentioned just turn on data connection and progress will sync up by itself… Never works here. And the lack of a manual sync option kills the utility of the cloud save for me.

    Have seen much nicer and less complicated cloud save functionality from other games like Gun Club 3 (foolproof – gives option of retrieving cloud or local save immediately on app start) and X-Com: Enemy Unknown (also foolproof, manual iCloud save/load).

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