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  • @sparty83 could you explain Step 1 to me? I thought we were all already on Step 1 just by virtue of entering the program and declaring we have an addiction to AB.
    1. "We admitted we were powerless over Angry Birds—that our lives had become unmanageable."
    Is it the past tense in the words of that sentence that I'm glossing over? Does it mean we have to have taken control of our addiction and overcome it? I thought it was just an admission to the fact. Oh dear...if that's the case then it means I've never even made it to Step 1!?! My oh my, guess I'd better contact @duffy and make sure I can secure a room in rehab. But...maybe @78RPM has an appropriate idea, that Step 1/2 should be added least we all give up hope, family, work, and any other form of life outside of AB. I'm starting to think maybe that IS the truth - and not such a bad idea! Except that the government won't subsidize us. Step 1/2 could read:
    1. We admit we are powerless over Angry Birds—that our lives have become unmanageable.
    See? now I can claim I'm on my first Step - it's good psychologically speaking, don't you agree? ...or am I just clouded by my addiction? help me...
  • Tweet tweet! look...TOP TOP TOP (Top of Page!) I don't remember what they call it in BP. Hey, @kimmiecv, what's it referred to?
  • Oh no, I was going to comment on @duffy about accepting my room, thank you @duffy!!! And @bird-addict, you hit the nail on the head, it's the family that needs help, not me!! Lol ;)
    Somehow I have gotten caught back up in that dinner I smell burning????????? :/
  • @bird addict, you're correct, Step 1 is admitting that we are powerless over Angry Birds. But as long as I can rid the earth (and space) of those vile swine I will never admit I am powerless! (Especially now that I have the more powerful Blue Light Saber!

    Hahahahaha DIE PIGGIES!

    Help me!?!?!?!!?!?
  • That's right @sparty83 we are NOT powerless but in fact totally PowerFULL!! We are piggie popping machines!! We rid the world of the evil green monsters! Without us they would take the world over!! @sunshine @Bird-addict it IS our families that are in De Nile!!! You are sooo right!!! Oh why didn't I see this earlier!! It's everyone else Not Us!! We are Fine!! We are in Controll!! We are piggie Poppers!!! Mwahahahaaaaaa!!!!
    Oh @Bird-addict it's called in your case @Bird-addictpagechanger!!! Or just Page Change (but that's pretty boring!!)

    As the great @Harrystar6 (see page 1 of BP where it all began) and now @sparty83 says........
  • Did you know that people play AB 200 million minutes per day? That's equal to 16 years of game play for every hour of every day! (Heavy sigh) wish I could play that much each hour! Lol So really, in the big picture I play very little cause I only play 1 hour in an hour. And given that we are powerFUL piggie popping machines (or PPPM for short) ridding the world of evil green monsters, it's becoming as clear as mud to me that we are nothing short of heros that deserve praise! That's why we all have badges and achievements and feathers! Oh yes, I'm feeling better now...good enough to go slaughter some more swine.
    [email protected],@sparty83,@Estar,@brave1966,@78RPM,@angryboy,@duffy,@sunshine,@cmdrbond,@hinarei,@dg47,@catsnbirds,@jtb,@burbman,@penguinlover,@cosmo2503, with all this in mind, do we really need a 9-step program? Perhaps we're not really addicted but simply dedicated civil servants trying to squeeze every possible moment into serving our duty to perform a valuable to function, maintaining the population of swine such that they don't overrun our world! Yep, I'd better get back to serving my duty now. Great therapy session today!
  • @birdaddict: Too tweet, my friend. :) Now as soon as the PC update for ABSW is posted, I can wipe out more imperial swine. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa LOLOLOLOL
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  • Adding to @WereWolf69's wonderful list:

    7) (addendum)... or marmoset laughing... or caged bird crying a tear... or Nigel's evil laugh... (got to include the Rio ones)

    11) You develop a sudden craving for anything pork.

    12) Your flinging finger develops an indentation from pressing on your touchscreen so much, and is used as the model for a revived "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" award.
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  • Wow @werewolf, that's a well thought out and accurate description. Perhaps a shade exaggerated from my perspective, but certain proof that I'm not as lost in the world of PPPM as some - like yourself. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but 3pm to 5am? 14 hours is a lot of flinging. OK, so I'm just jealous. I'm only able to fling about 4hrs a day. I know there's a conspiracy buried here somewhere... Sleep is most assuredly getting in the way. Precious flinging moments lost to sleep. But of what little sleep I do get these days, you have enlightened me as to why it's so restless. Here I thought it was the amount of sleep, but as you've pointed out it in # 9 & 10, I'm simply forming new strats in my sleep. Now even my lack of sleep has been justified. I like your idea of a "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" award - you should propose it to @AMSlimfordy and @fujitoast.
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  • @werewolf69, you actually put birds down long enough to shower? What a novel concept, I'll have to try it. (might explain why my wife won't get near me for the past 3 weeks)
  • @werewolf are you willing to share your "strat" on how to fling for 17 hrs a day? Even now I should be working. AB has recently begun to seep into my work hours, which isn't a good thing cause I need the money. Too bad I didn't win the Powerball yesterday, but then I didn't buy a ticket, I didn't want to take the time away from flinging. And yes, @brave1966, I like the The Don Adams 'Missed It By That Much' Memorial Badge even better! It's so very appropriate! lol
  • @sparty83: Wowsers! Now where did I hide my gas mask? lol
  • Hang on a second people, my shoe phone is ringing.
  • @WereWolf69: At least the shoe phone is better than the Cone of Silence. lol
  • That's quite simple @birdaddict, don't work!
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  • Sorry @werewolf69 69 69 (making up for past faux pas) Not a "cone of silence" just trying to get some "work" done. If it were edible I'd like it better! lol But what I'm picking up here is that you're retired, no? Either that or rich, or both - even better! As for me I need to get back to it. Me thinks working for Rovio would be a nice job - quality control. You know, playing all the games to be sure they are up to snuff. Keep your phone/shoe out of dog poo and other gross things in your path!
  • If it were possible to play AB in the shower, I'd probably do it, that's how much I'm addicted to AB.
  • First and foremost let me say thank-you for your service to our country! As for the dirt poor, well that's a poor statement on how we treat our vets. You guys should have the red carpet rolled out for you and be first in line for jobs. Maybe you've struck on an idea @werewolf69 - an easy chair for AB players with built in charging ports for all platforms, fold away side table, drink holder, etc (have to end with etc cause I really do need to get back to that four letter word - work) Fling one for me!!
  • @WereWolf69: They do have waterproof laptops. They're called Panasonic Toughbooks. ;)
  • Wow! You must all be in the group who didn't get the Hoth update today. My condolences; it's really great, but somewhat difficult.
  • Gee, thank you @mvnla2, you had to go and ruin our anxiety distress syndrome.
  • Oh Boy! More levels!!! More birds!!! More evil monsters to destroy! And NEW POWERS!!! Can't wait to download! Thanks for the heads up @mvnla! See ya all back for therapy in a week or so...
  • I may have a problem. Well, actually, I've got two problems. I had, in the beginning, hoped to use AB as a distraction, in the hopes of beating the cigarette habit. Alas, but it didn't work! So, now I'm addicted to both AB and cigarettes.
  • Welcome @TruckDriver to ABA :) I feel your pain! I too am a smoker and now instead of one addiction I've got two as well :(. I like to sit outside on my patio rocking bench and I find myself actually smoking more now that I play AB instead of less!! I find there's nothing better than playing AB while I'm smoking, darn it! I'd like to say good luck and you can beat it, but who am I kidding!! There's just no getting around it! We are all sunk!!! I'm beginning to wonder if that cute little trailer with all of the Star Trek crew getting Zombied out isn't in fact our new reality!! Hmmmm just a thought........
  • Join the club @kimmiecv! good to see your connection is working at the moment. :)
  • LOL no its not @brave I'm on 3G! Baaad kimmie bad bad bad!!! Hahaaa but they didn't say I couldn't post in other forums! Hahahaa just BP because I have to refresh all the time and it uses to much of those 3G thingys!! It's all fun and games until I get caught Mwahahahaaaa............ ;D
  • Hm-m-m, AB addiction. ABN addiction. Am I now noticing an AB Anonymous addiction? Not for me. of course. If you just lurk and don't post it can't count as addiction, right? Um-m-m, wait... Does this count as a post? Perhaps I need to own step 1. But later. I haven't finished the original ABSW and now I have Hoth and tomorrow Winter Wonderham begins and there's the daily challenge and, can you believe it, I have friends and family who actually expect me to have time for them! At least the cat doesn't complain. I just adjust the iPad around him on my lap. Although, there should be a degree of difficulty added for making shots while juggling the device.
  • @TruckDriver, I smoke so much that I need sonar to get around in my house, and if I'm playing AB, I line up the cigarettes so they're ready to light up before they reach my lips.
  • LOL Welcome to ABA @catsnbirds, we do meet in funny places! ;) It sounds as though you may be a bit in De Nile? well the good news is your not alone and I hear the weather there is pleasant, the bad is you havent come to terms with it yet and well that is what this forum is for! Hope you'll come for a bit of therapy now and again! As to family IKR!!! Until then , well Happy fliging!!
  • "Perhaps I need to own step 1. But later." Oh yeah @catsnbirds you fit right in here! And you bring up an interesting question, "Am I now noticing an AB Anonymous addiction?" ...I asked myself that same question and simply answered me with, "Nah, it's's just therapy, nothing more...I don't come here for the laughs or witty comments...nah, is just therapy"! AND tomorrow I finally see Dr FeelGood!!! Only a dedicated doctor works on Saturdays. I'll be sure to give an update after my appt. Should I give him your name @catsnbirds?
  • Yeay @Bird-addict FINALLY!! You'll love Doc. Feelgood, and the meds (when I remember to take them!) well let me tell you, you'll be thrilled!! Everything just feels Right with the world as your flinging away! Wonderful! No anxiety no need for visiting De Nile! Just one happy bird flinging machine!! Whoo Hooo get on little doggie ( or birdie in this case) can't wait to hear how it went :) well having just reminded myself about meds it's time to swallow and fling!! ;D
  • @bird addict - Since all patients are 99% subsidized, our benefactors wanted to be certain that no one was turned away for lack of funds. So wealthy patients who could probably cover their own costs are asked to pay slightly more than the minimum. It is still a very good deal for them and we use that money to cover the minimums of those who could not come otherwise.c

  • @duffy I think that's beyond more than fair! Those who have more should give more, that's always been my motto. Prob is some who have more can't bear to give it up! It's nice you make it so easy for people to get the help they need! Kudos to you for that!! I don't think I ever answered you, Boo is a rescue animal, she's very shy but she does get along with other animals and people, it just takes a bit of time for her. She's literally attached to my hip and gets anxiety attcks if I have to leave her with the Grandparents (Mom & Dad) Now Tig (blind kitty) also a rescue animal, he thimks all dogs and cats are his friends! He's shy with people at first but once he knows your voice and the sound of your shoes (no joke!) then he's your friend for life! There now we are all caught up! LOL ;D
  • Whooo Hooo is right @kimmiecv!!! These meds are the best! Wish I had them years ago. Hope they don't lose their potency as my body becomes accustomed to them. But you're so right - they have taken all addiction anxiety away. Dr. Feelgood is so understanding, so professional, and I always like it when a doctor doesn't make you feel as though you have to fit in to their time schedule, but rather, listen to all you have to impart. We must have the same meds cause what you describe is spot on. I asked the doc what meds you have but with patient confidentiality and all, I didn't find out. Anyway, I hate taking pills so I asked if there is another solution and the doc prescribed a chewable tablet to me. They are sooooo cute - shaped like little tropical fruits - coconut, mango, pineapple, banana, watermelon and lemon. And tasty too - they taste just like their shape. ther's even something that looks like a tiny pinecone and tastes like custard! Better post this before I lose Internet again tonight. Saw you were having trouble yesterday - are you getting storms like the Bay Area?
  • @Bird-addict I'm so happy it's working for you! :D the tablets sound too cute! Doc. Feelgood is a wonder eh! Took a good hour and half with me and made me feel he was Really listening too! Said ABA was an important part as well. As to the weather I'm in the Bay Area so yep! Although the storms have been off and on the wind has been horrid! Tomorrow we are supposed to get a big hit, ha we shall see! The idiot weathermen can't seem to get it right even when looking out the window! Meh, I hope we actually get a lot of rain like they keep saying but I'm not holding my breath, last time I turned blue and fainted dead away!! ;D Very happy for you my friend, don't forget to take those cute pills or you'll be right back to freak out mode!! LOL Well I'm off to Winterham, the new level has been up and running!!
  • Wahoooo! Oh yeah, these meds are little miracle workers! I just uploaded my screenshot for my Jedi Addict badge! Took me all night to wrap up those last points. Haven't started on Death Star yet. I went for PotJ first in order to get my green saber. Hope you're knocking 'em dead in Winter-Wonder-Ham. It's raining like crazy up here- I mean buckets! Like usual we're getting more than we need. But I love the storms as long as they don't interfere with the Internet. Hey, I might even take a brief respite down at @duffy's rehab if the rain ever lets up enough that I feel safe leaving the house, lol.
  • Wahoooo! Oh yeah, these meds are little miracle workers! I just uploaded my screenshot for my Jedi Addict badge! Took me all night to wrap up those last points. Haven't started on Death Star yet. I went for PotJ first in order to get my green saber. Hope you're knocking 'em dead in Winter-Wonder-Ham. It's raining like crazy up here- I mean buckets! Like usual we're getting more than we need. But I love the storms as long as they don't interfere with the Internet. Hey, I might even take a brief respite down at @duffy's rehab if the rain ever lets up enough that I feel safe leaving the house, lol.
  • Wahoooo! Oh yeah, these meds are little miracle workers! I just uploaded my screenshot for my Jedi Addict badge! Edit...edit...edit
  • ...I'm seeing double? Hmmm...wonder if I'm having side effects from the meds or just fat fingers.
  • Whoa!! Try Triple @Bird-addict erm did you take more than you should cause they taste like candy?? LOL :D Congrats on the Jitterbug Jedi Badge that's awesome!! Wish we could get that darn rain for you! Doesn't seem fair it's not being spread around and ya'll are getting all of it! :( That's just not right!!!! Oh well here's to hoping it gets us Anytime Soon!!! Back to WH I am, just a few more flings before my pillow walk! Yep just a few.........
  • Congrats @birdaddict, WTG!

    @kimmiecv: Just curious as to why you call it Jitterbug Jedi?
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