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  • You know, the more time she spends at Target the more time she's out of the house so the more time you can spend killing piggies.
    I'm just sayin'...
  • @Kimmiecv, gold toes are a brand of socks that the wife really likes.
    Your last sentence raises an interesting point :)

    @78rpm, I hear what your saying, the closest one is 30 minutes away. So I figure I have a minimum of 90 minutes, maybe more, of un-interrupted pig killing!
  • I think Rovio is coming up with ways to cure my addiction....adding power up...
  • Same here, @Sunshine... only Seasons left, but I guess doomsday will be coming for Seasons pretty soon... So I am going to enjoy it while it lasts and when it comes I am cured instantly of my addiction...
  • LOL @sparty83 you maybe could get some mileage with that "point" for sure, not to mention she'd be busy MUCH longer with $50 to spend, therefore you "score" on two fronts!! Longer playing uninterrupted time and maybe a longer "point job" Hahahaaaha (bad kimmie bad bad baaaad!!!) whaaaat I'm just sayin!! ;D And I figure since @mvnla2 seems to know and really like those socks you speak of and your wife Really likes them too that's even More extra "points!!" Whoo Hooo you could be having a Real Happy New Year!! :D
  • @sunshine and @e-star you'll get no argument from me about PUs I HATE them!! If they were a game within the game, say a score kept below the real score and separated that way, I'd play them like feathers. It would then be fun! But I don't understand why you'd stop playing AB altogether? They are a bit of a pain when they pop up, but easy enough (for the most part) to ignore when playing. Just curious what your thinking :) plus I'd HATE to see you both stop playing AB, don't think the game would be the same on the Nest without you two giving your input!! :(
  • thank you, @kimmiecv. My vocab has been expanded today. "Point job"... oh dearie me XD
  • LOL @hinarei I'm being a subliminally very veeeerrrry baaaad girl! Think it's all the baking I'm doing, maybe the oven heats melting what little brain I have left!! At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Ooooo and he did say "raising and point" in the same sentence so @sparty83 kinda started the "ball" rolling so to speak!! ;D
  • @all -- What is Rovio trying to do to us? And I don't mean power ups: We have a new level of WW every day, and now they released new levels for Rio on a Tues! What's going to happen tomorrow? I'm not even finished 3*ing all the new Rio levels (without PUs, of course).
  • @mvnla2 - Sorry, I'd explain it all to you but I'm too busy killing piggies right now... :-)
  • @all Whew! No new update on Thurs. Is it safe for a week?
  • OMG, I hope so!
  • Not safe for long, the Nest just posted another RIO update "Coming Soon". Isn't there a space update sitting in the wings also?

    Still need to go back and get all the Space Eagles.

    Still working on the latest RIO update. 3 stars on the new levels and Mighty eagle on, what, about 300 existing levels.

    Still working on the Seasons Level of the day.

    Good thing today is the Winter Solstice. The days will start getting longer which means......

    MORE DEAD PIGGIES!!!!!!! (or marmosets, depending on what I am playing at the moment)
  • Yea and ABSW hoth next 20 levels please Rovio but I think they will add it soon
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Three words:
    Rio Fruit Stand
  • This sort of thing happened to me when I first found out about the game. Back then it was only AB for Google Chrome, and it was very new too. So once I got my nook color and got angry birds on it, I realized AB Chrome was a ripoff. But I didn't realize that it was a ripoff on my nook too. It was 2 or 3 dollars for any of the AB games and I could only afford 2 books, Words with Friends and Angry Birds. And AB was $2.99! After I 3* the whole thing, I jailbroke it. Now I have all 5 games. Don't know if it got better or worse for me. Then I found out about the Nest. Now I somehow find time to come here too, but I also was addicted to another game. Now I've overcome that addiction! Hope you can do it @sparty83.
  • Hey @theanonymoussomeone -- Most of us (I hope all) don't approve of using illegally downloaded software if that's what you did.
  • @mvnla, I have a jailbroken iPad and I do approve of the jailbreak, what I don't approve of or do myself is the download of illegal games... I only use it to record my videos, something Apple doesn't provide and therefor a jailbreak isn't bad, it gives you more control over the settings and stuff. But the illegal download of apps is.
  • @E-Star, @theanonymoussomeone -- Sorry, sorry, sorry -- I started to write an explanation, and decided it was easier to edit the previous post. Not to mention, it makes me look less stupid, but it does make E-star's comment look out of place.
  • Well, Christmas is over and I have completed all the Winter Wonderham levels. Now I just need to finish up getting the ME Feathers on Rio. Completed all the feathers for AB Space.

    As a Christmas gift to myself, I went out and got some ink.

    If you can't tell, its the Black Bird, my favorite, on my bicep.
  • That is Wicked @sparty83 abso to cool for words!!! :D oh and you can so see it clearly! My fav bird as well! Great pick for some ink!!
  • Wow dats a kool tattoo did u get a fake tattoo or get it professionally done? I want a yellow bird tattoo
  • @sparty83 - I think you are out of your everlovin' mind.

    I like that in a person.
  • Whoot! An update Thurs, and no update! No new WW level, either. Can relax, catch up on averages and real life. I'm happy .... I think. I should be happy, right? Well, guess I can work on happy along with averages.
  • @kimmiecv and @penguinlover, sorry, but it's only a temp tat. My 8yr old nephew got a bunch of AB temp tatoos for christmas and I asked if I could have one. He let me choose and I picked the Black Bird. He also put the yellow bird on his "guns".
  • oh how cute i still wish i had a yellow bird tattoo yellow bird is my favorite i thought they were temporary tattoos awww hehe ur 8 yr old nephew must b a big fan of angry birds
  • LOL @sparty83 nice work!! You had me going for sure!! :D Now That would be a Flippin AB addict Hard Core eh!!
  • Hey @sparty83 love the ink! Do you know where your nephew got them? I would love to get a hold of some and freak out my family! They think I'm a crazy girl for loving AB as much as I do. I think I could get them going good for awhile - at least until they they took a close look at it.
  • LOL @Bird-addict I think your on to something!!! Heehee could drive erm well not really come to think of it all but 1 in my fam are hooked on AB!! However if you do pull the prank do please share the reactions eh!!! :D
  • @kimmiecv I found a bunch of AB tats at the AB store! even space tats! here's a link:
    I haven't looked further but I'll bet there are a lot of places to find them. They even show Easter tatoos. One looks like my avatar!
  • Very cool @Bird-addict and Thank you for the site info!! :)
    Happy New Years to my fellow ABA therapy group!! Many Blessings to you all in this new year!!! :)
  • @bird addict, not sure where his mom, um, I mean Santa got the temp tats, but I'm sure they are available many places. I haven't looked, but maybe Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, Target etc or even maybe at a Dollar Store.
  • Another Thurs .... no ... update ..... guess ... I ... will ... survive ..... Siiiiggggghhhhhhh ..... Not ... above ... average ... on ... all ... recent ... levels .... No excuse ... to ... ignore ... them ... Maybe ...... I should ... concentrate ... on ... real life ....
  • It appears that the Admins of this site are aware of the "problem" we have. I just 3 starred all levels of Winter Wonderham on my wife's Nook (she completed each level and I 3 starred them so she would have the 3 Star level) and felt like I deserved a reward. So I came here and decided to do some looking around. I found myself on the FAQ page (found here ) and found this on the page

    "We greatly rely on the ABN members, the passionate (and addicted) fans"

    So the Admins admit that there are some of us that need help and what do they do???? Make sure we all have free and open access to the Leaderboards so we can all see how pathetic our scores are leading us to play more.

    Ok enough, I need to get Above Average on Smugglers Den Star #2
  • The referenced comment is under "Who runs ABN" / "That can't be all..."
  • LOL @sparty83 they do indeed admit it!! :D hey how did the wife like her Christmas presents? Was it a hit?? Don't leave us hanging! As to the Leadersboards I feel like crying everytime I see all the games I have yet to hit avg on!! :/ it's truely unending!!!

    @mvnla2 that must have been put up a Looong time ago cause I noticed the he/she in reference to you!! ;) As to your comment farther up, do tell which won killing pigs or the real world? And be honest!!! LOL ;D
  • @Kimmiecv -- You want honesty from an AB / ABN addict? Well, I did manage to get above average on a couple of levels, but I also really did spend some time on real life. Also did a fair amount of real-life activities today, since ABN was down, or at least no posting.
  • @kimmiecv,
    The Christmas presents were a hit! She mentioned awhile back that she my need to get some new socks, and all she wears are Gold Toes, got her 2 packs and she was very happy.
    And since Target is her fav store, she loved the gift card. She didn't even care or ask how much it was for. (wouldn't matter, she is going to spend what ever she wants to anyway).
    I also got her a few other things, Tickets to Blue Man Group was the biggie.

    And Kimmiecv, you mentioned a few posts back, "and said hubby would be thanked in more ways than one, just sayin! ;D". BINGO!
  • Whoo Hooo now that's good news @sparty83 and I do mean all the way round!! :D Glad she was stoked! And glad she showed you some Loooove!!! ;D

    @mvnla2 Yeay on above avg scores!! And yep when I couldn't get on the site, after my anxiety and panic attacks kinda subsided I actually got a few things in real life done tooo!! However it's back up and I'm now making up for the time away!! LOL ;D
  • Thanks @sparty83! I found some online places that sell the tats. Glad to hear you hit the jackpot with your wife and now everybody's happy! Have fun at Blue Man Group, they're very entertaining and put on a fun show! I saw them in Vegas...where will you be seeing them? aren't you near Chicago?
  • @bird addict, We don't live near Chicago, but near Lansing MI. We are going to see them at Wharton Center on the campus of MSU.
  • @sparty83 I'd love to hear what you, and your wife, think of the show. Looks like it's at the Wharton Center in late Feb.
  • @bird addict, I will let you know how the show goes.
  • As some of you know, I have an old and slow LG Vortex android phone. Well, Its been acting up on me lately. Yesterday, the wife and I decided to go check out new phones. (She has the same model, but it works fine). She got a new LG Lucid and I got a new LG Spectrum 2 running Ice Cream Sandwich version of android. I really liked the Droid Razr M by Motorola but it runs Jelly Bean. And since no one has posted how to restore scores, rooted or not, to jelly bean, I went with the Spectrum.

    @Kathy, WOW is it fast! You may want to consider upgrading. I was able to transfer all my scores over. It was a bit tricky but I got it.

    So now when the next update comes out, I'll be all ready!

    And no, picking out a phone based on whether or not you can transfer your AB Scores does NOT mean I have a problem!
  • Lol @sparty83 you dragged me into this aba meeting
    Im very happy you got a new phones actually upgraded couple weeks ago to the Samsung galaxy s2 i was able to transfer progress easily with the ab backup i downloaded in the google play store..its still Android but wayy faster than my old lg optimus
    And i don't belong here because i am Not an addict ( plus my phone is overheating cause I've been playing for 8 hours straight) so on that note enjoy your new phone:)
  • Welcome @Kathy!! And Of Course your Not Addicted WAHAHAHAAAHA how's the weather in De Nile?? Hahahahaaaa ;D
  • Ooh boy !!! Dragged here again¿ Are you guys trying to tell me something...
    I don't belong here i tell ya..stop interrupting my flinging..I'm on the verge of getting a high score....Darn bumped my arm @Kimmiecv i missed my shot
    I tell ya honestly I'm not an addict....
    *feverishly starts shaking*
    Runs quickly to bad piggies*
  • Heh heh @Kathy I hear they sell tent over there in De Nile sounds like you may be staying awhile so you may want to look into some shelter!! I so did Not bump your arm!!! You totally bumped me first!!! As to that shot? Hey I did you a favor, you'd have hit the bricks instead of the helicopter!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! ;D FYI they have meds for that shaking prob!! Let me know if you want an apt to see Dr. Feelgood, I highly recommend him!! LOL
  • Roflmao @Kimmiecv definitely make me an appt. With Dr. Feelgood
    With a followup in June with Dr. Summeroff:)
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