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  • I think I'm cured. Red's Mighty Feathers Part 2 has done it for me.
  • Kewpie,
    Glad to hear you are cured. That means there is hope for the rest of us.

    Red's Mighty Feathers Part 1 almost did it for me, but Part 2 set me back. (along with the Space, Star Wars and Star Wars 2 updates/releases)
  • Seems I'm not as cured as I thought. Went back for another go at Feathers Part 2, but just can't get on their wavelength. Easy to give it up, really. But then I found a Space update. I'm not really a Space fan but if it's there I'm going to 3-star it!
  • Just got to brag about not flinging a bird for an entire 2 weeks while on vacation! Proves it can be done! No comments on what I've done since I returned.
  • Yeah! Confession time. At least I proved that it can be done. Have flung a few since. : D
  • I don't understand your problems. I don't have a problem as long as I can play AB. I only have a problem if I can NOT play AB - which as a matter of fact is the case right now. Playing AB depletes my laptop battery very quickly and at the moment I can't recharge it as often as I like. In order to fight withdrawal symptoms and keep my hands from shaking I allow myself a small dosage of three 10 minute stints a day.
  • @HappyShake -- Sounds like you really need ABA, but that you haven't made it to step 1 yet. : D
  • My 2 cents.

    I have had a video game addiction since a very young age, because I am often the victim of gender and race discrimination and video games and later the internet allowed me to express myself freely in a constructive environment. There are no reasons for the real life discrimination other than culture here in this part of the world can be massively screwed up if you are a certain minority denomination.

    Things are thankfully better in real life once I got my huge 'desperate housewives' hair and the authority to keep it but I still retain my internet and computer game addictions because... I decided it's a nice thing to have.

    I got my present job and became a senior in it due to video games and the online communities I run from time to time (they all go into my resume). Ditto, my real world socialization relies on internet networking and the people on my Facebook friends list end up being real life family friends (or more) after a while.

    When I have to counsel others on corporate matters or explain why I speak English as well as (or often, better than) any senior lawyer around, I simply relate my experiences in online game communities and enthusiast groups.

    But back to the topic and less of being Chronicler Pig, I retain my gaming addictions deliberately because it kept me away from sin, drugs, alcohol, and all the other issues related to growing up in a competitive globalized environment :)

    And also sticking to a few games and playing them regularly saves a lot of money. Keeping up with today's mainstream video games encourages huge expenditure on graphically intense, hi tech games with poor storylines and negligible replay value. Buy, play for 5 hours, complete the thing, throw it away, spend another $59.95 on another 'cutting edge' game, spend thousands of dollars on a new gaming rig that will be obsolete again in another six months...

    Nah, no thanks, I'll be addicted to Bad Piggies and spend my money on my family instead. That's how I survived multiple Asian Economic Crises over the past decade and more importantly reclaiming my youth wasted in solving other peoples' problems in a broken family. Bad Piggies is awesome like that lol. :)
  • Shaking my head at the thought of a whole new Angry Birds game
  • @sparty83 -- I can't wait!
    I think most people are too busy flinging to visit this forum, but if you want new visitors, the forum should probably move to the new forum.
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