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  • Hi all! I'm 100% with Hinarei -- Great idea for evey one else to follow! Only problem is, that won't fix the score addict threshold. I am really envious of everyone who has it already. BBL -- have work to do on PotJ score addict.
  • agreed, @mvnla2. see? this place really doesn't help. It rewards you for being an addict. I don't think this place will help any of us kick our addictions.

    Be at peace, @e-star! Your efforts are much appreciated, and are one of the main reasons I'm not in the Loony Bin :)
  • Envy no more @mvnla2 your now officially one of the envied!! :D

    @hinarei I firmly agree! However I'm pretty sure everyone else also agrees so we are now back where we started! LOL ;D Darn those cyborg flingers anyways!!

    @e-star my sweet Dutchie friend I think you've the right of it! I would not do to well with the big Mammas in the pen!! Heck I might break a nail defending myself and that just won't do!! It's bad enough I've become so addicted to AB that I've cut my flinging nail to a nub just so I can fling!!! In my entire adult life I've never had short nails and this game has ruined that once and for all!! As to the meds well yeah I'd abso say they are quite wonderful! When I remember to take them I'm much more at peace with my addiction, however when I forget well the big house once again enters my mind!! Now I think about it the physic ward would be a safer place to be, but I'm pretty sure it's noisy as heck with loons making loud noises! Not sure that's any better than the big Mammas! I heard some of those loons bite and stuff!!! Of course I've seen the big house Obama had made before he left and turned presy, it looks more like a country club with a beautiful view! I may look into that one, heard they even have wifi there along with TVs in every cell! If you want I can have a chat with Doc. Feelgood, see if he'll take another AB addict by phone! Just say the word!! ;D As to your vids, like any sane, insane AB addict is going to tell you to stop!! Ha most of us can't fathom getting above avg without your vids so I say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! DON'T STOP MAKING YOUR VIDS! YOUR SAVING YOUR FELLOW FLINGERS FROM SUICIDE!!! You can sleep all you want when your dead! Until then, well move right along with those vids my sweet Dutchie friend, your as important to us Nesters as Doc. Feelgood is to our med refills!!!

    Ohhh I hear laughter again!!! Been nice chatting but I gotta go shut those evil green monsters UP!! Just one more fling and I know just the vid to do it……...........
  • @kimmiecv I think you've touched on something that could be great! Seems what we need isn't the big house or the looney bin. We just need a place for looney birds like us. I sure like the sound of 23 hrs of flinging and 1 of...what do we need to waste an hour for? Anyway just think of all the dead pigs, above avg scores, badges, achievements, golden eggs, golden droids, mighty eagles, etc, etc, etc. A place where being an AB addict is OK. No more 9-step program ([email protected]) no more housework, no more job, no more cooking, or cleaning either. And maybe a theater, in case we get flinging-block. (Isn't there an Angry Birds movie coming down the pike?) And @E-star can relax and do videos without all the stress. I really hate to see you stressing so much @E-star. We all appreciate what you do for us. Can't imagine taking precious flinging time to make and upload videos. Can't imagine AB without your videos either (thanks a nest load!) As for the nails @kimmiecv, have you ever tried using a stylus? I'm a stylus convert cause it's thinner than my finger which makes aiming easier. OK, it's 2:30am and I still have some pigs to kill. I really don't know how I'm getting on with less sleep but I don't have time to think about that. 3am became my bedtime one ABN came into my life. And like you told @estar, we can sleep when were dead. I don't understand what you mean @hinarei, when you say this place won't help us kick our addictions??? It's true that no one has gotten past Step1, but you sound like you're in denial. What these therapy sessions are teaching me is that I don't need to kick the addiction, the addiction needs to kick me...err that doesn't sound right. Something like that. But it's true that like @kimmiecv I've experienced the withdrawal symptoms and they are BBAAAAAAADD. Don't wanna go there again. Almost turned poor @kimmiecv to a life of crime! Next thing you know we'd be sneaking an iPad to her inside of a cake. Besides, how else would we know if kimmie, or anyone else, needs our help if we didnt come to therapy? I'm holding on til My appt with Dr Feelgood. Can't wait for those meds! In the mean time therapy is all I have...and well...lots and lots of pigs to kill! Oh I love blowing those swine to bits, can't wait to decimate those egg stealing monsters, and there's no time like the present! In the words of Hans Swallow, "WhaaHoooooooo"
  • Dunno @Bird-addict I heard tell you have 23 hours in your cell and 1 hour to shower or get sun or some such thing! I have no way of verifying it only know what I've heard! As to a stylus I've got 3 but I can't get them to work so my flinging pointing left finger it is! Can't make it work with my thumb either. In the end killing piggies trumped my nail, so stub it will be!! I've heard tell De Nile is a regular prob with AB players, so sad but true for many of them :(. I'd rather confront it myself, get some good meds and continue on my pig killing quest. My therapy sessions here are just a nice bonus, that's how I see it. And although I've also heard that De Nile is nice this time of year it just seems like too much effort to me. I say toss me those meds or put me in a straight jacket cause I'll hurt anyone who tries to take my AB away from me! I have no prob admitting I'm an AB addict!! And I'm quite certain the Nest and leaderboards are to blame for taking me to this whole new level of addiction! And yep I play until 3 or 4am myself, just can't put my phone down no matter how hard I try!! Hmmmm I wonder if Obama would build as nice a resort for us AB addicts as he has for the criminals, I mean I know we aren't killing people but we are killing pigs so that should count for something right?? Right??? Maybe we should start a petition for it, can't hurt may help! He likes to spend money so why not on something really helpful!! We can even call it an AB prison if that makes him feel better! Yeahhhh that's it a petition for an AB prison where you get a nice place room and board free to play AB forever!!!!
    Oops gotta go its getting late and I have a few more piggies with bullseyes on their backs I gotta kill before my wasted time sleeping so I can get up and do the killing again!!!
  • @estar: Don't forget, we've got at least one more Seasons update before year's end. ;)
  • I was talking to my brother last night and he said he'd about given up on AB because he had a couple of levels he couldn't get past. He had not heard of ABN and put in his favorites on his iphone while we were talking.
    That makes me an enabler doesn't it?
  • Oooowwowoo @78RPM I did the same thing for my Mom, Dad and Sis!! Oh boy we are very BAAAAAAD people!! How could we do that to our families!! Oh man we are very naughty AB addicts! Thing is we aren't in our right minds @78RPM so we aren't completely to blame! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
  • Other than the several family members who suggested I try AB, and don't seem very addicted at all (of course, they aren't ABN members), I haven't been able to recruit any others. One reason I don't play AB Facebook. They all got annoyed with my asking them for presents.
  • OK people, it looks like Rovio is trying to tempt us again. Not sure how many of you have seen the most recent post here, but it appears that in less than 2 weeks, another AB Seasons update will be available.

    And of course, the wonderful admins here will have the leaderboards up withing a day or 2 followed up with the walkthroughs. All for us to post our scores only to see how pathetic we all are.
  • OK my finicky feathered friend @kimmiecv, you asked for, you got it! We now have a petition for the rights of Angry Bird Addicts around the world. What I need you to do is spread the word and ask all birds to click on this link and sign the petition. If we get 25k virtual signatures, the White House (no joke) will have to review it. Heck it could turn out to be the petition with the most signatures yet. Although it will bet hard to outdo the Texas petition to secede from the nation. News stations have been reporting on these petitions so ABA could make national news! I referred to our new home as a country club rather than prison. Don't want to give them any ideas. Http://
  • LOL @Bird-addict you are my heroine of the petition act!! Hahaaa Whoo hoo!! We could have a safe haven for our addiction! Yahoooey!! Heeheee hahahaaa looove it!! :D
  • Forgot to add everyone's name to my last post, so please go back and read it so that you know what this link is all about PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION for a fantasy come true:
    Everyone is encouraged to sign the petition but I have only included those who have posted on ABA. Please spread the word. Thanks
  • Hi @birdaddict ill sign the petition
    @penguinlover505 I c u have 2 create an account 2 do it wat is the petition 4
  • I'll sign it @bird-addict!
  • Thanks @penguinlover505. You can read the petition without creating an account at But you're right, you have to create an account to sign. Requires first & last name, email and zip code. An email will be sent to you and you verify acct by clicking on link in email. Thanks in advance from all the AB addicts. Because this is the real deal be sure you are OK with giving out your email to the government.
  • My email 2 the government?? Idk about this and ur welcome @birdaddict nice 2 meet u :)
  • Nice to meet you too @penguinlover. And no pressure re:petition. It's actually all in fun. I thought it'd be a kick to see if we can get a mention on the nightly news as they watch the progress of these petitions. Mostly I did it for @kimmie and her stubby nail. I don't want to see her leaving us and going into De Nile at a time like this! That's a dangerous place to be. Personally I'm more and more convinced that I really don't have an addiction at all! After listening to others here in therapy, I can see that I'm really not as effected as most. Matter of fact it wasn't until I was without AB for a 9hr stretch that I experienced those ugly withdrawal symptoms. Can't never do that again, no way, no how, no birdie! But doesn't 24 hrs of flinging sound wonderful? Wouldn't you check yourself into our soon-to-be luxury resort, built specifically for flinging and flinging and flinging and flinging and flinging and killing and killing and BLOWING UP those laughing egg-stealing green monster pigs? Doesn't working on your scores till you take your last breath sound like an AB-so-lute fantasy? Oh, (dramatic sigh) I can't wait. But in the mean time I gotta head back to SW and take down some swine! WhaHooooooo
  • LOL As always the government is in slow mo! @Bird-addict I'm still waiting for my email confirmation so I can get my sig in there!! Oh what a wonderful place it will be!! AB addicts around the world living to fling with no other worries!! Maybe even weekend visits from fam members who aren't addicted! Oh just perfect!! And maid service! Yeahhh that's what I'm talking about! A chef well that's like whip cream on my sundae!! Yeehaa!!! All you AB addicts get groovin and get your names in!! We are on our way to the perfect world! 24 hours to fling with room service!! Whoo Hoo!!! :D
  • It's very nice 2 meet u 2 @birdaddict my friends tell me I'm a little bit addicted 2 AB I stayed up 1 night until 2 am playing ABSW bc Id get 2 play all day I'm kinda an addict but big fan of AB it is fun 2 throw birds at pigs it's a lot of fun :)
  • I might do the petition idk
  • I want to sign the petition @birdaddict, and have made an account, but no email thus far. Maybe because I have a ".nl" email address... will keep checking, I know I entered my email the right way... Forgot my name isn't E-Star hahahahahh, so I entered E-Star instead of my real name... how far can a person be in the virtual world, to even forget their own real name Ooooppsss!
    But the place sounds so like a dream!! However I don't think I will move in the amazing sounding resort. I love my hubby to much and love living in The Netherlands (no real nature disasters, major crimes and gangs and broadband internet thru out the country). Also I don't think I would last one day without the love of my life... nooo not AB hahaha. Hubby of course, he is the one thing that keeps me sain(ish) and also helps me tremendously when I want to help out someone at ABN and I don't have all the information. He is even more of a computer wizz than me... owww I know, maybe he can be the tech guy on grounds? hahahaha LOL
    Anyway I do want all of you to have this amazing place of peace and flinging and I will come and visit on the oversees-friends weekend! So I will do what it takes to take care of my fellow ABA-ers... you name it and I will be here :)
    Well I got my meds and I feel erhhhhh nothing but the desire to kick some pigs behinds!! So see ya!!
  • Ow and ermmmm thanks for the heads up @brave1966... just what I needed.. AHHHHHHHH hahahahah LOL
  • @estar: Rather prophetic, I was, posting that mere hours before @amslimfordy posted the announcement about Winter Wonderham. lolololol
  • @e-star all I have to say about that is, "aawwwwww that is sooooooo tweet!" Nice that you are so in love with your hubby! He's a very lucky guy - and I'm sure he knows it. Actually I have something else to say. Sad news is that I got an email telling me that our petition has been removed! Can u believe it? They said it doesn't follow the rules...or some such nonsense. I just don't understand our government these days. They're giving everything away to everybody but when I ask for a simple little country club with private room and baths, maids, staffed kitchen,WiFi, broadband, theater, clinic etc...they get all cheap on us and blame it on "rules". So, fine. I don't need them anyway. I'm thinking I might just pick up and move to The Netherlands. It sounds like a wonderful place to live! What's the job market and economy like over there? It stinks over here. But maybe I'm just in a bad mood and venting/ranting a little (ok a lot) cause I spent the day cleaning up storm damage. Moving furniture, tearing up carpet, blah blah blah. heavy sigh (feel bad for me yet?) I think it's hilarious that you tried using E-star for your name! Yeah, I think that makes you officially in-deep with addiction, lol. Found myself blabbing about AB to a non-player today...but thinking of e-star as your identity is definitely a notch above on the addiction scale!
    Well, one things for certain, I know where a lot of pigs are hiding out and I'm going to show them some "natural disaster" with The Force, and "major crime" with a light saber! Me and my "gang" of birdie friends are going to smash them to smithereens! So ta ta for now Dutchie (as @kimmiecv would say) kiss your hubby for me :D
  • Bah typical of the government isn't it @Bird-addict!! Yep it maybe should have gone out as the big slammer!! They do so like to spend money on making criminals comfy and happy eh!! Pooh on them I say!! Fine we have ABA and we are not afraid to use it ( well most of us anyway) unless you count the ones in De Nile!
    Glad to hear the meds have kicked in @e-star your feeling the Flingin Powah and REALLY liking it eh! Perfect place to be! HAHAAAHAHAAA Love those meds!! And FYI I would have fought Looong and hard to make sure your hubby became our in house Techy!! ;D
    Well I should be heading for my pillow walk buuuut oh maybe just one (or twenty more flings!) Wahahahaaaha..........
  • OMG I can't believe that you actually sign appeal to goverment of the USA.
  • @bird addict tee hee... yeah me and hubby are tooo tweet.. I think most teeth will fall out from all the sugar in our story hahahahaha...
    They did what??? nooooo and I didn't even get my name (the alter ego name E-Star, which is becoming even more dominate every day hahahah LOL) on the bill!!

    As for the job market, hmmmm, the only downside, but I guess no matter where you go economic are bad. We are in a bad economy and the government needs to cut on all parts, but I still think we are doing pretty well. So sorry to hear you have storm damage, can't imagine what you are going thru! Hope all will be storm free soon for you and all the other people over there!
  • Hey! I just saw an add on this page for Duffy's Napa Valley rehab. Someone must have figured out we need help. And I didn't realize @Duffy was holding out on us. Maybe we could get her to open a special wing for AB addicts. Of course, Napa Valley would be a perfect location for doing winery tours to wean us from AB addiction. Would definitely need a separate program for ABA, since a lot of the current residents aren't supposed to drink.
  • It would probably interfere with a number of medications.
  • @mvnla - so sorry. I just got your email. I was unaware of the seriousness of the problem & the refusal of the government to help. Opening a wing at Duffy's Rehab is exactly the right thing to do. I will get right on it. I am so glad you brought this to my attention.
  • @78RPM -- Duffy's isn't going to give us meds to cure our addiction, just relaxing alternatives, right Duffy?
  • @mvnla2 I believe @78RPM may have been talking about the wine tours messing with our meds!!! LOL ;D
  • Rehab sounds great @duffy and @mvnla2! Gosh @duffy, our government kicks us to the curb but you came through - what a bird! I have a girlfriend who lives in Napa, if you'll be needing additional employees. The only problem is she doesn't like the idea of working. She's a professional shopper - even though she only shops for herself. But hey, she's doing her part in keeping the economy going. I have question for anyone reading this. Has anyone played AB on a smart tv? Did you like it?
  • Nope @Bird-addict all my TVs are stupid!! ;D And your friend never shops for Anyone else?? Geez what with your current sitch you'd think she might at least buy you a warm blanket?! Hope things are shaping up for you, sorry to hear Sandy got hold of you too! :( The only saving grace is you were able to keep your addiction going and didn't have to try to deal with that too!! That surely might have thrown you off the major deep end!! Hope you find someone with a smarter TV than I've got!! Kiss kiss :)
  • Hi All & @mvnla,
    Therapy involves a beautiful environment, inside & out, lots of recreational activities (purely optional), healthy but taste-good meals, visitation rights (only those YOU choose), and patient (client)- friendly staff. We do not medicate our patients (clients) except in the case of violent behavior (AB is NOT considered a violent activity). We have the latest technology to facilitate
    your platform preferences.
  • Paradise found! Great news @duffy! Are you saying that we can play AB to our hearts content? If that's the case we may not need meds and @kimmiecv and @E-star can get off theirs.
    Hey @kimmiecv, thanks for the kind words but thankfully I'm not in the NE. Feel terrible for those who are and know several. I'm out west like you. To be specific, I'm in the NW. We had some hurricane force winds recently but nothing like Sandy. As for my friend she's very generous. But she isn't a "professional" shopper in the work related way - you know shopping for professional women who don't have the time. I tried talking her into it once, but it was too much like work...even if it was shopping. She doesn't play AB either, (crazy girl!) What do you think about @duffy's place and no meds? My appt with Dr Feelgood is coming up fast...don't think I'll tell him about @duffy's place yet, been waiting a long time for those meds! Do you think @duffy will allow us to bring our own meds? The Force is calling my name, gotta go!
  • Oh that's good to hear @Bird-addict although the winds sound scary too! As to your friend well while I find shopping fun on occasion I'm not sure it's worth all the trouble, if you ask me it sounds like work!! LOL and at least she's generous, by your first comment I gathered she shopped for herself only (hence my comment about the blankey!) As to the meds I'd see Doc Feelgood just to be safe :) I don't know how expensive our duffys haven is, likely not government funded. But I have to say it sounds quite lovely and Napa is a very lovely place. And she sooo understands our addiction being one of us and all! Well hate to chat and run but I've a level to conquer before my pillow walk and I hear it screaming at me as we speak!! Kiss kiss :)
  • Only five more days til my appt with the doc! Hadn't thought that @duffy's rehab would cost, @kimmiecv! How much bird seed do you charge @Duffy? Or is rehab free to nesters? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Might be a good thing if I were to take every other week off instead of immersing myself in AB without coming up for air...then again, who needs to breath? Hmmm...@E-star has a point too, about leaving the hubby and family. Tough decision Probably shouldn't make any rash decisions until I have my meds anyway. Gotta get back, Luke and I are going to make pork chops of the next level!
  • I was told over the holiday weekend that I am addicted to AB, and need help. Ended up in a fight with the hubby over the hours I put in trying to get Jedi Addict Badge. We rarely fright. He said he was going to send me off to Betty Ford for rehab, but @mvnla2 said @duffy has a place. @duffy, do you have any opening????? Please say you do, I would rather rehab with friends!!!!! :/
  • Welcome @sunshine and as you can see your sooo not alone! We feel your pain and hope the ABA forum therapy helps you come to grips with your addiction! Hmmm if it does let us all know how that came to be? So far I don't think any of us have even made it to step 1 :/ Yep like I said sunshine you are Not Alone!! :)
  • @kimmiecv, thanks for the warm welcome!!!!!!
  • @sunshine, @kimmiecv, @bird addict - Duffy's rehab is funded by some VERY wealthy exaddicts. The cost to patients (clients) is minimal altho anyone making over $250,000USD may expect to pay more. Everyone is expected to treat nurses, aides, lawn-keepers, janitors, other patients (clients),etc. with respect and to learn all of their names. Snobbery will not be tolerated. @sunshine - I have your room ready. You may not be interested in this since your disagreement, but your husband is welcome to join you. As to meds, if your dr. has prescribed them, we will administer them but you may not take them on your own. Our own drs. also prescribe meds but will not do so if you are taking meds from someone else. We prefer our patients (clients) not to rely too heavily on medications, as
    we prefer not to substitute one dependence for another. Our AB rehab wing can house up to 150 patients (clients) but we find the optimum number is about 50 at one time. So we may stagger your admittance so that patients (clients) get the best care from our highly trained staff.
    I think that covers most of your questions. Please feel free to let me know if you have other questions or concerns. Oh! I forgot to mention that our program is not designed to wean you off AB completely, but to help you control your impulse to play constantly. We strongly suggest you return once a year for an evaluation and a refresher stay to shore up your will power should you find yourself lapsing back into your old ways.
  • Thank you so much for the info @duffy, it's sounds Deeevine!! I do have one question though, erm would you by chance also accept a 2 1/2 pound pup and a blind kitty? They are potty trained by the way! Just curious :)
  • @duffy that sounds pretty good! Does your center also help family members understand their loved one's say, convincing them to join them in the addiction? It's starting to sound like this may need to be a family affair so its a good thing you allow for that! Poor @sunshine - getting into a fight with her hubby just because he doesn't understand AB. Surely if a licensed therapist such as yourself explained to to him how this is a lifestyle that has chosen her - and not the other way around, then he would be encouraging of @sunshine's desire to play for hours on end, no? I would guess that like the rest of us, @sunshine was probably doing OK before ABN and the leaderboards took over her life. And really @duffy, I just can't place where it is that I've heard that figure before...the $250k. Seems I heard someone (was it a-bomb-o bird?) talking about it like it's some magical cut off. How much more are you going to "tax" the rich? And maybe there is another solution, like a deduction or loophole or a cliff. Oh, I do hope you'll accept me into the rehab. I promise not to tell you how to run your business, at least I'll try. As long as I'm killing pigs I won't be in your hair, promise. Matter of fact I'll show you. I'll go back to killing pigs right now and you won't hear another peep out of me! Tweet
  • @kimmiecv - No problem with the pets. I have a dog who lives at the Rehab Center with my husband & me. Does your dog like to play? Pets can be a very important part of therapy.
  • Well, one of my guys (dogs) just came up to me and I think what he wanted to know is am I EVER going to put that stupid thing down so we can all go to bed!
  • Thanks @duffy :) very good to know and I agree whole heartedly pets are a wonderful form of therapy! Um blind kitty too then? :)
    @78RPM funny you say that I get those looks a lot from my pup too, funny I also get them from my blind kitty! I sometimes wonder hmmm is he REALLY blind? Then I realize well duh his eyes are sewn shut so yeahhhh he's blind you moron!! But he still has that "stare" down pat!! LOL

  • New update to AB:SW tomorrow and AB:S on sat.

    It would be nice if I could make it to Step 1 and stay there for more than 6 minutes. (Thats how long I allow myself time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner combined)
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