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  • @kathy, you are the only true and rightful wearer of that crown and I have no problem with that. Twiggy and i have had lots of fun, she is starting to grow up to be a big girl now and learning to be a proper dog. She likes birds but has yet to meet a pig as they very rarely appear in the garden. Mummy (a.k.a. my wife) has been in hospital for 2 weeks and we are both missing her and hoping she can come home this week.
  • Aww Thanks @DesperateDan :D
    Lol Yeah I'd be quite surprised to hear of pigs in your garden, x especially green ones!
    Happy to hear Twiggy is having fun with the birds and learning, they grow up so fast!
    I'm sorry to hear about Mummy :( 2 weeks in the hospital! hopefully nothing to serious? are you able to visit with all this Covid shit going on? or at least FaceTime (or whatever it's called)
    I'll keep her in my prayers
  • Deep felt thanks @kathy, it's been hard because no visiting allowed but yes, plenty of facetime. Dogs don't really understand facetime I guess, Mummy's voice but no Mummy, poor thing. But she's a happy dog thank goodness. Quite serious illness so it may change our lives but everything has changed anyway with Covid so there are many many people experiencing big change as I am sure you can appreciate. OB is a very good listener too. Jukebox good too, I had never heard that Windy song before. Let me find something to stick on.
  • @Desperate_Dan Sending good {{{vibes}}} for Mummy’s recovery! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Are you lurking @catsnbirds? This is for you!
  • @TomPuss Always lurking ;-). Thanks, that bird sure wants to play!
    @DesperateDan So sorry to hear about Mummy’s illness. Heartfelt wishes and thoughts to you both. ❤️
  • @DesperateDan ((((((Hugs)))))
    I'm so sorry about Mummy, "We roll with the punches" ,"this too shall pass" All those crappy sayings that people say to comfort. It really sucks about the Not being able to visit part! As said I will keep her in my prayers as with you and Twiggy, I'm sure Twiggy needs you just as much as you need her right now.
    More Hugs ((((((Hugs))))) and extra scratches behind the ear, And on the Belly for Twiggy
  • Hey @CatsnBirds always nice to see you peek your head up from lurking heehee, although i know your always there, hope The blues are serving you well , They Do have explicit instructions lol :D
  • another Nickel in the Jukebox
  • That's it from me, Nighty Night Birdie Friends
  • Thanks everyone for messages of support. Let's get this joint rocking!
  • Great song @DesperateDan :D
    aww @Tienshenlong :( I know ..
    I don't know quite the etiquette of Hugging a Dragon, but (((((((Hugzzsss))))
  • Not quite the music i was looking for but it popped up so therefore it must be for a reason
  • This a rather strange Song, I'd never heard it before until today, it seems like it might be the first half of a longer story..IDK but yeah.. opinions? I figured I'd heard it, and I don't listen to a lot of music, just on my way to work, and my drive home, which is very short, 10 minutes tops each way, and that's on a bad day,,i can't make it in under 7 minutes if there's no traffic which there usually isn't on my way in, so i put a lot of thought into the songs i hear, maybe too much???
    @Tompuss have you ever heard it, @Hunnybunny? @Anyone Im very interested in opinion, Not sure if I even like the song, just seems unfinished...??
  • Something else I heard today, not a song but..
    "A Society that Believes in itself, bulids monuments
    A sick Society, doesn’t build monuments
    A Dying Society stands silently and watches as monuments are torn down”
  • That's the definition of a real bad hair day. As far as the T bone Burnett track goes, I liked it musically but it is unsettling. Switching Hefner and Disney in the lyrics is interesting.
  • On the subject of monuments, one of my favourite songs, "Monuments for a Dead Century". I would be astonished if anyone knew this but bear with me, there are 3 parts to this, and each part is brilliant.
  • @DesperateDan Lol Agreed on the Bad Hair day for T-Bone I hadn't noticed!
    And I actually think I heard That Boo Radleys song years ago, but not sure But Yeah I like it! interesting.. Hope things are peaceful with you and Twiggy, Prayers for Mummy ♡♡♡
    I gotta get to Dreamland before the Sandman shuts the doors..G'Nite..
  • Lol @kathy, the bad hair day was meant to be Bowie!
  • Mummy home! One little doggie especially overjoyed. I'm happy too. Less time in the BP, I guess, but OB, drinks all round.
  • Here's something that hits home:
  • Lol @DesperateDan sorry about the mix up, but meh' I love Bowie no matter what his hair looks like!
    Happy to Hear Mummy is Home!! :D Woot!! Yay!! *Happy Dance** whoooottt!!
  • Good song @Sweetp Haven't heard it before!
    G'Nite Birdie freinds
    After tomorrow, I'm have 10 days off from work!! Wooot!!
  • @ kathy - your strange song: new to me too, and this is the only commentary I could find:

    Seems listening to the whole album might help!

    Obvious they’re both selling fantasy, is that good or bad? Dunno.
    The woman? Bunny Girl? Princess? Actress on the casting couch??
    Maybe it’s just an observation on our times.

    I was a teenager in the.’50s, we didn’t have to work out what songs "meant"

    I do have a very favourite quirky band tho: - The Penguin Café Orchestra, we both love it!
    Just type "Penguin Café" on YT, everything is there.

    @Desperate_Dan Great news! Love to all!

    For everyone: "You raise me up":

    Yes, how apt @SweetPea!
  • Thank you @tompuss! We all need our spirits lifted, and Josh Groban's beautiful voice surely does it for me!
    @kathy, that album came out in 2014, but I think a lot of the songs applies to the present. Here's another one:
  • @Tompuss Thanks for the LorneAnderson commentary on my 'Strange indeed' Hefner and Disney song, perhaps your right, they both created fantasy world, and although The world looks at Disney as 'Wonderful' entertaining fantasy in the innocent sense, and Hefner as the Evil fantasy in the moral sense , Who really knows , are they interchangeable? I could Swear (Now that I'm older) That Disney was 'On Something' ¿ 'good hallucinogenics' *insert Rolly guy' Do I have to mention 'Alice in Wonderland'¿
    But .. I've always been one to listen for the meaning behind songs, when i was younger i use to write poems, not poetry per se' whatever that word is, but just poems, random thoughts, All words whether poetic or lyrical , have deep meaning I think.
    Enough philosophical thought tonight!
    Whereas Josh Groban Is simple, he sings from his Soul!! That is such a beautiful song! And I hate the way it's been used and perverted by many others, although Beautiful and meaningful to them, write your Own damn song and put your own Damn music to it! don't just change the words to someone else's to suit your whims! And there's been many!
    Hmm that wasn't meant to be a Rant but..
  • @Sweetp That one I've heard! lol,,I haven't listened a lot to Julian Lennon, that one reminded me of his father's songs,, Whom i used to love John Lennon, and his childish idealistic way of dreaming, looking at the world, unrealistic really, but If Only! The world sure could use it now, but Reality sinks it's ugly head in!
    who said that Famous line "Can't We All just Get Along" I don't understand why,, But that's like a child asking "Mommy Why is the Sky Blue"
    Because God made it that way honey, Don't you worry your little head about it, it will change color when the Sun sets and you'll see the Most beautiful colors you've never seen before, and will never see again, because tomorrow when the Sun sets, it'll be A little bit different.... but there will always be a hint of Blue...
  • I know I've played this before but
  • And there's always some grey..
  • And What about L. Frank Baum ??? Tell me he wasn't on Something??
  • @DesperateDan Hows Mummy feeling! better that she's home I bet,, Hope she's getting plenty of rest, snuggling up with Twiggy .. My best to the three of you ,♡ Prayers still flowing
  • Hi @kathy. Encouraged by your eclectic and knowledgeable taste in music. Most people I speak to about music, even of my age, appear to have little clue of what's out there. What a jukebox, hey! You too @Tompuss. Penguin Cafe Orchestra! Just wait, I will roll out some odd ones soon.
    Mummy is settling back in thank you, even managing to negotiate the stairs, thank goodness, but very slow with no feeling in one foot. It could have so much worse so Daddy and Twiggy are both thankful. Twiggy is not allowed to bounce into Mummy any more like Tigger, so we have to be careful. And boy, for a little dog can she bounce!
    Still fighting it out place by place with @peejaydee27 in ABO. Encroaching into top 20 and it's getting tough. Still searching for that elusive puppy.
  • @DesperateDan I really am not that knowledgeable about Music, I just put a lot of thought into it sometimes when I hear certain songs. definitely looking forward to hearing some of your 'odd ones' lol
    Happy to hear Mummy is doing a bit better, day by day she'll improve :) and No Twiggy bouncing for sure, that's a tough one to learn for her I bet! especially after not seeing her for some time. but I'm sure she will. Dogs have that sense when someone is not feeling right.
  • Howdy partners, did someone mention my name
  • Wwwwaaassssup @kathy i was having a nice sleep
  • Zzzzzzz hic Zzzzzzzz
  • Oopss Sorry i woke you @Ixan57.. Go back to sleep...zzz..zzz
    I'll wake you up when @Tompuss delivers the Dancing girls :D
    Oh and don't forget to say hello to @DesperateDan and Twiggy, not sure if you've met..
    @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • OB Some Special Stock please for @Karen68, because this songs for her :D
  • @Admins Please please please fix the picture link? @Sweetp ?? c'mon
    I think sharing pictures, especially in these crazy times would be good!
    And there are Birthdays coming up, i Want to be able to post banners., and cakes and flowers and celebrate! like we used to
  • Tomorrow is a Special Day! *sigh* I can't even post the banner..
  • Tomorrow there will be celebration,, Pictures or no pictures, Banner or no banner
    it will Be remembered
  • @kathy, sorry I thought @birdleader had it fixed. It was working but I don't know what happened!

    I wish I could fix this, but I don't have the smarts like he does
    I'll have to get in touch again and see if he can get it all straightened out.
  • thanks @Sweetp yeah it wasn't working even after we thought it was fixed, still couldn't post pics from our AB Album.
    i understand it's out of your control, but i appreciate your looking into it.
    I did contact @Birdleader via Batphonea while ago, but it never did get fixed.
  • Nighty Night , Sweet Dreams my Birdie Friends♡♡♡
  • Make way for the Princess :D lol
  • @Gumby Wassssuuuuppp ??
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