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  • Happy Birthday @Rat9 , and No we won't forget Heyyou birthday tomorrow :D
    We all miss you, and love you ♡♡♡
  • @rat9 Always with us, never forgotten ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Happy Bird-day @Rat9

    until our next meeting...
  • Today the celebration is for our King of Space. Will always miss you and your x-celllent stRats. It’s been so quiet in the walls...
    Happy Birthday @rat9
  • Yes The walls have been quiet :(
    Happy Birthday Pa, and No i didn't forget Heyyougetouttamyway ;) Happy Birthday you little crtitter,,I see Pa listed your BirdDay!!♡♡♡♡
    It Would be nice if we could post Pictures!!
    But i might have a song!
  • The Names have been changed to protect the innocent !
    But Rat and Heyyougetouttamyway this one's for you♡♡♡♡
  • I understand the significance of the song and what it commemorates but I have say that the video (scenes from the film I guess) feels utterly wrong in this current climate with a black artist singing when the actor is white. Different times. There are other songs involving rats but none as suitable as this one!
  • Thanks @DesperateDan
    Honestly, I didn't even think of the racial aspect of the video, I never saw the film. but i respect your opinion because I just don't think of that stuff, and i think If Nobody thought of that stuff it wouldn't be an issue, so much, Idk I think it's more Political than anything else and Here in Slingtown, there are no politics, just fun and games :D
  • No, it surprised me, how I felt. "The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there"
    Try this for size, maybe little known but one of my absolute favourite songs ever. An unconventional love song. Only one voice, the brilliant Robert Wyatt. Liked the PCO by the way @Tompuss.
  • Ohh @DesperateDan I mistook, i guess! I've better never heard that quote
    "The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there"
    But I like it!!
    Can't listen to your choice right now, but I will later :D
  • @DesperateDan What a Beautiful song, I was very moved ,a bit melancholy, Robert Wyatt has a beautiful voice, I love the song!! added to my favourites list :D
    He definitely portrays the feeling , I love songs that have Feeling and emotion.
    I have a quite sad one but, not sad idk.. hold on.
  • I first heard this song while out at a Blues club where they had different local artists able to get up and sing, singles, bands what ever.. The guy i saw did such a great job on this song, that i just had to find the original story behind it..
  • Thanks @kathy, George Jones certainly has an interesting back story. I can't admit to being a big Country fan but good songs are good songs in any genre.
  • @DesperateDan That's The only George Jones song I've ever heard,,I think,,I hear a lot of songs but don't know the Artist. I'm Not a big country music fan either,, But agree Good music in any Genre is Good! Except Disco , and I'm not a big fan of Rap,, but like some Eminen (can't spell it)
    I like Old fashioned Rock and Roll and the Blues (The music, not the birds lol)
    No offense Blues, keep up the good work!
  • @Gumby Wassssuuuuppp???
    @Ixan57 Wassssuuuuppp???
    @Tompuss The boys are waiting in the shadows for some Dancing Girls ??
  • I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy 4th of July :D
    We usually have A fireworks display, but Can't this year
    Because We Still can't post Pictures!!!!!!
    @Sweetp I know it's beyond your control,, and I've already contacted @BirdLeader a couple times,, He promised he would fix it, but so far not working still! I feel forgotten :(
    Seriously I don't understand the tech stuff, But How hard can it be? :(
  • See that Dr O'Neski (@steviep147) has finally reached the incredible score of 90 million on ABO. We are not worthy etc. He ought to come in and celebrate.
  • BTW, the quote about the past being a foreign country is the opening line of The Go Between by LP Hartley, which is one of those books that seems to end up on the school curriculum (in UK at least) and is also a film.
  • Wassssuuup back at you @kathy. Where are the dancing girls. Back to sleep.
    Oh all you guys across the pond HAPPY 4TH OF JULY
  • @Ixan57 to see you!!
    Still waiting on @Tompuss to hire the Dancing girls!!
    Sweet Dreams, even though you've probably woken up by now and gone back to sleep lol!
    I know the feeling, back to work tomorrow!
  • Just been reading back on what happened to Rat and feeling sad. Did Rat get his star? I hope it's shining brightly wherever it may be.
  • Sad loss, @DesperateDan :(
    We didn't get the Star as @Sglouk (also Rats good friend, and Rival in space) was good enough to warn us that it was a scam!
    We did created a forum for condolences, and with his services website included, where fellow flingers could make donations and sign his book!
    And @Hunnybunny created a beautiful memorial wreath, which I'd show you But!! We still can't post pictures! it is in my album of you want to look!
    I'll try to find the forum and post it here..
  • lol @TienShenlong 'XRSHMQRSBPLSVQ'?????
    Backatcha :D
  • Lol @Tienshenlong I must admit your first post I thought was Draconic for Wassssuuuuppp?? But in second thought, Yeah the Breath Stealing, carbon dioxide inhibiting Mask could make it sound like that But Breathe Easy my friend, You must've missed the sign (that i failed to post on the Door)
    * Runs outside and posts sign reading "Welcome to the Bloated Pig,, No may required!*
    Yeah that sign!
  • And CONGRATULATIONS on your First Nephews!!! Twins at that Woohoo!!
    I'd throw a Party, and have a banner made, x But.... I guess pictures Aren't Allowed in the BP anymore!! as No @Admin has the skills to fix the *"'&$#@;+&##@ Picture Link!!! and I'm not blaming @admins ,,@Birdleader is the only one who can fix it and He promised he would, but so far no luck! so as it stands No More cerebrations at the BP , and if @Amslimfordy wants to pop in and admonish Me again, then so be it! If only @EStar were here to wave her Magic Wand, *sigh* sorry it's just me left, and I can't do much of anything, I don't even own a computer, no less have the skills to fix anything!
    *Rant Over* OB please pour me a drink..
    Pardon my language , forgot to take my mask off after re-entering the building!! yeah that's why!
  • What an Honor to be asked to name them! :D Bless them, the Sweet baby boys Herefore to be known as Demiam and Pam as so named by their Heroic Draconic Uncle Tienshenlong :D
  • It's impossible to play AB with a mask on. My glasses keep steaming up. @steviep147 said he hadn't noticed he had reached 90 million on ABO. Some people will do anything to avoid buying drinks all round! @vuelva said he hadn't reached 90 million because he refuses to play levels with Power Ups, i.e. in the Tutorial section. All power to the AB purists! Power ups are the spawn of the devil (along with celery). Just saying, Rovio.
  • Hey Everyone Wassssuuuuppp???
    Not up for chatting, but i brought a nickel to play the Jukebox..
  • Again Not up for chatting,, I'm FliNgiN' lol
    But brought a Nickel for the Jukebox, And I got a couple Rolls of Nickels , in case anyone else wants to play! Yeah the Jukebox used to be free, But times have gotten tough, And without picture links working..*Ahem* sorry gotta clear my throat.. So without Picture links working... @Admins @Birdleader , I had to start putting Nickels in the Jukebox in order to pay OB and the Blues! for what IDK, but the place IS spotless!!
    *puts Nickel in Jukebox*

    Yeah That Made NO sense at all, but it did to me at the time lol!
    I can't even try to explain...
  • @Gumby Wassssuuuuppp?? @Ixan57 Wassuuuuuppp???
    This one is for you guys.

  • Well Tomorrow, July 12th , Is a Very Special Day
    it's that in her time zone but..
    I'd like you all to join in Wishing @Tompuss a Very Very Happy Birthday :D
    I would love to post her banner and celebrate like we used to with cakes and flowers etc.
    But you know..
  • OB Please put out the flowers we ordered, and instruct the caterer to put the cakes out!
    And of course the buckets of Ice with the Cristal , and will you know, the snacks !
    The Whole Nine yards, no holds barred after All ,@Tompuss is very very special to All of us!
  • Aww man!! now even copied links aren't working, it isn't even a picture, just words to a song!
    @Sweetp @BirdLeader Puhhllleeeeze!!
    What good is it if we can't Even celebrate a birthday??
    I know it's not important to you guys, But it's important to us!!
  • Thanks so much @kathy!

    Birdie friends:
  • Your very welcome @Tompuss :D
    thanks for the penguin video !! I love penquins :)
  • Thanks for Paul, @kathy!
    Oldies but goodies!
  • Yes, @tompuss, a belated Happy Birdday.

    It's Mummy's birthday tomorrow. So glad she made it. And Twiggy is 300 days old and quite grown up. She is going to the groomers today and getting the full works. With lockdown, very overdue. I'd send a picture but...
  • Good morning @Desperate_Dan (or should I say Crown Prince?) and thanks for Beatle birthday greetings!
  • @DesperateDanCrownThief , Make sure you take good care of the Crown! after all you have a Whole page to go, maybe a couple months at this rate!!
    And no offense, that's what i call All the thieves of my Crown lol! Believe me now? it just happens! heehee!
  • And good News about Mummy I hope she had A very Happy Birthday! Id post her a cake.. but you know the picture problem, which sucks! I'd love to see pics of the pup who licks my leg like a popsicle every time I sit down :D
    We All use to share pictures and the time, and share and Celebrate birthdays !
    I Haven't actually looked back through the pages of time to see it the links even survived the 'Whatever it was that broke the link' I can only Pray and hope they did..
    One more time, probably Not the Last..
    @Birdleader @Sweetp @bernersenn @any @admin who can fix the damn picture link!! Puhleeezzee!!!

  • Dare I even look back?? I'm afraid if All the links are broken I might cry..
  • *Crying** :( :(
    All Pictures from Day '1' are gone!!!!!
    Lots of Blank posts No pictures of All that we shared :( The memories All Gone, might as well been a Fire! Im only glad @Pa wasn't here , his memory will never disappear
    I think that's it folks.. Someone else can run this place.. I'm sorry,, I'm done..
    @rdnzlrips82 It Was a great idea, but We've been forgotten,All good things come to an end sooner or Later
    @Sunshine @Estar @Angryboy We had a great team.. thank you all! I'll never forget..
    That's All folks....♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    and lest I forget @mvnla2 One of my very first friends in the Nest, who guided my first flying lessons , helping me find my way about the Nest, the Best Guide I could've hoped for, and Always keeping her Eagles Eye on The Bloated Pig, always welcoming new patrons and pointing them in the right direction, of rules courtesy's, an Integral part of Team BP, honorary member , asking nothing in return (not that we had anything to offer) lol, but freindship , safe haven and comfort.
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