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    Good Night Birdie Friends
  • @kathy, if this really is the end, I am not fit to wear the crown into eternity. I henceforth grant it to you. As a relative newcomer to the BP, despite having been flinging for almost as long as most of you, I have found it a welcoming haven in what have turned out to be traumatic times. This despite it having been largely forgotten by the wider world. I find out today whether I still have job to go to - either way it would be nice to go somewhere to respectfully celebrate or drown one's sorrows. I totally get the concept of the BP. Not everyone does.

    In the words of Michael Stipe "Oh no, I've said too much. I haven't said enough"
  • @DesperateDan
    No worries, the BP isn't going anywhere, I will keep my fingers crossed for your job, and hold the crown for good luck ;)
  • @Sweetp Check your links! they are invalid and lead to a website that is called origamiowl.. something!
    CC @admins @bernersenn @Birdleader
  • @DesperateDan What's the word on your job!
    Drinks on the House, Either way, in celebration or grief.. And free menu choice ! :D
  • Nothing certain yet, but it's looking a bit brighter than last week thank you. The perils of working in the aerospace sector. Many sectors are affected but this one that will take years to recover. Can't afford to retire yet!
  • Sorry, @kathy. Those were to my business website. I deleted it. Something weird going on.
    @birdleader @bernersenn
  • This is what I wanted to post earlier:

    And here's the entire 2-hr concert in Stade de France!
  • Above was a test of the Embed (thumb) link from a picture in my album, @Birdleader, even my text disappeared!

    That is a direct link , of idk what.. if it even works
  • ok yeah @Birleader the direct link works, but to post an actual picture, like a banner, you can't! that's what needs to be fixed.
  • @DesperateDan well that is good news, right ? hang in there for now, as long as you can,, I'm in the same boat, working as a subcontractor for the DOD, at my age, can't afford to lose my job, can't afford to retire yet, I'll be working till i drop really!!
  • @Sweetp thanks for fixing your link,, That is a cool show!
    The town I live in is Called Hull, and there's a long Boulevard to get into town, only one way in and one way out, that road!
    The song 'Highway to Hull' is what we sing around here lol:D
  • I that as a No @Birdleader .!
  • Who wants to celebrate a birthday 'Clicking on links' all day??? Can I have a show of hands please??
    ex! Click here to see your banner.. Sorry @KimmieCV can't find your banner
    Click here to see your cake .. and you'll have to settle for @Sunshine cake
    Click here to see your balloons
    Click here to see your flowers
    Click here to see your card.. sorry no card, but i emailed you one lol
    and after you click All my links, next click on Everyone else who would like to wish you a happy Birthday , click their links, one by one..
    Then the next person
    Then the next...etc..
  • But @KimmieCV
    Happy Birthday!! in spite of it all
    I just couldn't let the day go by without a word, although I know, you will never even look..
  • Thank You @Kathy love the cake!! And I got the card❣️ You’re a sweetheart with a Really good memory LOL ❤️
  • *Shakes Head* Okay I'm NOT Dreaming!! (((((Hugs)))) @KimmieCV Pahtnah!!
    Happy Freakin' Birthday!!
  • Sorry about the crappy decorations Blame it on @BirdLeader !!
    OMGiraffe , I'm so happy you popped in, You have No Idea!!
  • I'm off to Dreamland, you made my day!
    Nice to see you Pahtnah, G'nite ♡♡♡
  • @kathy and @kimmiecv Happy Birthday!!!
  • @kathy Good night Pahtnah! Have a great pillow walk ❤️
    (((Hugs))) back atcha and thanks again for the goodies❣️
    Hi @sunshine Thank You :D
  • @kimmiecv what have you been up to??? I’m working night shift on the COVID hotline for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. It’s 1:24 am here
  • @kathy, odd what you say about Hull. You may or may not know there is a city in England called Hull that has a well known street called Boulevard. And guess what, your Hull is named after our Hull. The full name is Kingston upon Hull, so Hull is actually the river, but no-one calls it Kingston.
    This is a free educational service.
  • @sunshine of course you are! I’m not even a little surprised ❤️ Not doing much, I’m in Cali as you know so our socialist governor has shut everything down once again. Sigh
  • Oops I’m out of practice :O shouldn’t have mentioned the gov thing but then that is why Things are yucky :(
  • @kimmiecv I’m very happy that our gov. closed Ohio down!!! (And he’s a Republican).
  • @kimmiecv and everyone!!! Wearing a mask help to protect YOU and OTHERS!!! Be SMART!!! Be SAFE!!!!!
  • This is NOT about politics!!!!! This Is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE!!!!
  • @sunshine calm down, I’m talking about businesses being shut down again, not masks. If masks work then businesses should be just fine to open with social distancing.
  • @Sunshine @KimmieCV
    This is not the place
    Yes sunshine It Is a poitical ploy, but also yes, common sense, I don't need the Government to tell me to wash my hands and stay heathy! sorry.. schools need to open, the country needs to open, the numbers are skewed believe me or don't, do some serious research,
    yes I know you are in the Front Line, and is much appreciated by all!! but don't be in denial of the political aspect.
  • Birdleader asked if we want to archive this forum and move it to groups,
    any thoughts?
    Id prefer to stay here and forfeit the pictures, the direct link still works, thank you @KimmieCV for confirming that you could click the links and see your gifts (for what they are worth)
  • @DesperateDan Thanks for that history of the name of Hull, and before, years ago I actually live in the next town over from Pembroke, called Kingston lol! I guess that why we are called
    'New England' where the settlers first settled :D
    How's Mummy doing? and Twiggy?? You can still upload pictures to your album, then use the 'direct link' option to post the link here. I'll explain it if you need but just not tonight, My head is just spinning with all sorts of stuff right now!
  • No prob @Kathy you’d gotten me right when I got home so I was able to click on the links and all of them worked :)
  • So good to see you again @KimmieCV , and as always you show up, just in the Nick of time :D
    Really helps my desicion to keep this forum here instead of the groups ;)
  • double post.. sorry..
  • Not that It's really My Desicion, but Birdleader Does take my opinion into consideration I think.. I'd like to hit 3000 pages before we move anywhere, and I'm Sure @Tompuss will agree, after all She's been an integral member of the BP!
    Now it @Gumby and @Ixan57 would pop in more often it would go a lot faster!!
  • Oopsy Sorry @DesperateDan I didn't mean to snatch my crown that quickly! Hope I didn't wake you?
    I guess the Princess Felt the need to pop in and make sure things were ok here! :D
  • @kathy I am NOT an ostrich with my head in the sand! I have been helping my fellow healthcare workers and colleagues since the start of this in March! Taking care of them!!!! Making sure they are safe , healthy and getting the care THEY need!!! Do not talk to me about politics! Talk to me about lives! Caring for our fellow citizens, family’s and friends.
    STOP making a pandemic into politics!!! ALL of our friends around this great world are going through the SAME thing! They are making huge sacrifices as well. This is not about AMERICA.
    This is worldwide.
  • Just a shame the politicians are in charge and not the scientists over this one. That's all I'm going to say. Hang on, someone took my crown...that's weird, I just woke from dream that I had been robbed of my possessions.
  • And not surprisingly @kathy, Pembroke is similarly named after Pembroke in Wales, a place of considerable significance in our history.
    If you give instructions sometime you may be able to see that mischievous pup.
  • Shoot I’m sure I missed you @Kathy I’m glad you’re keeping the BP here for at least a little while. Birdleader has been keen I’m moving it since the updated site if I remember correctly. At that point I’m not sure I’ll ever find you again :(
    Anyways enjoy your weekend ❣️❤️
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