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  • Today’s is Seventies track that I love, better to listen than watch...
  • I Have The Crown
    Polishing already...
  • Wow @Hunnybunny That was fast!! barely had time to place it on my head!! lol
    @Tompuss That guy drawing it's amazing, problem is I think our patrons drink faster than he can draw heeeheee!
  • Heard this today in a tv show i was watching, the Vevo version wasn't that good so i hope this one works
  • That's an Interesting song @Hunnybunny , I've never heard it, or of the band. hmm
  • @kathy That Andrews Sisters song is one of my favourites!

    @hunnybunny New to me, very nice!

    A beautiful duet:
  • Happy you liked my song @Tompuss!
    Yours is new to me also, very beautiful duet! I haven't heard Crystal Gayle for ages, forgot what she even sings, but I know I've heard Her beautiful voice before!
    Now i gotta look lol :D
    @bernersenn Happy Birthday bud :) Have a beer or three on me
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp???
  • This one made me laugh:

    Johnny Cash: "The one on the right is on the left":

  • Lol @Tompuss Never heard that one before! it is Funny! love Johnny!!
    here's my choice for Friday
  • Inspired by @Karen68 and just for everyone …
    and I can't explain it...
  • OB 3 fingers of Ripsy's special stock for Karen and I'm sure @Hunnybunny can use it, and I'll take some too..
    I always forget it it 3 fingers or two, but 3 will suffice..
  • G'Nite Birdie Friends ♡♡♡
  • Well Good Afternoon Birdie friends, quiet day! OB don't mind me, continue your ermm..uhh nap?
    just playing a song on the Jukebox
  • Loved the Johnny Cash, failed totally to find my favourite one of his
    But found this, for everyone who’s having a hard day, and @gumby whose working
    It’s been on my IPod for years, never seen the vid, or knew that Alan Jackson was so handsome or Jimmy Buffet was white! He sings like a black man..
  • Great choice @Hunnybunny Yes Alan Jackson is quite handsome!
    Haven't heard a lot of his music, but he's good!
  • What is your favourite Johnny Cash song that you can't find?
  • Lol @kathy it’s Chuck Berry, not Johnny Cash, forgive me I’m only 38 (in my dreams!) so all before my time, and here’s John Travolta and Uma Thurman doing their best to it
  • What's Chuck Berry, not Johnny Cash @Hunnybunny ? your favourite song? I'm confused lol!
  • Better late than nevfer...
    sorry for the delay

    @Kathy about "Time to let all the keeped stuff on display and in demo mode" and translation (to Spanish, I' pressume) that DEPENDS... literal style or meaning way, or equivalent one? The mix of all them shou7ld be: " Hora de permitir a lo guardado que se muestre y muestre lo suyo" ... basically, that should fit most uses.

    @TomPuss , I've mean a non-profit volunteer singer at that moment... As it seems they are extinct nowadays, I´ve vade from No-Thing a full choir with leading voices Roboto's crew to do the job. Be prepare for a comming soon draconic concert performed by TienShenLong's ROBORKESTAYKOROS (tm) from the Andes.

    End of briefing
  • Ohh never mind lol, I got it
    will have to listen later, watching the Patriots kick the Jets arse!!
    @Gumby Waaassssuupppp??
    @ixan57 Wassssuuuppp?? long time no pop in?
  • @ixan57 and @Tompuss set up all those beers for you and dancing girls!!
    What because you lost Wandering Star you can't get here?
  • PS: Yesterday was Ethel´s B-day so I´ve composed a extension to be attached at the very end of Mozart´s Requiem mass. If anyone know a easy way to put here a mp33 audio easy way, step foward and speak that aloud and shall be done.
    I consider to share that as I´m have no idea of musical theory and can write musical notation... despite that, was easy to receive and to name anything in front any of us, and its specially shareable the section stuff under "Out-of-No-Thing" and the facts about that, the involved method that brings to be that musical piece mentioned before, as I don´t want to sing for and to the non-sense words like Life-Death, at least not now to Ethel, but getting inspiration to add (my way) something that I can´t stop to be, nor want to do that but otherway around. I bet one like against the chance that listening is something you already expected from a newbie like me. I propose Kathy to be the booker for that weager. lol Not link available as not yet uploaded anywhere and not enjoy to mail 1x1 either.

    TSL over
  • I shall ick up that beers asap after this day´s service' duties... For now just for asking you for that sharing thing I have for you. THANKS!
  • @TienShengLong I'm not quite sure what your asking, I've no idea about mp33 audio, I've no idea about anything to do with uploading anything from anywhere or making audio :(
    I'm really sorry that I can't help, but understand your wanting to be a proper thing from your heart for Ethel , I think you need to just let go no matter how hard it hurts your heart
    I just don't know what to say, nothing anyone can or will say will make it different, or easier or any change in the way you feel, And i know first-hand that empty feeling, the feeling of trying to express un-expressable feelings and words through song, music it's just not possible. when i lost my dear daughter, i sat for days, listening to every CD , bands everything She, Tracy, ever listened to, trying to find meaning, something to hold on to, a Reason Why she was suddenly just not there, everyday for weeks!
    Eventually Time just does it's thing, passes and passes more with no answers, no memorial, nothing to dedicate that would change anything. my life just goes on until it doesn't someday then i will see her and she'll understand
  • Don´t worry, be happy.

    Dragon working around a woraround already.Refresh me your mail to refre3sh you back with music by the Heaven´sdragon, that by the way is one translation of many others for TienShenLong.

    Get that pre pre release downloading from this link.

    Let me know if doesn't work.

    Lot of lovely fangs 'n claws from Peru, my Nesters brothers and sisters.
  • The Audio works @TienShengLong , phenomenal! no video though was there supposed to be?
  • not video indeed. I've forgot to mention that piece its meant to be attached at the very final notes of Mozart's Requiem mass. Its a extension for the existing ones, not for the living nor dead ones because that is too imprecise for me.
    That explains such unusual strating, isnt it?

    TSL over 'n out
  • it is very powerful!
  • And these two need no introduction
  • Awesome @HunnyBunny I never knew they did a concert together
    Doesn't look like the Sting I'm used to seeing.. don't mind me my mind is boggled atm..
  • @TienShenLong Sometimes one listens and doesn't hear, or hears a different message, yes Powerful is what i heard! and perhaps that is what Ethel needs to hear, somewhere,
    oh Idk what the hell I'm trying to say!
    @tienshenglong ((((((((Hugs)))))))
  • Proceeds from this song to be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation to benefit First Responders:
  • Great song @Sweetp and great foundation!
    they all deserve our gratitude and respect!
  • Woot! The Pat's kicked some A$$ today 30-14 @kathy that was a great game ❤
  • Yes they Did @Sweetp And yes it was a great game! Pats Rule and everyone who hates them is just plain houses jealous :D
    thanks !
  • @TienShenLong Enjoyed your very impressive coda to the Requiem!

    Lovely "Here’s lookin’ at you" from that handsome golden messenger ❤️

    Surely such good vibes must be reaching Ethel. . .

    @SweetP Great song, kudos to all first responders and to Gary Sinise.

    @hunnybunny Wow, I ❤️ love that Alan Jackson song! Thanks! And for the perfect duet by the Boss and Sting!

    @kathy Beautiful rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"!

    Mine for Monday:

    "The very thought of you":

    And @kathy, another masterpiece by the guy who drew the glass of beer. . this time a beautiful cat, and you’ll see him with his cats at the end (are you lurking @catsnbirds?)
  • Loved The Thought of You

    But today The Boss turns 70!

    Here’s my favourite
    Last time I posted it @kathy asked if it was me in the video. Well obviously not, but from the waist down it’s me in my finery! When I can be bothered...
  • @kathy, that is my favorite version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow! Turned hubby on to it and it's his fav, too. It's really sad that IZ passed too quickly, never caring too much of his health issues. So many other songs (Hawaiian) that have entertained my life before I moved to the mainland. Miss my Ohana (home) across the ocean.

    Here's my pick for today:
  • Wow @hunnybunny and happy birthday to the Boss!

    Pink Floyd - just beautiful, @SweetP!

    Mine for today: "So nice":

    @kathy one for sleeping:
  • And mine needs no introduction
  • Ohh @Tompuss I meant to say last night, I loved 'The thought of you' beautiful voice!
    and the Drawing guy, Wow! He makes everything so life like!
    And @Hunnybunny I can't believe the Boss is 70!! still kicking though, his music will always live on, no matter how old he gets!
  • @Sweetp That's one of my favourite Pink Floyd tunes! happy you enjoyed somewhere over the rainbow, yeah it's really sad that such a talented guy left before his time!
    Do you ever get a chance to return to your 'Ohana' for vacation or..
  • @Tompuss also enjoyed So nice, and the sleeping music :D
    @Hunnybunny Did you just play The Jungle Book Theme ?? Roflmao!! Priceless , You just brought a real genuine Smile to my heart ♡♡♡♡
  • Here's my choice for Tuesday
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